. December 30, 2018 – Articels

What Problems are faced by Women Entrepreneurs in establishing and developing their Enterprises?

Women Entrepreneurs encounter two sets of problems i.e, general problems of entrepreneurs and problems specific to women entrepreneurs. These are discussed as follows.
1. The problem of Finance: Finance is regarded as “Life-blood” for any enterprise whether small or big. …


Define Rural Entrepreneurship. What is the need for Rural Entrepreneurship?

Rural Entrepreneurship can simply be defined as entrepreneurship emerging in rural-areas is rural entrepreneurship, In other words, establishing industrial units in rural areas refers to rural entrepreneurship. Rural entrepreneurship implies rural industrialization. Rural industries are generally associated with agriculture.


What is the meaning of Entrepreneurial Culture? What are the Elements of Entrepreneurial Culture?

Culture consists of tangible man-made objects, such as automobiles, clothing, furniture, building and tools and intangible concepts such as laws, morals, and knowledge. In addition, culture includes the values, character, qualities, skills acceptable within a particular society. Culture in society …


Explain Tourism Entrepreneurship?

Tourism entrepreneurship refers to the activities of the major group of stakeholders of his sector primarily designed for the effective and profitable interaction of demand for and supply of tourism products, at the same time assuring competitive professionalism and gainful …


What is Agri-preneurship? What is the need for developing Agri-preneurship in India?

Agri-preneurship is simply entrepreneurship in the agriculture sector. Agriculture is the cultivation of plants and animals and products used to sustain life.
Agripreneur is a new breed of entrepreneurs combining their love of farming and agricultural with business Agriculture can …


The Importance of Ancient Indian History

The study of ancient Indian history is important for several reasons. It tells us how, when and where people developed the earliest cultures in our country. It indicates how they started agriculture which made life secure and settled. It shows …