There is no excursion .. There is no excuse for Indian employees

Internet desk: Indians do not take holidays too under the pressure of work! A survey has shown that entertainment has gone down. It is not just behind .. India is ranked first in the list of countries like this. According to the report, the work pressure and the number of human resources in the institutions are low. According to the International Travel Agents Expedition Annual Vacation Depression Survey 2010, India ranks first in the list of countries with lesser holidays. However, India is ranked fifth in the list last year.

According to the survey, 68 per cent of the country’s people are forced to vacate or postpone their work. 53 per cent of them have lesser holidays than their official vacation. 35 percent did not take the original. This is the reason why fewer people are employed in companies. 25 per cent of those who went on vacation with the holidays reported that they were in all their work. However, 18 per cent believe that potential and potential people do not want to take holidays. The survey was conducted in 19 countries.


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