What are the Different Methods of Training?

The following are the important methods by which training may be imparted.

  1. Individual Instruction: Under this method, a single individual is selected for training. This mode of training is undertaken where a complicated skill is to be taught to on individual.
  2. Group Instruction: This mode of training is suitable for a group of individuals who have to perform a similar type of work and where general instruction applicable to all are to be given.
  3. Lecture Method: Here the instructor orally communicates the practice to be followed by the learners. Under this method. whenever there are any doubts, they may be clarified on the spot.
  4. Demonstration method: Where the performance of work is to shown physically by the instructor for better understanding. this method can be followed. This is more concerned with the practical system is followed.
  5. Written Instructional Method: This medium of training is followed where a future reference is to be made by the learners. This method is mostly followed where a standardized production system is followed.
  6. Conference: Conferences are frequently organized wherein experts in the field share their ideas and bring to the notice of learners the new ideas and techniques that can be used to increase production.
  7. Meetings: Meetings are a mode of training involving a group of people who discuss the various problems confronting them. They involve exchanging based on the various proposals and alternatives

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