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In the marks we are at the top of the interview (interview) We do not count. Interviews can overturn the headlines. Offer the offer letter up to the foot distance. It is wrong to believe that most of the answers will come soon. The negligence that the subjects are once looked at can be damaged. That is why we need to know about the company and the subjects as well as the interview board. We need to learn to market ourselves. Candidates who attend campus recruitments, such as engineering colleges and those who face HR Round in private companies will be successful if they follow this additional preparedness.  
Any interview is conducted to know directly about the candidate. The main goal is to know whether the applicant is suitable for company needs. Therefore, wearing dresses are not enough to answer questions that are commonly asked. You need to know about the company and the location of your destination. 
Candidate details and knowledge required by the organization, why is the company required by the company? This doubt is in the majority. But, knowing the company’s policy and what’s going on in the selectors comes to clarity. 
This research or awareness … To find out what the company wants in the candidate, the candidate can not help him understand whether he will be in the company or not. 
During the interview, the HR officer asks the candidate to ask questions. The question behind this question is to know how much the interest and enthusiasm for the candidate knows about the company. If you have a minimum understanding of the company, you will know what to ask or ask. 
So what do you want to know at least before going to interviews  
? * What does the company do? 
It seems to be familiar. Suppose an application is applied to the software company. Software does not have a single programming! So, what should the company know about which service should be thoroughly aware of. Highing managers are most likely to ask what the company knows about it. Its intention is to find the knowledge of the candidate, his knowledge of the industry! If there is no answer to this question, there is a misconception that ‘the purpose of the job is not the intention of the company’. 
* What are job responsibilities? 
All information related to the place of application should be tried before the interview. By doing this you will know what items to prepare. Also, you will be able to explain how best you are to the relevant location. 
* Who are customers 
An organization and its efficiency can be judged by its customers. The company should know what products and services it offers. The idea that the company can understand the users and their needs is to make the impression. Interviewer officer will consider you as an enthusiastic enthusiastic candidate. Many companies place their details on their website. That information can be used for preparation. 
* What to watch? 
Most interview officials are expected to know the basic information about their organization. It is also better if you get to know more about the new trends in the industry. The company is now in any place, get a better understanding of what’s new about the changes. For example, does the company introduce any new product / service? Did they have any recognition / awards? Like to know. 
* Who are the Leaders? 
You need to know about the members of the company’s leadership team. This means that you have to be in the larger positions of the organization and know the details of key players. Managers, department directors, CEOs. The opportunity to visit the interview can be a time-consuming job. It’s not just to tell you that the interviewer is well prepared for you. This information will help you learn about company values ​​and culture. This information is just about the company’s ability to impress some of the HR.

How do you research

Websites: Every company has a website for themselves. It has full information about the company. From the history of the company, their product, services, management, and eventual company culture is available. Usually this information is available in ‘About Us’. Also, the corporate values ​​and the terms that the organization uses are the most commonly used words. 
Social media: Make sure that organizations have social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for them to view all accounts. They can also join. It helps to see what postings are attracting to attract customers. 
Linkin: The best way to find out about recruitment companies All the information about the company is available here, including spaces, promotions, new arrivals and company statistics. Also, the company will also know if anyone knows you. If the organization is able to get appropriate advice on successful completion of the interview. You can get details by chatting with the company’s representatives, even if you are not familiar with it. An interviewer’s profile can be found on their backdrop. 
Google: Find Google with the name of the company to be interviewed. It will get all the latest information. This information will help in answering questions in the interview. 
Employees: Make sure that there are any previous employers currently in the organization. If their help can be taken. You can get information from them.

‘Tell about yourself’!

Inquire of each candidate in the interview – Tell me about yourself (Tell me about it). It’s easy to say about us but it’s easy. That’s why we understand the difficulty of finding a difficult mathematical problem. 
Where does the original answer start? Put the life of some people in front of them? What would you do when you did that in spare time? Is there any question of everybody else? But why is this question all in the resume? 
This question is for the candidate to know how much he knows about him. As he says about himself, he tries to find out how useful he is to the company. There is another intent behind this. The candidate may be confused when asked directly subjects and deep questions. That’s a little more excitement to tell her about herself. So there is light weather.

How to say

This is the answer to this question, there is no answer that can not be said. But the opportunity comes from the applicant’s ability to say effectively. Therefore, do not do anything from childhood to current status. Colleges should not be limited to the years they have completed. These actions indicate that the candidate is not well prepared and unprofessional. So, if you have personal details, you have to indicate that the properties of the interview are in the desired properties. This can be done by preparing the applicant early. 
If some research has been done about the company and the request is made, the candidate’s attempt will also be understood. But the answer is not to be caught.

What items

* We can say that you can show professional commitment. You can quote the details of the projects and internships. Eg: ‘I worked for a company for a mini project information for a few days’, ‘I have got internships through the project I made’. Bee can refer to the achievements. But it should not be limited to the embedded in the CV / Resume. It is not possible that an interviewer will see your resume in full. However, it is necessary to tell them the addition. For example: ‘Last year I worked for my dream project. I have collected information related to it. There is a need to do some research. 
* Finally, why do you have to end up doing this job? It should make the officer impressive. That means, ‘I’m always looking for work in this company’, ‘here’s the possibility of new opportunities and the possibility of improving my skills.’


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