. December 6, 2018 – Articels

a little/ a few and little/few

(A)   a little/little  (adjectives)  are used before uncountable nouns:

          a little salt/little salt

a few/few (adjectives) are used before plural nouns:

          a few people/few people

All four can also be used as pronouns, either alone or with of:

          Sugar?   —   …


a/an and one

A     a/an and one   (adjective)

1      When counting or measuring time, distance, weight etc. we can use either a/an or one for the singular:

           £ 1      =   a/one pound                               £1,000,000      =       a/one million pounds

But note that in the rent …


Omission of a/an

a/an is omitted

A       Before     plural    nouns.

          a/an has no plural form.  So the plural of a dog is dogs, and of an egg is eggs.

B        Before uncountable nouns

C       Before names of meals,  except  when these are preceded …


Use of a/an

a/an is used:

A       Before a singular noun which is countable (i.e. of which there is more than one) when it is mentioned for the first time and represents no particular person or thing:



a/an (the indefinite article)

The form a is used before a word beginning with a consonant, or a vowel with a consonant sound:

a man            a hat            a university          a …


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