4 Bollywood singers who never gave a flop song

Hello Readers welcome to our channel where we brings you the best news from the industry. Today our Channel would talk about Bollywood singers who never gave a FLOP song .



Badshah as you know right now the most successful rapper in India right now. You could see him in every Bollywood movie. With more than 10 hit songs in a year, Badshah comes on the 4th number.

Guru Randhawa


The new name in Bollywood. His right now the most popular among youth of India and his songs aren’t just hit , it’s breaking records in the number of views too.

Neha Kakkar


One of the most popular female singer in India right now. With more than 5 years in Industry, her most number of songs are chartbusters.

Arijit Singh


Arijit Singh is only one singer who never gave an average hit song, his every song tops the list and becomes number 1.

Well on the other side he is only singer, not lyricist or music composer. But other artists mentioned above are Music composers as well as Lyricist of their own song.


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