. September 29, 2018 – Articels

Google to pay Apple Rs 65,000 crore


Dilie: Apple’s leading electronic product company Apple is going to pay a huge amount of Google’s popular search engine. Google has announced that Google will pay Apple $ 9 billion (about Rs 65,000 crore) to put Google as the default


‘Hall’ is the highest turnover between suspicions



Bangalore: The Rashtrapati Rampal Agreement has come up with the name Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (Hall). For the past few years, the Congress-led opposition has accused the government of halting the public sector firm HAL and handing over a contract


What are the Indians who are illegally entering the US?



Washington: The US Customs and Border Protection (ZBP) spokesperson Zamora said in an interview that the number of illegal Indians entering the US has tripled this year. Most of them are coming into the US from the US-Mexico border.


Tsunami blast: 384 dead


Many: The Sulawesi region in Indonesia has created a huge devastation in many cities. This is a huge loss to the nature of nature. The disaster agency revealed that 384 people have been killed so far. This number is likely


Cab ride canceled .. huge penalty!



Dilli: If you want to go anywhere quickly, we have a cab service. In cities like Dilli, Bangalore, and Mumbai, most of them are dependent on you. Over the past few years, companies such as Ola and Uber offer