By 2022, 70 crore smartphone users in India

intermittent: Smartphone is now in our life. No matter what the model, any country brand, the smartphone in the hands of everybody currently has no doubt. That is why the number of smartphone users in our country is increasing. The market research firm Counterpoint estimates that in the next four years, the number is likely to reach 70 crores by 2022.

India is the second largest smartphone market in the world after China. Currently, there are 40 crore smartphone users in our country. The counterpoint estimates that this figure will cross 70 crores by 2022. Most of them are mid-range smartphones. Counterpoint said that in 2018 mid-range smartphones sales would increase by 20 percent compared to last year and the four-fold increase in five years.

“Now on the mid-range phones the full-screen display, dual camera, biometric security, artificial intelligence, and other features are available. This will increase demand further in the coming days, “said Tarun Pathak, Director, Counterpoint Research Associate.



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