US Defense Minister Matis resigns

Protest against Trump decision

Kabul: US President Donald Trump has taken another unpredictable decision. Announced that it would withdraw its soldiers from Afghanistan. The Trump Tuesday’s announcement that the withdrawal of troops from Syria will bring the world out of the way .. This sensational decision comes out of the way before creating a storm. Strong opposition is expressed in the United States on trump decisions.Defense Secretary James Matis resigned as he disagreed with his policies. Experts are concerned that the withdrawal of troops will be under control in Syria and Afganistan.

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Syria, aphgan countries to send more forces in order to intensify attacks ugravadulapai thought Matisse. Last year, several military advisers tried to convince the trump. Trump refused. Matis contrasted with trump in many subjects. He was shocked when Trump announced the latest withdrawal of troops from Syria. Thursday afternoon tried to convince the President to continue the soldiers there. Trump announced that he would resign without losing. In the letter of resignation, he suggested that the president be considered as a defense minister. Mattis was more important to good relations with India.

The negative impact on India is likely to have negative impact on our 
country with the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Taliban and other Pakistani militia retaliate in Afghanistan if the superiors go. If that happens, there will be a threat to India’s existence. In Afghanistan, the investments and investment projects weighing are wasted.


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