From Inter to PhD SR Jindal’s promotions throughout the year

If you get some scholarships every month until the course is complete, students will be able to join higher education courses. Thus, the SR Jindal Scholarship Scheme was introduced with the aim of promoting financially backward students to higher studies. They range from intermediate to PhD throughout the year in different categories. Let’s see the details

Bangalore-based non-governmental organization SR Jindal Foundation. All scholars across the country can apply for these scholarships. Scholarships are divided into different categories. Each category is eligible for each category.

Category-A: Intermediate first, two years studying in government and government owned colleges / institutions. Last year’s exams were boys with 65%, girls 60% marks (Karnataka and West Bengal rank 75% and 70% respectively).

Category-B: ITI is given to students. Public colleges / institutions, state-owned colleges / institutions and private ITI colleges / institutions are eligible to be eligible. But if the pass marks are available to those of government agencies. If you are in private institutions, the boys should have 50% and girls have 40% marks.

Category-C: Beacon, BBM, BBM, BFA, BSc-Agriculture, Finance / Economics Bachelor Degree. Applicants for Integrated Courses can get three years scholarship. General category boys, girls, physical disabilities, widows can apply. Last year, boys were eligible for 65% of the boys and 60% marks.

Category: Diploma courses in Engineering, Environment and Medical Sciences. Last year’s exams were 60% of boys and girls with 55% marks.

Category-E: Bachelors and PGCs are offered in Engineering and Medical Sciences. Biark; Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy along with MBBS and BDS. In last year’s exams boys were 70% and girls achieved 65%.

PhD courses are offered for PG courses in Enkom, MBA, MFA, MSc Agriculture, Finance / Economics. It can be applied to general category boys, girls, people with physical disabilities and widows. 65% of boys in last year’s exams, girls are eligible for 60% marks.

* family income of Rs .2.50 lakh, and those who are required to submit income verification documents. 
* A part of the course is sufficient to apply once. 
* Other scholarships, stipends are disqualified. Similarly, the government and private firms who charge nominal fees are eligible to apply. 
* Students who study the final year are not eligible for application for three years and longer courses. 
* Applications for less than a year are not accepted. 
* 30 year scholarship does not have a chance.

The application form is available on the website. The download will be filled in with full details and sent to the relevant address. You will also need to add the required documents. There is no application fees. For other details, visit

How many ‘subtle’?* A category per month 500. 
* INI private companies in the B category are Rs.700 per month, and Rs. 
* General category boys in C category for Rs 600, per month for girls, Ph.hs for Rs 800, widows and ex-servicemen (unmarried wards) Rs 1000. 
* D in the category of Rs 800 per month, the boys, 600 girls. 
* For Bachelor Degree in e category, Rs 1,300 for girls, Rs 1500 for girls. PG fees are Rs 1800 for girls per month and Rs 2,000 for girls. 
* PhD courses for general boys and girls per month Rs 800, Rs 1,000 The Ph.H will pay Rs 1000, widows to Rs.1200 / – per month. 
*In addition to those in hostels, ITI / General Degree / PG courses per month 500, Technical / Professional Courses, Engineering and Medical Sciences Courses are payable at Rs. 1000 per month.

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