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Write about New Small Enterprises Policy 1991.

The Government of India, for the first time, tabled the new small enterprise policy titled ‘Policy Measures for promoting and Strengthening and Supplementing Small, Tiny and Village Enterprises in the Parliament on August 6, 1991. The main thrust of New …


Write about Government Policy For Small Scale Enterprises.

Since Independence, India has several industrial policies to her credit. These are discussed as follows:

IPR 1958: The IPR, 1948, for the first time, accepted the importance of small-scale industries in the overall industrial development of the country. It was …


Modern Historians of Ancient India

Colonialist Views and Contribution

Although educated Indians retained their traditional history in the form of hand-written epics, Puranas and semi-biographical works, modern research in the history of ancient India started in the second half of the eighteenth century because of …