14 Crazy Things Most of Us Haven’t Seen Before

It is a fact: nowadays we have all the technical possibilities to quickly register a truly unique moment. But when we watch some pictures, it gives us genuine doubts regarding the extra human or extra natural elements in it . Are the below picture clicked by doctor strange? I do not know. You check them out and tell me.

01. What are you looking at

14 Crazy Things Most of Us Haven’t Seen Before

02. Brooklyn-based body painter Trina Merry’s latest work just looks like a woman riding a red motorcycle

03. This is how ladybug looks right after the rain

04. This beautifully designed bridge gradually turns into an underwater tunnel that goes below the sea to connect Denmark and Sweden

05. Surprised!

06. Just wait, I need to check my balance

07. Incredible street art

08. Excited!

09. This ghostly mirror art at Worpswede — Bremen (Germany)

10. The reflection of this tunnel in the mirrored sunglasses

11. I am rather concerned about her leg

12. How much time did you take to understand it?

13. This beautiful snake with a Vampire on its head

14. This swan looks like it has 2 heads.


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