. December 20, 2018 – Articels

Google removes thousands of malicious Android apps and millions of fake reviews on the Play store

In the past few years, Google, despite taking stringent measure to screen malicious apps creeping into the Play, has been unable to control them. Now, the company in a massive cleanup drive has removed millions of fake reviews and thousands …


Facebook’s latest privacy stumble gave big tech access to your messages

Last night, we got word of yet another Facebook privacy scandal. What is that, Number 427 for the year? In this case, a report from The New York Times revealed the social media company gave an extreme amount of access …


3 Bests Ways to Find Out What Your Target Audience Wants


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Running a business can be very fulfilling. On one end, you’re making money doing something you love. On the other, you get to positively impact other people’s lives with your products and services.

Sure, it feels good …


U.S. Surgeon General wants tougher action to tackle the teen vaping epidemic

(Reuters) – U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Tuesday issued a rare advisory here, calling for aggressive steps against e-cigarette use among teens, which he said has become an “epidemic”.

FILE PHOTO: A woman holds a Juul e-cigarette as she …


Microsoft issues an emergency patch to fix serious Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability

Microsoft has issued an emergency, out-of-band patch for an Internet Explorer zero-day that was being actively exploited in targeted attacks.

The company says that it learned about the vulnerability through a report from Google. CVE-2018-8653 affects a range of versions …


US envoy doubts the Afghan Taliban’s desire for peace

KABUL: US peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad raised doubts Thursday about the Taliban’s desire to end the 17-year war after the militants refused to meet with a Kabul-backed negotiating team.

While he was certain the Afghan government wanted to stop the …


Stone pelted at India’s first engineless Train 18 during a trail run

Stone pelted at India’s first engineless Train 18 during trail run

Photo related to news of Stone pelted at India’s first engineless Train 18 during trail run.

New Delhi: The Railways’ fastest train – Train 18, which is scheduled to be flagged off by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 29, …


Why plastic in the ocean is so dangerous for us?

Humans have polluted every corner of this planet. Places where humans have not reached yet, their pollution has reached there. Even our oceans are filled with plastic. You will think what we have to worry about with that. But let …


Do not Ignore These!

Many people think that it is for higher education certificates. However, the Indira Gandhi National University of Universal ( IGNO ) has introduced courses that can improve their skills and work . The university is offering studies that lead to those who have a quest to do …


Egyptian CURSE? Six archaeologists DIE mysteriously within MONTHS of opening sarcophagus

The curse of the pharaohs is an alleged spell said to be cast upon any person who disturbs the mummy of a powerful Egyptian. This curse, which apparently does not differentiate between thieves and archaeologists, is said to cause bad …