In 3 days, it is possible to sell ticket sales for Rs 7,508. The price will be Rs 10,422 from 4th to 4th in Singapore today, Amravati

The moment of flying international flights from Gawanne is going to be fulfilled within three days. The first flight to Singapore is to fly from Gannavaram on December 4. Purchases of tickets related to this have already taken place. The first flight service from Mangalore on Tuesday received 82 tickets on Friday. IndiGo has started flying 180-seater flights to Singapore. The flight ticket is currently Rs 7,508 from Vijayawada to Singapore. On the same day, the ticket price was Rs. 10,422. Officials and Indigo company executives estimate that over the next three days, there are at least 60 per cent of the first service. 
The flight service from Gannavaram airport to Singapore is currently about two days a week. From Mangalore to Guruvayur, from here and from Singapore, services are available here. IndiGo flight will leave Singapore at 11.40 am on Tuesday, according to the Indian Express. According to Singapore time, there is only 1.40 in the afternoon. It will reach Gannavaram airport at 3.45 pm. From Gannavaram on Monday at 6.40 pm to Singapore. According to Indian time, it will reach at 10.40 pm. This flight can be reached directly to Singapore within four hours.

The demand for this is higher: The first service from Singapore on December 4 has already sold 130 tickets. Ticket sales are going on for more than just the flight departures from Gannavaram. For the first service departing from Gannover, 45 percent of the tickets were sold on Friday, 72 percent of the flight from Singapore was completed. From Singapore on December 6, there is a flight straight back to here. Ticket sales are also on the rise. On the 6th, servicemen from Singapore have already sold 123 tickets. The same day, 27 services were sold for services. Later on Tuesday, December 11, the services are again on Thursday. Ticket sales are going on.

The rush .. the habit ..: Gannavaram airport is expected to be a major factor in the international traveler traffic in the near future. Krishna, Guntur, West Godavari and Prakasam are available to four districts. Most of the state is located abroad from these four districts. There are hundreds of people abroad in Krishna and Guntur districts. The AP Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation also reported that at least 25 lakh passengers travel annually from Hyderabad and receive flights from here. If you have access to international services from Gannavaram, they will have the right to go directly from here. But for a couple of days a week, services are running for Singapore. It takes some time for foreign travelers to get used to.


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