. December 2018 – Page 8 – Articels

Indra Navy 2018 Exercise Concludes Between Indian And Russian Naval Troops

Indra Navy 18 drill concluded between Indian and Russian Naval forces on Monday. The operation is being conducted between the two countries since 2003

Vishakhapatnam: A joint exercise by the Russian and Indian Navy troops, called the Indra Navy 18 …


Massive drug busts by Royal Navy warship in the Middle East

A Royal Navy warship has made two massive drug busts within 48 hours, seizing £75 million worth of narcotics in the Middle East.

Portsmouth-based HMS Dragon intercepted two boats on the notorious drug smuggling route known as the “Hash Highway” …


5 Interesting Facts That Will Surprise You

A hearty welcome to all of you to our Rocking India channel where you get inspiring & mind-blowing photo post every day. I feel happy to see you all visiting my channel & reading my articles daily. Today I have …


Top 11 Websites You Can Download High-Quality Images For Free [Updated]

Images are a vital part of the quality content but what if you don’t have a quality image of your own?

Luckily, there are online services that offer free images that you can download in high resolution; you only need …


Which type of camera should I buy? This is your buying guide

Walk into a camera shop or browse a website and you’ll quickly discover that there are hundreds of models to choose between and different types of camera. Unless you understand the differences between them, the choice is overwhelming and confusing, …


From Inter to PhD SR Jindal’s promotions throughout the year

If you get some scholarships every month until the course is complete, students will be able to join higher education courses. Thus, the SR Jindal Scholarship Scheme was introduced with the aim of promoting financially backward students to higher studies. They range …


In the army … instantly! Arnellakosari recruitment advertising qualifications Designations

‘Army’ job satisfaction is doing the service, which means that the country will need saripettukovalsina ledippudu. Attractive salary, promotions, allowances, incentives, … there are lots of facilities. The eighth grade is to be drawn into the army. There are many jobs from ten …


Prepare everything by Jan 2 .. Personal Information in the Notification Panchayat Elections 3 or 5 is delayed in BCC calculation.

“By January 2, all the arrangements for the gram panchayat elections should be completed and the prospect of getting the best. Look at any kind of difficulties for the election. ” State Election Commissioner Nagireddy pointed out that the district panchayat was …


Prabhas petition transferred to the bench

HYDERABAD: The High Court has moved the bench of Chief Film Officer Prabhas challenging his guest house seizure. Prabhas approached the High Court on the sessions of his guest house in Hyderabad. The controversy over the ‘over’ lands in Vaikomar …


Dhoni’sthe Indian cricketers former Indian captain Kapil Dev is among

MUMBAI: Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been praised by former India captain Kapil Dev. He did not have a cricketer like Dhoni in Indian cricket. Kapil Dev spoke at a media interview on Tuesday. ‘Do you have any …