Pratap C Reddy, who successfully congratulated 50 thousand cardiologist doctors

Digital, Chennai: Chennai Apollo Hospital successfully completed 50,000 cardiovascular surgeries, said APO Group Executive Chairman Pratap C. Reddy. This was revealed in a media conference held in the city on Tuesday. The difficulties faced by the start of the hospital, the labor for which it was explained, explained the achievements and evolution of the hospital in 35 years. The 1.5 million heart surgeries of Apollo Group hospitals in the country … 50 Chennai under the auspices of a Chennai hospital is described as another maiay stone. In 1984, Aaplowe Hospital was opened in Chennai, where he was diagnosed with a heart attack. By 2018, the hospital has successfully completed 50,000 surgeries, including cardiac bypass, valve replacement, transplant, artificial heart, and pediatric techniques. Non-Communicable Diseases Diseases like Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Attack have become a challenge to health. Heart diseases are now in the age group of 60 to 70 years and 20 to 30 years old. Women in the past have been diagnosed with heart disease and have been diagnosed with changing conditions and eating habits. All medical services provided for cardiovascular diseases and medical facilities available in the hospital are available. There is a low-cost quality medical service in comparison with abroad. The Vice Chairperson of Apollo Group hospitals Preetreddy said that cardiovascular diseases are rising substantially in our country and at this point, we need a thorough examination of the disease. In the first instance, the hospital has taken steps to diagnose and prevent the disease with a healthy heart rate. 99 percent of cardiovascular surgeries have been successful in their hospital. The hospital doctor Dr. Girinath said that he did not expect 50,000 surgeries when he reached the hospital in Apollo, but he was very happy to have a four-month babe in his surgeries. The children who have been surgically saved have now become doctors, It is proud to look at other fields. Recollecting such experiences, the video and photos of the film were shown. Pratap C Reddy, Preethi Reddy, hospital doctors, and overseas children got up and appreciated them.


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