Krishnamma running .. difficulties!

Cerlopalliki waters from December 2 
to 5, 6, was perfect to reach on foot 
in the middle of nowhere security mallincakunda 
0.45 TMC plans to fill 
today – Anantapur 

” It’s time to reach Krishnamma chemists waiting for some time to come. Krishnamma will enter the Cherlopalli water reservoir in the village of Kadiruri in the first week of December. Engineers have been prepared to do this. The engineers who came out of the water reservoir till the very day have been making arrangements to take only the Krishna water only to Cherlapalli. “

371 km part of the main valley of Haryanaeva The Krishna water reservoir has recently been completed in the reservoir. This reservoir capacity is 0.465 tonnes of cylinders (TNGCs), and recently it is filled with 0.24 TMC of water. But the water coming into the cashew bottle at the top … as well as the shifts filled to the bottom. Thus, water storage in the Jadeipally reservoir has been reduced to 1.2 TMC. The engineers stopped the release of water below four days ago. Presently the water coming from Kurnool district through Haryniniwa is stored in cashew paddy. The release of water to the bottom was completely stopped. At present, water storage in Jadipalli has reached 1.4 TMCs. Still water will be stored up to 1.6 TNCs. Then the water will be released again.

Directly in Cherylpally … 
Chief Minister Chandrababu will attend the ceremony at the Cherlapally reservoir next month. At that time the reservoir was filled with water. This will release water from cerapilli to Cherpapalli from the second date of December. In the middle of the ponds, no one will be unauthorized and unauthorized. Some of the police will have to arrange a ban on the call. Just a little wallet brandy can give water to the calf and take all the rest of the water directly into the cherries. Engineers say that even water in the middle should be provided. It is reported that the second release date will be released to cerapally water. Krishnamma will join the Cherlapally reservoir in four days from there.

For the first time the cuisine … 
Cherlopalli reservoir full water storage capacity is 1.61 tmc and the first one is planned to fill up to 0.45 TMCs. About 202 km from Cadipalli to Cherlapalli Is up to. 400.500 km over the main call Water flows up and the water in the Punganura Branch is burned there. This is the 22nd kilometer of the Punganur branch. There is a Cherlopili reservoir. If at least 0.45 TMC water is filled, when the Chief Minister gets some of the gate, the Punganur Branch can be set up to release the water to the bottom of the Chittoor district. For the first time, the Krishnamma art is coming for the first time.

In the 
meanwhile, it is reported that farmers have been using unauthorized use of water at the top of the water coming through the Haryadi-Neva district. As per district headquarters through Haryniniva, 1,250 cusecs flow into the District boundary, while only 600 cusecs in the Jadipalai reservoir. It seems to have been some of the crops that are in the gutankulam range above the rest of the water without waste. Engineers also do not have to keep the water coming in the cashew.


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  1. Hi boss, nice article. Is there a tunnel between kadiri and chittoor district completed? Two days ago in eenadu news paper wrote an article that tunnel 800 meters not ready yet. Still digging delays by stupid contactor. Is it true?

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