. September 21, 2018 – Articels

At that time … defeat in the game!

Mayans … who are … who does not read history? But those who are familiar with history with Cos will have some knowledge of the Mayans about the Maya civilization. Agriculture, astronomy, mathematics, calendars, and architecture of these talents. Some


Beautiful flowers

‘Himalayas … ice holidays, glaciers, livestock, and sarovarulu … Nature’s beauty to a variety of species of colorful flowers, especially rare Brahmakalamas. That’s why we have to go back to the hills anytime somewhere. Such as the Puri Valley Uraff

In the hail of the hail ..

‘How many times have you gone into any of the things that the man does not get to the most dazzling sculptures are the Himalayan slopes. The highest peaks in the middle of the snowy mountains, many of them in


Meals in Burma … sleep in India!

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‘This is an incredible ceremony. A rare celebration of the name of a bird The same Nagaland Hornbill Festival. Contemporary traditions, rituals, and sculptures that can be seen in a variety of tribes are the most spectacular platforms that can


Sample Rocket Launch!

Honeywell, a company providing manufacturing and software services in rackets, aircraft, heavy industries, etc. The Honeywell Leadership Challenge Academy (HLCA) operates in the United States for its employees’ children. Rohit Tirumalaseetti, the Hyderabadi boy who went to this event this


Buddha’s footsteps ..!

“Buddhism in the country can lose the glory … but the place where it was born and grew is in our country. The same Buddhist order for all Buddhists in the world. That is why the Buddhist monks look there. 


There are two thousand islands!

“Twenty millions of people lost their lives in the battle for nearly two decades, and thirty million injured, and one of the poorest countries in the financially and socially losers is rapidly growing in trades and attracting the attention of


Valentine’s Polytar Paradise … Seychelles

“The 105th Island Complex of the Indian Ocean … is a beautiful place to visit throughout the year … The Republic of Seychelles’ … Mannam Krishnamurthy.

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together with South Africa visiting South Africa to see the beauty of Seychelles. Seychelles …


Bajja Ganapathy is rice laddoo!

The Ganapati devotees are reported to daily prayers in Ganesh Navaratri and present to all worshipers. These delicious delicacies ..

Rice laddoo

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dosebiyyam or mudibiyyam: 2 cups, putnalapappu: black, pallium: arakappu, kobbariturumu: black, jaggery, add: 2 cups water, black, 


The sun does not go down!

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The sun rises in the evening and the sun rises to the evening. If the sun does not last for four months If the sun does not appear in the sky for four more months ..! To get to see …