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Top 10 Best Earphones Under 1000

Everyone loves listening Music. And Most of us listen to music via Earphones on our smartphones. So having a good pair of earphones is a must…

Sadly, most of the good earphones are expensive.

But wait….

There are some great …


Things you need to know about New Iphone: IPhone 8, Iphone 8 plus and iPhone X

On September 12, 2017 the wait was finally over when apple announced the glorious line up of the latest iPhone series.

This time around they have completely skipped over the whole ’s’ series. In fact, Not only did they announce …


Great Valentine Day Gift Ideas 2019

Valentine’s Day will be celebrated across the world on February 14, 2018. This day is considered as a festival of sorts: it cuts across all national and religious frontiers and is celebrated by people of every age.

The day is …


7 Best Power Banks Under Rs 1000 in India

Not all Smartphones are built equally! But one common and most important feature is undeniably its battery. Even the most expensive phone is of no worth if it’s dead.

What if your phone dies out of battery when you need …


10 Best Amusement Parks in India

If you are planning a weekend outing, then what better than Amusement Parks.

The craze for amusement parks has only scaled upwards since the concept was first introduced in India. In fact, amusement parks have been a huge part of …


Dos and Don’ts after Gym Workout

Gym workouts have been the craziest thing on every guy’s mind. Workouts are always an additional plan to one’s schedule. One who starts practicing workouts eventually gets addicted to it and starts working out regularly.

In all the enthusiasm many …


Top 10 Travel Websites in India

India is a vast country and its citizens love to travel. They travel for various reasons: business and leisure, pilgrimage or family visits. India ranks among topmost tourist destinations of the world. As a result, India is globally acclaimed for …


Amazing Beauty Tips for a Healthy and Glowing Skin Naturally

Are you searching for Natural Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin?

Everyone- female and male- want a healthy skin. The skin is the largest organ of humans. A myriad range of cosmetics is available at stores and online that promote everything …


Ten Types of Mangoes You Can Buy Online this Summer

Mango- the mention of this word conjures images of a yellowish-orange fruit whose soft, luscious and sweet flesh has a distinct, pleasant flavour. Mango is billed as the ‘King of Fruits’ and rightly so. This very delicious and highly nutritious …


Kollywood Love Couple to get Married Soon?

While working on a film, it is not uncommon for the actors who pull off a great chemistry to land in ‘relationship’ rumors and certainly, they tend to either stay tight-lipped or reject them. We usually get to read about …