Why not beat Pakistan in World Cup and knock them out of tournament: Sunil Gavaskar

Why not beat Pakistan in World Cup and knock them out of tournament: Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar. (File Photo | AFP)

NEW DELHI: India stand to lose by boycotting Pakistan in the upcoming World Cup, feels former captain Sunil Gavaskar, who said the country can continue to “hurt them” by shunning bilateral ties.

Led by former India spinner Harbhajan Singh, calls for a complete cricketing boycott against Pakistan has grown ever since the terror attack in Pulwama last week killed more than 40 CRPF personnel. India are scheduled to play Pakistan on June 16 during the World Cup.

“Who wins if India decide against playing Pakistan in the World Cup? And I am not even talking about the semis and the finals. Who wins? Pakistan win because they get two points,” Gavaskar told ‘India Today’.

“India have so far beaten Pakistan every time in a World Cup, so we are actually conceding two points when by beating Pakistan, we could make sure that they don’t advance in the competition.

“(But) I am with the country, whatever the government decides, I am with it totally. If the country wants we shouldn’t play Pakistan, I am with them,” he added.

The bilateral cricketing ties between the two countries have already been suspended since 2012 and the teams last played a full series in 2007.

“Where does it hurt Pakistan? It hurts them when they don’t play a bilateral series against India. In a multi-team event, India will lose by not playing them. The entire matter needs to be looked at with a little more depth, I can understand emotions are running high.

“But what happens when you don’t play them? I know India are strong enough side to qualify even after conceding those two points but why not beat them and make sure they don’t qualify,” argued Gavaskar.

If the BCCI takes the matter to the ICC, as is being speculated, and seeks Pakistan’s ouster from event starting May 30 in England, it is more likely to lose, he said.

“They can try but it will not happen. Because the other member countries have to accept that and I don’t see that happening. I am not too sure an ICC conference is the right forum,” he said referring to the February 27 to March 2 ICC meetings in Dubai.

“Sure all of us are absolutely down with what has happened, it is such a tragedy but I am not too sure this would work with the ICC. The other counties will say that this is an internal matter between the two countries and they have to deal with it and not involve us.”

Gavaskar urged Khan to take the necessary “first step” towards improving ties with India.

“Let me speak directly to Imran Khan, someone who I have admired so much, who I think is a friend. Let me say to Imran ‘when you took over you said that it is going to be a new Pakistan’.

“You said that ‘India should take the first step and Pakistan will take two steps’ but not as a politician, as an average sportsperson, I want to say to you that Pakistan is the one which should take the first step.

“You ensure there is no cross-border infiltration, you ensure that those in Pakistan who are creating problems in India are handed over, if not to India, then to the UN. You take those two steps and you see the number of friendly steps India will take,” he said.

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Like Indo-Pak cricketers, Gavaskar wants the people of the two countries to enjoy friendly relations.

“I know many Indian and Pakistani cricketers are friends. You (Imran) are my friend, Wasim (Akram) is my friend, Ramiz (Raja) is my friend, Shoaib (Akhtar) is my friend. We have such a good time when we meet in India or outside and I think the people of the two countries deserve that good time.

“So you take that first step. Let the Naya Pakistan take this big first step and you will see India taking a number of steps. The love and affection that Imran gets in India is unbelievable.

“He has spent a lot of time in the country. He knows the Indian people better than any other Pakistan and I do believe that he is capable of taking these steps,” said Gavaskar.


Most expensive mistakes in history

Here’s a look at the most expensive mistakes in history that changed the course of history.

Selling of ​​Alaska

Most expensive mistakes in history

Third party image reference

Considering this as a mere swampy land, Russia sold Alaska to America for $ 7.2 million in 1867. Today, Alaska is a treasure of billions of dollars of natural resources.

Partition of India and Pakistan

Third party image reference

This is a mistake for which both India and Pakistan are still paying. Fighting on Kashmir, two bloody wars and loss of peace, both countries have suffered tremendous losses.

Muhammad Gori v Prithviraj Chauhan

Third party image reference

Prithviraj Chauhan, one of the bravest warriors of Indian history, defeated Muhammad Gori in the first battle of Tarain in 1191, but under his glorious Rajput tradition, Prithviraj allowed him to go. Ghori again waged the war the next year, and the result was that India had to live in Islamic rule for some 800 years.

61,000 shares sold at 1 yen rate

Third party image reference

Mizuho Securities, a business company in Japan, wanted to sell a stock in ¥ 61000 (about $ 5,000) in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. A stock broker by mistake sold 61,000 shares for 1 yen, which caused $ 225 million in loss.

Sinking of the Titanic

Third party image reference

If the information about the icy rock was marked as ‘Warning’ then the entire crash could have been avoided.

Bitcoin price

Third party image reference

Bitcoin came in 2009 and no one knew that their price would increase so much in a decade. At that time, an Englishman named James Howell collected 7500 bitcoins of this digital currency. As long as bitcoin’s value reached its peak (in 2013), it was revealed that James dumped that hard drive in which his Bitcoins were stored.

Selling ​​Apple’s shares by Ronald Wayne

Third party image reference

Ronald Wayne was one of the founders of Apple and he sold his share of the company in 1976 because he feared that the company is moving towards bankrupcy. His 10% stake was sold for $ 800. Today, he would have been a billionaire.

Unknown facts about the Statue of Unity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the statue of unity dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel of the Independence Movement, who served as the first Home Minister of Independent India.

Unknown facts about the Statue of Unity

Third party image reference

The statue of 182 meters is 23 meters taller than the world’s tallest, Chinese Buddha statue. The height of the Statue of Unity is almost twice the height of the Statue of Liberty (93 meters in height) in America.

The statue was inaugurated on October 31, 2018, which is also Sardar Patel’s 143th birth anniversary. The Statue of Unity is situated between Satpura and Vindhya mountain ranges, on the island of Sadhu Island near the Rajpipla on the river Narmada.

Third party image reference

Statue is designed by the winner of Padma Bhushan, the sculptor Ram V. Sutar, it has been built by Larsen and Toubro and the state-run Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited. In order to complete the statue, it took approximately 33 months for 250 engineers and 3,000 workers.

In order to provide better connectivity, the government has also built a 3.5-km highway to link the statue from the city of Kevadia in Gujarat.

Third party image reference

The statue has a viewing gallery at a height of 193 meters above sea level, which can accommodate up to 200 visitors at a time.

 Visitors can see Sardar Sarovar Dam, its reservoir and Satpura and Vindhya mountain ranges through its gallery at an altitude of 153 meters.

Third party image reference

Reports indicate that Statue of Unity was built using 5700 Mton Structural Steel and 18500 Mton Reinforcement Straps.

The statue can withstand wind speeds up to 50 meters / second and can hit earthquake up to 6.5 on the Richter scale

These People Are The Unique Creation Of God

Today I have brought an interesting article about some people who are the unique creation of God. I tell you there are many people who are known for their unique features but still many people are judging them because they can’t handle uniqueness. Let me show their photos to all of you here.

1. Two different shades:

These People Are The Unique Creation Of God

Google Images

In this picture we can see two different shades one is dark & then there is light & these people are ruling the world with 2 different shades.

2. Captivating eyes:

Google Images

I tell you this picture looks like an artist had done his art work by bringing life to his painting but it is actually a girl whose captivating eyes can bring life to anyone.

3. Indifference is the new beauty:

Google Images

This guy has indifferent eye color & this has become a new beauty trend.

4. Creation of God:

Google Images

You will be surprised to see this cute little girl with albino looks that even we will be left dumbstruck watching her rare beauty.

5. Fiery red girl:

Google Images

This girl looks exactly like a Disney princess & if you have seen the animated Disney movie Brave then you will definitely know that she resembles like Merida.

6. Doll face:

Google Images

People who have doll face are known for captivating many gazes also they are considered as the most attractive one & this girl’s unique feature has already made a many hearts flutter.

7. Eyes that can speak:

Google Images

In this picture you can see this duo brother whose eyes can make anyone look straight into their eyes that even Greek Gods would be appreciating their looks. What do you say about this article guys?

4 Best Sarcasm Pics That will Entertain You For Hours

Today I have brought an interesting article about some some best sarcasm pics that will entertain you for hours. Let me share those entertaining sarcasm pics with all of you here.

1. How many of you with this statement shown in the below pic guys..?

4 Best Sarcasm Pics That will Entertain You For Hours

Google Images

2. This is the thinking of a pet Dogs Vs pet Cats..!

Google Images

3. OMG..! I can say that this is the bad day for the owner of this blue car..!

Google Images

4. Ha ha ha..! Comment in the below box if you are still single…!

While Priyanka’s Statue Looks Exactly Like Her, Here Are Some Wax Statue Disasters

Yesterday, Priyanka Chopra unveiled her wax statue at Madame Tussauds museum in New York. What is striking about the statue is that it so aesthetically made, you can’t really differentiate between real Priyanka and statue Priyanka.

While Priyanka's Statue Looks Exactly Like Her, Here Are Some Wax Statue Disasters


Having said that, not everyone has such luck with wax statue as Priyanka has. Even the most popular wax statue exhibitors sometimes don’t get the precisions very well, and the damage is permanently on public display. So let’s have a look at some wax statue disasters that the Bollywood celebrities have to live with:

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh’s Wax statue that was unveiled in Paris looks nothing like him. Ironically, it was unveiled on his birthday and the statue was sculpted after nine months of rigorous work, so people were expecting s something outstanding. If anything, the statue looks like Shamak Dawar, the choreographer.


Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh has many wax statues, but his statue at Madame Tussauds in London was re-dressed as Gaurav, his character from the film, Fan. Shah Rukh ensured he visited the museum again and posed for pictures by its side. Both the statue and the movie ‘Fan’ were a disappointment.


Amitabh Bachchan

Being one of the first celebrities to get his wax statue at Madame Tussauds in London, back in 2000, Big B’s statue looks a little weird. The unnecessary ‘zulfein’ provided to his statue and that gawdy shawl are certainly very different from his real character.


Katrina Kaif

Back in 2015, the actress unveiled her wax statue. It is an honor to have a statue at the prestigious museum, but the statue looks nothing like her. While her fans were very excited for the statue to be unveiled, they were majorly disappointed when it looked nothing like her.


Salman Khan

The wax statue of Salman at Tussauds doesn’t have his key features. Again, is it really his statue?

Samsung has built Galaxy S10 camera for Instagram lovers

Samsung has built Galaxy S10 camera for Instagram lovers


  • Users can record a video or take a photo directly for Instagram from within the camera app
  • They can add Instagram stickers, text, hashtag and use the editing tools for customizing the photos.
  • Once the user is done, he/she can directly post it on Instagram Stories.

While the world is swooning over the foldable Samsung Galaxy Fold, there’s a group of people that the more down-to-earth Galaxy S10 could easily excite – Instagram fans. Instagram is presently the place for people to hangout and show-off their photographic skills. With smartphone cameras packing in DSLR-quality sensors, consumers are more than happy to share more photos than before to the social media platform. Samsung identified an opportunity here and has come with a new feature on the Galaxy S10 to appeal to this group of people.

During the Galaxy Unpacked event, Instagram’s head of product Adam Mosseri took to the stage and showcased the new Instagram mode on the new Galaxy S10 series handsets. The Instagram Mode is built as a new mode in the Galaxy S10 camera and is supposed to help those who swear by Instagram for a majority of the day. In short, the Instagram mode is a shortcut to post Instagram stories without going into the app.

Basically, what the Instagram mode does is offer users of Galaxy S10 an easy way to post Stories without opening the app. Users can record a video or take a photo directly from within the camera app. They can add Instagram stickers, text, hashtag and use the editing tools for customizing the photos. Once the user is done, he/she can directly post it on Instagram Stories.

Apart from the Instagram mode, Samsung is also making the camera SDK available to all third-party developers. Therefore, apps can now take advantage of the Galaxy S10’s camera and take photos in the exact quality that the camera is capable of. So far, Snapchat, Snow and Lime have agreed to make use of the SDK to let their members take better photos on the Galaxy S10. Therefore, your social media photos will look as good as the ones taken from an actual camera.

The Galaxy S10 will be available from March 8 across global markets. The S10 comes in three variants – a 5.8-inch Galaxy S10e with dual rear cameras, a 6.1-inch Galaxy S10 with triple cameras and a 6.4-inch Galaxy S10+ with a total of five cameras. In the US, the Galaxy S10 carries a starting price of USD 899 (approx Rs 63,000), while the S10+ starts at USD 999 (approx Rs 70,000). The S10e is the cheapest of the lot with a starting price of USD 749 (approx Rs 53,000).

Reasons Why Some People Take Time To Fall In Love

Reasons Why Some People Take Time To Fall In Love

A new study claims that highly intelligent people are among the ones who take a lot of time to fall in love. Of course, there are other categories of people who hesitate to fall in love but this post focuses mainly on the intelligent people who struggle to find true love.The study claims that most of the people whose IQ is above average tend to stay single till their mid thirties and even till they reach forty.Most of them claim that they haven’t found someone interesting or someone who is worth settling down. Here are some reasons why some people take time to fall in love.

1.They May Over-Analyse Everything: As intellectuals derive their kick from thinking and analysing, they tend to do the same when they meet someone. So, when you over-analyse someone, you might not like the person and the other person may also not like you.

2.Love Comes From The Heart: The problem with love is that it is partly irrational and it originates from the heart. Intelligent people don’t like irrational feelings in their lives as they seek to find out the reason behind everything. So, this could be one reason why they fail to find love.

3.They Take Time To Get Close: Generally, they would take a lot of time to reveal something about themselves. Also, they seldom get close to someone unless they are totally okay.

4.They Are Too Careful: In an attempt to avoid previous failures or mistakes that they have done in their past relationships, they tend to be over-cautious and this may not work well.

5.They Choose To Be Alone: Most of the intellectuals give more preference to stay alone if they don’t find someone who is of their wave length.

6.They Are Boring To Some: Sometimes, they come across as boring people to others and this is one reason why their chances of finding a partner may reduce.

These are the reasons why some people take time to fall in love.

Top 5 run-getters in India-Australia T20Is

Top 5 run-getters in India-Australia T20Is

Virat Kohli

The history of India-Australia T20I encounters is 12 years old but it encompasses only 19 matches. The beginning was explosive. These two teams fought a memorable battle in the 2007 T20I World Cup. The semi-final was won by India on the back of Yuvraj Singh’s lightning 70 (30) and Sreesanth’s fist-thumping spell of 2/12. The morale-boosting win propelled India into the final, and the rest is history.

A month later, Australia engaged in the first-ever T20I played on Indian soil. India once again emerged as the winner. Australia then exacted revenge by skittling India for only 74 at the MCG. The rivalry continued in the upcoming years. In the 2016 T20I World Cup, another chapter was added as Virat Kohli’s masterclass of 82 in 51 balls knocked Australia out of the competition.

In the clash between these two teams filled with batting firepower, we have witnessed a few thrilling batting displays. Only a handful of batsmen have managed to be consistent in these sporadic encounters though and here are the five top run-getters in India-Australia T20I matches.

#5. Yuvraj Singh – 283 runs

Yuvraj Singh

The left-handed maverick played a defining knock of 70 from just 30 balls in the first match between India and Australia. The lightning-fast innings helped India post a mammoth total. After successful defense of the target, India cruised into the final of the 2007 T20I World Cup. Yuvraj Singh was named Man of the Match for his blitz.

The Punjabi batsman struck two more half-centuries against the Aussies. Yuvraj’s unbeaten 77 from 35 balls helped India chase down the total of 202 at Rajkot in 2013. He top-scored with 60 off 43 balls in the following match between the two sides as well.

Yuvraj’s 283 runs against Australia were scored in eight innings at an average of 56.60. His strike rate while scoring these runs was a princely 162. He recorded a total of three half-centuries and 77 was his top-score.

#4. Shane Watson – 302 runs

Shane Watson

The Australian all-rounder enjoys the distinction of being the only centurion in India-Australia encounters. Unfortunately, Watson’s century ended in a losing cause as India chased down the target of 198. Watson had scored 124 runs from the team’s total of 197 and this remains his only hundred in T20Is.

Earlier, Watson had scored back to back half-centuries in India-Australia encounters. Both were scored on neutral grounds. His first innings was the 54 at Bridgetown, West Indies in 2010. The Australian followed it up with a knock of 72 which proved to be a match-winning one.

Watson’s next four innings versus India totaled only 34 runs. He made up for the failures with a grand knock of 124 not out at Sydney. In total, Watson piled up 302 runs in eight matches against India. He maintained an impressive strike rate of 158.11 and averaged 50.33 with two fifties and a century.

#3. Rohit Sharma – 313 runs

Rohit Sharma

Incredibly, Rohit Sharma has featured in all of India’s T20I matches against Australia. Since the 2007 T20I World Cup to the recent bilateral T20I series in Australia, the right-handed batsman has played 18 matches versus the Aussies.

Rohit has been formidable against Australia in ODIs, but he hasn’t been the same force in T20Is. In these 18 games, he has scored only 313 runs at an average of 24.07 with a strike rate of 136.

In 18 outings, Rohit has recorded eight single-digit scores. His top-score of 79 not out came at Bridgetown, West Indies in the 2010 World T20. India was chasing 185 runs to win and despite Rohit Sharma’s spectacular efforts, the team fell short by 49 runs.

Rohit’s other two fifties were scored in successive T20Is in Australia in 2016. Batting at the top, both the fifties from the Mumbai batsman helped India win those matches.

#2. Aaron Finch – 397 runs

Aaron Finch

A prolific run-getter in T20Is, Aaron Finch is second on the list of Australians with most runs in the shortest format. The opener also holds the top two spots in the highest individual scores in T20Is. He has been a consistent performer against India, but his best efforts have failed to clinch victories for his side.

In 11 T20Is against the Asian giants, Finch has piled up 397 runs at a healthy batting average of 36.09 with a strike rate around 138. He has struck two half-centuries and has been dismissed in the 40s three times. In the recent three-match T20I series at home, Finch totaled only 55 runs in three outings.

Playing on the dusty track of Rajkot, Finch registered his highest score of 89 versus India. Australia’s total of 201/7 proved short as Yuvraj Singh played a blinder. Finch’s 74 at Melbourne suffered the same fate as Australia failed to chase down India’s 185.

#1. Virat Kohli – 488 runs

Virat Kohli

How can there be an Indian batting record without Virat Kohli’s name in it? The Indian run-machine tops the tally of most runs in India-Australia T20Is by a margin of 91 runs.

Virat has accumulated 488 runs in 13 innings with an average of 61 while scoring at a strike rate of 143. This is also the most by any batsman in T20Is against Australia.

With five half-centuries Virat leads the fifties count as well. All of his 50-plus scores have resulted in Indian victories. Four of them were scored in succession.

His first big score was 90 not out on his favorite ground, Adelaide Oval in January 2016. India piled up 188/3 in 20 overs, enough to secure the win. Kohli’s subsequent scores of 59 not out and 50 helped India claim the away series 3-0.

In the 2016 World T20, Virat arguably played his best-ever T20I innings. Virat with his 82 not out in the chase of 161 knocked the Australians out of the World Cup.

MASSIVE: India To Stop Water Flow To Pakistan; Will Use Supply To Benefit People Of J&K And Punjab, Tweets Nitin Gadkari

MASSIVE: India To Stop Water Flow To Pakistan; Will Use Supply To Benefit People Of J&K And Punjab, Tweets Nitin Gadkari

In a massive announcement, Union Water resources, River development and water resources minister Nitin Gadkari has tweeted that the Modi government has decided to stop the share of water that used to flow into Pakistan and divert it for the use of people in J&K and the Punjab.

Taking to Twitter, Gadkari, who had also spoken of the impending move earlier in the day when he said that the water from three rivers flowing into Pakistan would be used to nurture the Yamuna, has written:

Under the leadership of Hon’ble PM Sri @narendramodi ji, Our Govt. has decided to stop our share of water which used to flow to Pakistan. We will divert water from Eastern rivers and supply it to our people in Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab.— Nitin Gadkari (@nitin_gadkari) February 21, 2019

He has elaborated on the specifics of this move, highlighting the construction of a dam and how this decision will be actualised:

The construction of dam has started at Shahpur- Kandi on Ravi river. Moreover, UJH project will store our share of water for use in J&K and the balance water will flow from 2nd Ravi-BEAS Link to provide water to other basin states.— Nitin Gadkari (@nitin_gadkari) February 21, 2019

Gadkari has added that the associated projects have now been declared as national projects.

All the above Projects are declared as the National projects.— Nitin Gadkari (@nitin_gadkari) February 21, 2019

Earlier on Thursday, while addressing a public rally, the minister had said:

“When India and Pakistan were divided, three rivers were given to Pakistan and three to India. However, India continuously gave the river water supply to Pakistan, but now we will use that river water supply to nurture the Yamuna river through the Yamuna project.”

According to the Indus Water Treaty, the Ravi, Sutlej, Beas was allocated to India whereas, the Jhelum, Chenab and Indus waters were allotted for Pakistan to utilise.

The government’s decision comes amidst a ‘Boycott Pakistan’ campaign by Republic Media Network in relation to the dastardly Pulwama terror attack perpetrated by Pak-backed Jaish-e-Mohammad. The campaign demands a total boycott of Pakistan, whether it be the Most Favoured Nation trade status (which has been withdrawn by the government), sporting ties, cultural ties, the appearance of Pakistani actors and musicians in Indian films and other such links.