Trap police

Naxals are the newest plot

Naxals plan to sack Naxalites and security personnel in Sukma district in Chhattisgarh In some areas of the forest, scarves were set up to fire the Naxals. They put dummy guns in their hands and frightened the trees. Recently, the matter was taken out of the forest area to capture scarves and dummy guns. The CRPF forces seized 7 kg IED near a scabboat. After that it was weakened.

“The staff of the Sukma area are going to manage. The crew has identified three scarves that are aimed at the Naxals in the forest area. There are also dummy guns in their hands. They look like real rifles to see, “said CRPF battalion command Dharmendra Singh. “As soon as the Naxals came to know, the crew immediately went to places. But the Naxals understood that such an attempt was made to confuse our staff and get into the trap. We have seen the scareboards as if they were naxals and they were planning to shoot us at the same time. The security guards who used to use these scarves were thought to be fickle, “he said. Recently, the Naxalites were attacked by security personnel during the assembly polls. About ten Naxals were killed in an encounter with security personnel last week.


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