15 Interesting facts of America that you probably don’t know

15 Interesting facts of America that you probably don't know

Friends America is one of the world’s most powerful, developed and technically advanced countries, but there are so many things in the US which can make people very surprised, today I’m going to tell about something about America Things that are quite astonishing.

1- In some parts of the US, it is considered illegal for girls to wear 2-inch heels.

2 – It is surprising that every American citizen does not work for more than four and a half years in a single private company in his entire life.

3- In some parts of the US, it Is illegal to kiss With a mustache.

4 – In Chicago, in 1918, about 100 waiters, who were girls, were arrested, because the police believed that these girls gave the poison to the customer because they lowered the money in the tip.

5 – In the US, children under 16 years of age can smoke cigarettes but can not buy any cigarettes in any shop and it is illegal there.

6 – The amount of people working in McDonald’s in the US is so high that one in 8 American citizens works here.

7 – About 40 percent of the children born in America are born before their parents get married and this is a common practice for any girl here.

8 – About 2 to 2.5 million chickens are consumed every day in the US.

9 – For 15 years a cat was made a mayor which is quite strange.

10 – Almost 100 acres of pizza is consumed in the US almost every day.

11 – A house was built in the USA, which is entirely made up of newspaper.

12 – In a bag shop located in Alabama, America, only the same luggage is found which is left unattended at the airport.

13 – Almost 47 percent of Americans do not accumulate a single penny in their entire year and spend the entire money.

14 – A game is played in the US , in which people are thrown at the potatoes on the neck.

15- Even though most people of America speak English, the national language is not English in America.


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