I have the strength of tannikulu ..!

Madukar Gangadi is not only the way to go, but to move on until it ends. After achieving a goal, it is said that we are only able to go to another destination that stimulates us. That stimulus keeps us as a triumphant successor. He is the founder of ‘Medplus’ pharmacy stores in our cities. The two newest companies, customfantinatcom and batchtagdatcom, have been set up to retain it as the largest drug stores in the south. In the different businesses, he had a glimpse of his run.
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CI’m very fond of reading since then. The stories, the novels, the magazines, the same as the textbooks are not. Perhaps, it seems to me that it was through me that the nucleus of me was a businessman. My paternal grandmother was in Tirumalgiri, Nalgonda district, and I was born in Hyderabad. Danny was made the RTC Depot Manager. Home and international newspapers and books. In the interviews of the great businessman who read the shortest of them, the story of the undisputed winners in the novel can be in my own business. But I also forgot that hope was in me. I have dreamed for a while. I think engineering is going to be done. My older brother is already studying civil engineering, so my doctor is good. I also joined MBBS at Inter Pasi Kurnool Medical College with BIPP. I was not sure that I was fit for that year alone!

The effect of those two books…
I felt I could not stay in the medicine that would serve only two patients who were looking for me. I am going to have hundreds of people and that’s enough for them to be able to give me something. It’s always challenging me to want me to be always running. That’s the business. I read that the ‘Fountain Head’ and ‘Atlas Shrugged’ novels that I had read a lot. ‘The world is nothing better than you, you feel good. For the sake of your superiorities, not for the four. They changed my perspective. I have already decided not to practice as a doctor. Did not go as ‘house surgeon’. At home, my mother was very angry. Not a reader of Aryan. They do not care!

The first run 
was the new wood in the new timber came into the market. It’s like a grandfather for the MDF type we see now. I went to Dilli and talked with the company to be a dealer to Hyderabad. They agreed. I asked for a dose of Rs. As a matter of fact, I am strongly convinced that he was not angry with the business that he did not complete the MBBS. I do not mind. In the end, what would be the cost of a thousand dollars! With that money, my business started to dominate. From Wei Wood to Plywood, other timber business. There were some new machines in the woods in London. I went to the city to bring them to India. That was the first time I got the ‘IT industry’.

The second is 
1997. The company is looking forward to grabbing staff on new business software that has brought Oracle in London. Software development is already growing in our country. The idea is to choose the youngsters here and send them to companies in London. Immediately I signed a contract with a London firm. I came to Hyderabad and checked with timber business. I sent one and two batches. We are also responsible for giving visas to them. But the staff that promised to go to London later would be better off than us! The biggest challenge I faced was that. Thinking of the constant thinking of the great innovations in the field of software has been criticized by American youth. I went to trade with the companies there. I sent batches from India. There
I joined ‘INSINK’ IT company. Six years have passed. I wanted to grow up as a worker. That growth needs to be invested. If you want me to trust me, then you should show me what the students are doing. That’s why I attended MBA in Wharton, a leading business school in America. Fifteen years later she became a student!

That is the third turn …
A thesis had to write for the third semester in the MBA. Other than one of the largest hospital institutions in India, 85 percent of private nursing homes are under 30 beds. I have written a business plan to make a new type of business under the name Group Purchasing Organization to provide quality bed and other surgical products and medicines. While collecting information for that thesis, a World Health Organization report found that 30 percent of the world’s counterfeit drugs were made in our country. I do not have the question of what kind of counterfeiters would be in the domestic market as they were exporters abroad. To prevent it, the quality of the drugs I wanted to do for the people at lower prices. That’s the plan I wrote for. I became the fourth semester of my MBA course. Everyone was impressed by the fact that it came to India in 2005 and made it commercial. I and my friends started with an investment of Rs 1.25 crores. Originally named ‘The Drug’. Within six months it was changed to medplus!

We have started giving subsidies for ten percent of our drugs. No one has ever done this experiment in our country. Here’s the thing. Most of the money we spend on medicines for consumers goes to retailers and sell retailers. We bring that distribution job and retail shopping into our hands. If we offer discounted subsidized customers Before we started our shop in Narayanguda in Hyderabad along with our warehouse. Spread across all regions. Having reached the hundredth hundred in Hyderabad, we went to other states in the south. Not only in those states .. Traders who are already with our ten-percent subsidy in the Telugu language are strongly opposed. We raised concerns to pressure our governments to ban our company. I trusted that my business was of no benefit to my people. The same won. We are not .. We have started giving cheesy drug stores here before the companies have started offering subsidies. Customers like me as much as I expect. Our company started with a one and a half cotton worth Rs 2,000 crore!

Fourth .. Five!
Medplus .. Number One is a retail medicine brand in the south. This is our second place in the country. We have 1400 shops across the country. There are two thousand shops in front of us. Not to overtake it but we are going to set up 10,000 shops across the country as part of our expansion. On the other hand, I concentrated on the furniture sector while doing these things. Someone did not design what we designed .. We designed ourselves online and wanted to open a new trend for our hobby. That’s why I started the ‘CustomFinitdotCom’. This type of organization in the country is the only one .. people are well appreciated. The ads show that the factory is sold at factory prices. They are limited to any of the products. But I recently started batchtagdotcom with the idea of ​​selling a huge amount of money from the sandals to the dress. The company has gained popularity for the assessment. ‘Three businesses are getting what you want to do next? Many are asking. In fact, a ‘batch tag’ is a business dealer. If you win, you feel that you have won a lot.

For youth!

LeatherThere are many new companies in the body. Thousands of staff are needed. On the other hand, the number of unemployed young people is high. It is blindly believed that our companies will only get quality staff from only some academic institutions. Within a few days, such a choice is not correct and companies do not have time to examine each student. Besides, there is a test to be able to select better staff from colleges … This exam is conducted with the same quality of students in all educational institutions regardless of the good name of the college … It is my idea that they would be better if the answer letters were given to the companies. We want to conduct such tests to reveal the skills of students as part of our organization’s social services (CSR). We start with the software field first. I speak to the governments for this!

Everything is power for me!

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kkare nadapagalugutunnaru to these organizations, call ..! No organization cannot trust each one. My college friends Dr. Bhaskarreddi and Dr. Surendra are some of the co-founders in Medspez’s success. Fifty thousand crews are working hard. These achievements are just as good as a good team in every business. I will work for twelve companies every day for my companies. I only want every moment to be advantageous. Exercise for health, books for mental power, my family for calm .. These are the tanniks that power my run!


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