. December 2018 – Page 9 – Articels

Rahul’sdreams of comments on theUnion Minister Smriti Irani

Kolkata: Congress President Rahul Gandhi is taking tuition to drape the Prime Minister, criticizing Union Minister Smriti Irani. In a recent media meeting Rahul Gandhi spoke of what Congress leaders told him to become a viral in social media. This …


Rahul’sholiday for leisure Congress president who went to Shimla withsister in a

NEW DELHI: Congress president Rahul Gandhi has been resting after the Congress’s victory in three states. Prior to the election, he has done extensive campaigns in five states. Rahul, who spent time in the polls, has now traveled to Simla …


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BMW, Bosch, Microsoft among others to invest in AI-chip maker Graphcore

UK-headquartered, Graphcore, a leading AI (Artificial Intelligence) chipmaker, today announced a new $200 million (Rs 1,424 crore) funding round which values the company at $1.7 billion (Rs 12,104 crore).

BMW-i Ventures and Microsoft have joined the round alongside new and …


Humans Could Kill Life On Mars, If It Doesn’t Kill Us First

A human visitor to the Red Planet could bring along a devastating microbe on his spacesuit, or bring one back to Earth when he returns.

Humans may some day visit Mars, but if (when?) we do, we run the risk …


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India may hold inter-ministerial talks before call on Huawei

New Delhi: The government plans to hold inter-ministerial consultations on network security concerns arising from Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei’s participation in field trials for 5G technology after global calls to ban the company. While the US has urged its …


Explain the Characteristics of Entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneur is often associated with a person who starts his own new and small business. An entrepreneur may be referred to such a single person or a group who promote a new enterprise by collecting various factors of production …


What are the Functions of Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs is an opportunity seeker. He is also the Organizer and coordinator  of the agents of production. He has to execute many good functions while establishing a small scale enterprise. He not only perceives the business opportunities but also mobilizes …


Rafael Agreement is not required to investigate the Supreme Court dismissed petitions

Dilie: The Center has been relieved of the Supreme Court’s recommendation on the Rafael Agreement which has become the focal point for controversy in the country’s politics. The Supreme Court dismissed the petitions filed to investigate the court’s supervision over …