12 lions died inforestson by


10 days inPostedRajkot: In the past 10 days, 12 lions died in Gir forest in Amreli district of Gujarat. Wildlife lovers are concerned that the tigers in the forest range within the Dalkhani forest range are suffering from tiredness. Tigers are said to die from lung infections and liver problems, according to Veterans Administration officials. Three lion kids aged 9 months were treated at the Jasadhar Wildlife Conservation Center in Junagadh Veterinary School, Forest officials said. On Wednesday, another miscarriage of poison was eaten and killed. Gujarat State Forest Department Minister Ganapath Vasava said, “We have ordered to investigate the incident with the deaths of the lions. The minister said that the lion’s death was caused by illnesses and that the post-mortem report has been revealed. Veterinary doctors said that the seven lions were killed in the same place and their carcasses had collapsed. Rajya Sabha MP Paramal Nathvani demands action to investigate the deaths of the lions and repeal these events.



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