. December 5, 2018 – Articels


Give Wings To Your Child’s Dream

Life begins afresh when you become a Parent. Its a joy you never felt and a feeling you never experienced. And when your child takes baby steps towards you, nothing seems more blissful.

with …


This neglect on the children’s scheme ..

The Supreme Courtruled

todaythat no-lunch scheme was ignored by various states. The information requested by the petitioner regarding the scheme has been imposed by the States that have shown tiredness without linking to the Education website. Penalty for various states, …


Permission to withdraw the ‘dam on Kaveri’

Adugupettaniyam or the Prime Minister of Tamil Nadu, Stalin

today, digital, Chennai, gave permission for the construction of the dam at the center of the Cauvery River mekedatu DMK President Mk Stalin demanded to withdraw. He warned that if Modi …


AC boxes to increase the quota of women

today, the heart of capital, including the full AC Duronto trains, regardless of their age for women in the boxes tritair Railway Ministry has decided to allocate each of the six berths. This is an addition to the four lower …


Currency exchange agreement withsigned

UAEAbu Dhabi: India and UAE currency exchange agreement In addition, there has been an understanding agreement on development cooperation in Africa. Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj held a meeting with Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Jaideed Al Nahyan on …


10 inof the all-party

the heartmeeting,the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha in the wake of the winter session of Parliament emvenkayyanayudu party meeting will be held on July 10 at his home dilliloni. Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley and …


Sonia and Rahul are the income tax assessors Supreme

Court grants reconsideration to the Supreme Court: The Supreme Court has permitted the Department to re-examine the income tax assessment of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. But in the Supreme Court, the ‘National Herald’ case has been suspended for not …


More than 10 crore people have information Cyber ​​attack on Kora

Bangalore: The cyber attack on the question-answer website Kora has taken place. Hackers have stolen more than 10 million users. Indians are victims. The name, e-mail address, the passwords in the encryption form, the questions-answer information, comments etc. are included …


Lightning forces with meats Compose with special forces in tri-forces Destroy the enemy into the territory of destruction!

Dilie: India will prepare the most powerful lightning brigade to penetrate into enemy territory and attack the targeted areas on targeted locations. The government is trying to make it look like a giraffe like the special forces in tri-forces. The …


GCS-11 is perfect for experimentation This is a huge satellite with a weight of 5,854 kg. Manufacturing costs Rs. 600 crores ‘Big Bird’ into orbit today

Today, Digital, Bangalore: India’s largest lightweight satellite, GSAT-11, will be sent to the orbit on Wednesday morning. The Indian Space Age at the French Space Station will be experimented between 2.08 and 3.23 pm on Wednesday. The Indian Space Research …