Convenient location is best if convenient Nielsen studied in five cities

Today, Digital, Hyderabad: Employees want to be good for the work area. As a part of the duties, it is possible to choose to stay in the same way as they go to different places. Where to go to different places as a part of duty? Book a hotel. There are no facilities available. Good food available .. What’s the opinion on the hotel for the people in that area? The passengers face difficulties on other issues. In the survey, the survey revealed that businessmen and employees are in trouble, “Nielsen said.

Study in five cities. Nielsen said that in other cities and countries, office workers and high school graduates were studying in the cities of major cities like Dilli, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. It has been queried by people aged 25-44 who go to work in other areas. Most of them are looking at the hotel close to their work area.

There are many people in the city who go to other places for business. Most people travel from city to other cities compared to major cities. Most of the IT employees belong to this category. Several people have expressed their view that such difficulties may not be a good trip to travel unnecessarily when traveling to other places.


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