. January 3, 2019 – Articels

Write about Government support to Small Scale Enterprises during Five Plans.

Steps for development of small-scale and cottage industries were initiated immediately after Independence. That the Government has attracted great importance to the development of the small-scale sector in the successive five-year plans can be had from glancing at the plan …


Write about Incentives Policies at State Level.

Incentives, Subsidies, and Policies at State Level: The State Government formulate their respective policies for the development of industries in general and small-scale industries in particular and also implement the incentive scheme through the District Industries Centre (DIC) and other …


What are the different Schemes offered by Central Government for Small-Scale Industries?

There are some that are offered by the Central Government through the Office of the Development Commissioner for the Small-Scale Industries sector and they are as follows:
1. National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program: The Government announced the formulation of National Competitiveness …


Write about Infrastructural Support Schemes to Small-Scale industries.

An adequate infrastructural facility is very important because it contributes to the economic development both by increasing productivity and by providing amenities which will enhance the quality of life and the services which will lead to growth in production. Infrastructure …


Write about Incentive Policy Program.

Government Incentives: The following are the incentives available to the small units:
1. Subsidy relating to Investment: Government has initiated a different scheme of investment subsidy for the benefits of entrepreneurs so that they many be encouraged to establish more …


Write about Central Government Assistance to Small-Scale industries.

The Government of India has been trying to provide incentives to the Small-Scale Industries in order to support their existence. The assistance provided by the Central Government is discussed below.
Government Assistance:
1. Technical Assistance: The Technical assistance and guidance …


What are the Tax Benefits for Small Enterprises?

Small-scale industries are characterized by their small and shy resources/ capital. These make them sensitive. In the beginning, small industries have to incur more expenses, but the returns are either nil or nominal. Therefore, they need to be provided support …


What are the Objectives of New Industrial Policy 1991?

With the gradual liberalization of the 1956 Industrial policy in the mid-eighties, the tempo of industrial development started picking up. But the industry was still feeling the burden of many controls and regulations. For a faster growth of the industry, …