That’s why!

Teacher: Some of the storks will come up every year from Siberia. No one knows why

Sainu: Not so long that they can not walk!

The real problem

Hari: My wife is having a problem with the problem.

Chandu: Yes! Your wife will drink…
Hari: Abbey .. I’m drinking. But the problem is ours!

Sleep in the munch

Doctor: I am writing a wonderful pill for you to sleep well.

Patient: Thaqque Doctor! When should this drug be taken?
Doctor: every two o’clock


Mother: What am I Learned from Today’s School

Little: Mommy learned how to light up the fire.
Mother: Wow! What do you want to learn in tomorrow school?
Small: school … and now school!

In the new wedding …

Wife: You have changed well!

Husband: Why darling?
Wife: What else? We were able to dine together in a new marriage. You have been eating everything with me for a short time. Now I’m eating without seeing what I have.
Husband: os is not it! You’re just cooking something new. And now you are doing well!

Let’s do that!

‘Doctor go to Spain or Singapore to take me home … where will I go?’

‘Another doctor …’


Spare is …

Two terrorists are talking about bombing
 ‘Anna … how did the bomb explode when exploiting the bomb?’
‘What’s the worry about my brother? I have another bomb.’ 


Kudaradante …

Ravanasura was brought to court.
‘Make a promise on the line …’
‘This case is going on to do it on Sita. Now Stripe? I am not afraid of you, “he ran away.

“I saw midnight thief and said, ‘donna … donga …’ no one came out of it … ‘

” What did you do? ”
“Tamanna … Tamanna … cried. Everybody has run out of the doors. Then throw the thief!’


Is not the …

‘Good news from Amanda. We’re going to be three at home soon … ‘

‘Oh … very happy. When did you know … ‘
‘Now … our brother is calling me calling me ..’

Jumbo Pumba

Upon arriving from Honeymoon, the husband noticed a photo of a young man in his wife’s pouch. For the first time, it is not overlooked. Her husband’s mental anguish began in the same month. Finally, he dared his wife.

‘He is your ex-husband?’ He asked me badly.
Her husband, Gaga, said, ‘No’.
‘But your former boyfriend?’
The husband is kissing in the ear, slowly ‘no’.
‘But you’re your brother? Father? ‘
The hand is slowly ‘not … no’.
‘Who is he?’ He rebuffed.
Smiling gently … shy …
‘That’s me !! Before surgery.


To recognize!

‘Silent Letters Are Only In English, Maestro … Translated to Georgian

‘Do not. Also in Telugu. For example, before sending the daughter to the attorney, she says, ‘Beware caution’ with allus. In the middle of the ‘you’ two letters Silence ..!


In the gaze!

“” Where are they, Lord God? If the fetus does not come, it can not be understood. ”

Do that!

‘Tomorrow we are going to hang you. Tell me your last wish! ‘

‘What sar … I took the nurse at the neck. Hanging up the stomach


‘Smart’ healing

‘I’m sleeping too much with the doctor … do not even get out of bed …’

‘Which phone is being used …’
‘Nokia 1100’
‘O … is that a problem. You will write a smartphone. Buy it and install apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram … and more if you get sleepy … ‘


All the gods!

The god of the manna is called ‘god’. The poisoned person is called ‘Mahadeva’. The poison is also drunk … the amrita is playing the pleasure of being drunk and is called ‘paddevudu’.


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