Woman bored of standing in railway station queue climbs through baggage X-Ray. Watch viral video

Woman bored of standing in railway station queue climbs through baggage X-Ray. Watch viral video

(Photo: ANI)

An online video from China shows a young girl, bored of waiting in line at a train station, sneaking through an X-Ray machine meant for baggage inspection.

The girl crawled into the X-ray machine when her parents and security officers were not paying attention at Daminghu Railway Station in Jinan, in eastern China’s Shandong province on Monday, according to reports in Chinese media.

The girl goes down on all fours to enter the machine and is seen a few seconds later getting up to walk away from the other end of the scanner, to the bewilderment of security officials and passersby.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, the radiation emitted by X-ray machines is 1 millirad or less, while the average level we are exposed to in the natural environment is 360 millirad every year, reported the South China Morning Post.


Champions League 2018-19: 4 reasons why Juventus lost to Atletico Madrid

Champions League 2018-19: 4 reasons why Juventus lost to Atletico Madrid

Ronaldo was on the losing side against Atletico Madrid

The first legs of the 2018/2019 UCL round of 16 fixtures are over, with some teams having one leg in the quarterfinals, leaving their opponents with a mountain to climb in the second leg.

Some other ties are firmly balanced, with the return fixtures still being anybody’s game to take.

One of the fixtures that was highly anticipated when the draws were made, was that of Atletico Madrid and Juventus, owing to both teams’ giant stature in the game and similarity in style of play between both sides.

There were also a lot of other underlying factors such as the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo, whose extraterrestrial performances in the UCL over the years played a crucial role in the Bianconerri breaking the bank to sign him.

The fixture was seen as a balanced one between two sides of equal strength, but the weighing scale would have tipped the odds in favor of Juventus slightly owing to the presence of the iconic Portuguese.

However, in a plot twist, Juventus fell to a 2-0 defeat despite VAR overruling a Morata goal in rather controversial circumstances, leaving the Turin giants with all to do in the second leg. In this piece, we shall be taking a look at four factors which contributed to Juventus losing against Atletico Madrid.

#4 Midfield ineffectiveness

Dybala was a relative spectator during the match

Juventus started the match with a midfield comprised of Rodrigo Bentancur, Blaise Matuidi, Miralem Pjanic, and Paulo Dybala, with the Argentine being the focal point of the midfield charged with linking up play with their attack.

On his day, the 25-year-old is one of the most creative players in the world, possessing the ability to unlock any defense with his pinpoint passing and wonderful technique.

However, on the day, he was uncharacteristically off-color, being nothing more than a bystander as the match passed him by.

Elsewhere in the middle, Pjanic also failed to gain a foothold on the match, as Juventus had a lot of possession, but could not translate that into clear cut chances, leaving Ronaldo to fend for himself alone.

By contrast, Koke, Rodri, Saul Niguez, and Thomas Partey were all over the Juventus midfield, overrunning them in the middle of the park and linking up well with their forwards to create chances at goal for their team.

The midfield is an important component of any team, and any team’s midfielders who fail to execute their duties effectively could pay the price, as Juventus found out at the Wanda Metropolitano.

#3 Atletico’s defensive resistance

Gimenez and Godin successfully shackled Ronaldo

Atleti have made a name for themselves as having one of the most compact defenses in all of Europe, as all their successes in recent years have been built on having an almost impenetrable backline.

This season, they have continued to impress defensively and currently have one of the tightest backlines in Europe this term.

Against Juventus, they brought their defensive A-game to the fore, successfully thwarting the few chances their visitors managed to carve out, with Diego Godin and crime partner Jose Maria Gimenez putting their bodies on the line and leaving it all on the field.

They successfully shackled Ronaldo and Manzukic in the Juve attack, making sure they did not get a sniff of Oblak’s goal and in a remarkable twist of events, the center-backs got the two goals of the match which was a just reward for their sublime performances over the course of the 90 minutes.

#2 The Wanda atmosphere

The atmosphere at the Wanda Metropolitano was electric

For 51 years, Atletico Madrid called the Vicente Calderon home, with the stadium having a special place in the club’s history owing to the numerous memories created there in over half a century.

The completion of a modern state of the art stadium in 2017 by a Chinese conglomerate meant that Atleti had to say goodbye to the Calderon, calling the Wanda Metropolitano their new home ahead of the 2017/2018 season.

The stadium is indeed an architectural masterpiece, possessing modern world-class facilities and would be the venue for this year’s Champions League final.

As with any stadium change, many were pessimistic that the move would be seamless, as it was believed that it would take some time for the fans to get used to their new home and the atmosphere at their former ancestral stadium would not be translated to the new one.

However, Atletico have one of the most passionate fans in the world, and it did not take them time to settle into the Wanda, imposing their will on visiting teams effectively making those in the stands the proverbial 12th man on the field of play.

Against Juventus, the Atleti fans were in full voice, giving the Wanda a rocking atmosphere and being in Ronaldo’s face throughout the match, with Diego Simeone urging them on at every point.

The importance of a vibrant atmosphere at any home match can never be overemphasized and against Juventus, it was in full force which gave Atleti the impetus and extra drive to go all the way in achieving victory.

#1 Allegri’s indecisiveness

Max Allegri was slow to react to the game

Massimiliano Allegri has been one of the most successful managers over the last few years, winning the double of Serie A and Coppa Italia consecutively for the last four seasons, while also guiding Juventus to the latter stages of the Champions League.

However, for all of his domestic dominance, there are still many who believe he has to taste success on the continent for him to truly prove his worth, as the Juve haven’t triumphed in Europe’s premier club competition for over two decades.

Coming up against Diego Simeone gave the 51-year-old a chance to pit his wits against one of the best coaches in the world, however, he came up painfully short.

Whereas his Argentine counterpart was quick to react to the game, making quick changes by replacing the misfiring Diego Costa with Alvaro Morata, while also taking off Thomas and Koka for Lemar and Correa respectively. Meanwhile, Allegri was much slower to enforce changes, until it was almost too late.

Simeone threw all three of his cards before the 67th minute and barely 5 minutes later, they got the ball in the back of the net which was ruled out for a controversial offside call, but they were duly rewarded when with 12 minutes left, Jose Maria Gimenez put them deservedly ahead.

By contrast, Allegri was much slower to effect the desired changes, leaving Paulo Dybala on until the 80th minute, when it was clear from the onset that this was not going to be the Juve number 10’s night, while he also left it too late to haul off other underperforming players like Blaise Matuidi and Miralem Pjanic.

Tight fixtures like these are usually settled by tactical switches from the bench and whereas Simeone realized this on time, Allegri was much slower to do so which cost his team and left Juve with a big mountain to climb come March 12.

These 4 pictures will open your Eyes

Hearty welcome to all of you to our Rocking India channel where you get inspiring & mind blowing photo post everyday. I feel happy to see you all visiting my channel & reading my articles daily. Today I have brought an interesting article about some inspiring pictures that will open your closed eyes. Let me show those pictures to all of you here.

These 4 pictures will open your Eyes

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Take the example of Coca-Cola company as show in the above picture & learn not to give up in your life. Every success starts with failure, so keep trying till you reach your destiny of success.

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I tell you when we were born, we don’t even know how to lift our head but by learning everyday, we achieve what we are today. No one is born successful, every successful person was once a failure who tried that one last time. So never give up.

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This is the bitter truth of this world. How many of you agree with this picture guys? A righteous person will always stand with truth even if the world hate him.

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This picture teaches us many things. Never try to take revenge on people in such a way that you destroy yourself. What do you say about this article guys?

Tragedy as boy, 14, dies a day after feeling sick with tummy ache

Tragedy as boy, 14, dies a day after feeling sick with tummy ache

Amaan Nadeem, a huge Stoke City FC supporter, died suddenly last week

A 14-year-old boy died one day after falling ill with a tummy bug.

Amaan Nadeem was struck down with severe sickness and diarrhea on Thursday at home.

The schoolboy’s condition took a rapid turn for the worse and he was rushed to hospital in an ambulance the next morning.

And Stoke Sentinel reports the tragic youngster died at Royal Stoke University Hospital from gastroenteritis, which inflames the stomach and intestines.

More than 1,000 devastated friends and family members attended Amaan’s funeral at the weekend.

Some close relatives, including the teen’s dad, were on holiday in Pakistan at the time of the sudden death and immediately caught flights home to Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent.

Amaan was one of four siblings – all boys – and was a huge football fan.

The youngster was described as ‘a happy, quirky, funny young man’

His uncle Dr Quadeer Ahmad, 45 and of Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, said: “He’d only been ill for a day or so, but deteriorated very rapidly when he went to hospital.

“The doctors at Royal Stoke were absolutely fantastic, they gave us a lot of support. He has three brothers who are all absolutely devastated but have been very very strong for their parents.

“He was looking forward to a number of upcoming boxing fights. He loved his boxing, he was just getting into the training, but he had an encyclopedia worth of knowledge about boxing from the 1800s up to now. He also loved football and supported Stoke City.

“He was a happy, quirky, funny young man who lived life to the fullest. He was a non-conformist which we loved him for and it’s broken our family’s hearts to see this happen. He was his own person and was very loving towards his family, especially his mother.

The death has shattered the community in Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent

“His mum Aisha is my sister and she’s been absolutely wonderful in the way she has conducted herself.”

Mourners from across the country, including Amaan’s teachers, attended the funeral on Sunday in Shelton.

Dr Quadeer added: “It’s shocked everybody and there’s been such an outpouring of love that has comforted the family.”

Amaan’s family released some touching photos of the boy at different ages

Amaan’s boxing coach Kafeel Ahmed says his death had shattered the whole community.

The 34-year-old, from Shelton, said: “He was a really nice lad and he loved boxing and football, he was very sporty. It’s a shock not just to the family, but the whole community.

“When you’ve spent time with a young person teaching and talking to them it’s hard. I’ve known him since he was born and I think that’s what hurts most.

“He was really into his sport, he used to play table tennis as well and we’d always speak about football and boxing. He was a big Stoke fan.”

People travelled from across the country to attend the service

More than 1,000 mourners attended the teenager’s funeral

Labour councillor Majid Khan, for the Etruria and Hanley ward, also knew Amaan well.

He said: “Amaan had a bubbly personality and was a very friendly young man. It’s a big tragedy for the family and they are in a state of shock at the moment.

“He was such a young age and the family are well respected in the community. A lot of people have come to support the family, some as far as Bradford, Birmingham and Leeds, and there’s no way we could have fit all of these crowds in the mosque, so we made our prayers in the park.

“We also need to thank the police as well for being a great help.”

God can do anything anywhere at anytime

God can do anything anywhere at anytime

Third party image reference


It was the year 2796,the end of the 28th century. People of this generation were leading peaceful lives and were happy all over the world. Technology boomed like anything and it was a period were scientists were on the verge of making time travelling possible. Scientists all around the world were working on the teleportation device also known as “The Savior”.In the great Soviet Union was the famous scientist named Viktor who was working on the same machine too. He lived in St. Petersburg with his beautiful wife and his 18 year old son named Arthur. He works in his lab all day which is found just in front of his house where he performs these experiments with his colleagues. His payroll was just enough to feed his family and he barely spends his money on any other things. He lived under a small roof,with no fancy furniture ,fancy attire or any other fancy stuff. He led the life of an average Russian and both the adults were grateful with what they had. Both Viktor and his wife Karol made sure that Arthur wouldn’t feel that he belonged to a middle class family. They grew him up by showering tons and tons of love and affection. Their love for him was unconditional and unbounded. In spite of their efforts Arthur hated his life to the core and he was depressed all the time.He wanted to live in big bungalows with fancy stuff,wear fancy clothes,go around the town in a fancy car …………He cursed his parents for being poor and never even talks unless he needs anything. In a nutshell he was desperate to live the life of a rich brat.He despised his father for being poor and was furious. One fine day without the acknowledgement of his parents he went to his father’s lab,which his father had always advised him not to do so.In a vain attempt to destroy his father’s lab he broke the front door and went in. The lab was filled with fancy machinery and other stuff. As he was exploring his father’s lab he came across a glossy cylinder like machine with many buttons and with several warning signs. Arthur disregarded these signs pressed each and every button in the machine,he even broke a few but nothing happened. He felt hungry and decided to crash in his room after lunch. He slowly went to the front door of the lab and opened it. He was not pleased with what he saw there. 


Ravaged buildings,burnt trees,corpse lying scattered,extremely hot weather and his house wasn’t there anymore. He stood there all alone. Suddenly a boy around the same age dragged him to an underground shelter nearby and locked it.

“Are you nuts!!!What are you doing there all alone and I haven’t seen you around who are you?” said the boy.

He was tall of stature,fair in complexion with scars all over his face.

Arthur replied”I am Arthur…I am sorry where am I?….what is going on…..?”

The boy replied”I am Val…..sorry to scare you…you are in Kirov…..don’t you know what really is going on…?The Germans are trying to invade the entire soviet union and they are annihilating the entire Russian population…..Hostages are being taken to concentration camps where German sociopaths torture Russians death”.

“I am sorry but Val what year it actually is??”

“It’s 1965 dude where are you from man??”

“I am sorry Val I don’t remember anything”Arthur clearly understood that he came back in time to 1965 and he right then knew he got teleported by the machine in his father’s lab. He didn’t want to scare Val off by his transportation stories and he decides to hide this from Val even though he was filled with terror. Soon he decides to visit the lab again and go back to his original home. Val provided food and shelter to Arthur and they both dozed off to sleep. It was around midnight when Arthur woke up and decides to go to the lab back again. He opens the door to the lab hits the same buttons which he pressed to get back in time. He finds that its energy resources were completely depleted and the time required for an another teleportation was displayed in big bold characters. “11,832 hours-493 days”. A terrorizing chill ran through the back of is spine. With a shattered heart he returned back to the underground shelter and dozed of to sleep back again.


It was around 3 am and Arthur was tossing and turning all around his bed trying to get some sleep and he suddenly heard a loud sound “BANG” then he realized that the door of the underground was opened by somebody.He woke up to find out who it was. In front of him were three hefty men standing with gun pointed at Val’s head. He lied speechless and the next second,one of the German’s pulled the trigger. Arthur began pleading to the German not to shoot him…before he could clap his eyes he was shot in his forehead then everything went blank. He then heard some voice

“Hey Artie,what happened man!Artie come on open your eyes”. When Arthur opened his eyes he was relieved to find that it was nothing but a nightmare. Val served him tea,Arthur took a sip of it and he came back to normal. 

“Nightmares huh!!You will get used to it”said Val.

“What is happening here?……Why are we getting killed?….”asked Artie

“Don’t worry I will tell you the entire story,Just finish up your tea”.

After Arthur gulped his tea…..Val begin to describe what had happened…..


It all began 2 years ago,We were leading our lives very happily and one fine day……that awful news left everyone distressed.It was announced that the president was killed by the Germans and it was announced that the Russians would be spared only when if they agree to work as slaves….Everyone was beyond terrified….many tried to escape the country but unfortunately most of them were either shot or captured.They were left with only two choices either to work as slaves or to go under hiding.Thus Val and his friend Marley chose to go to an underground basement were they would hide.One day when Marley went to gather some supplies a group of Germans caught her up and dragged her to the most worst place a person could possibly be

THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS” where people were tortured to death and were forced to work as slaves without food or water…..These camps were so agonizing that a person would choose to die rather than being in it.They were also called as the “HELL ON EARTH“.Men,women,children……even infants were took there……It was the last time when Val saw Marley. He was depressed and lonely,led a lonesome cruel life until he met Arthur…..Days flew faster than a speeding bullet and Arthur had spent the next six months underground with Val…..they were like peas in a pod so close,so intimate.


Both Arthur and Val received their supplies with the help of a old vegetable vendor named Dimitrich. Dimitrich helps since Val had saved his life not once but twice. On one occasion when the Germans were behind Dimitrich’s tail it was Val who pulled in Dimitrich to the underground. Had he not pulled him the Germans would have caught him. On an another occasion Dimitrich suffered from measles if he was left untreated Dimitrich would have suffered a painful death. But Val risked his life to obtain antibiotics from the nearby town. Thus Dimitrich was indebted to Val for life………

Whenever he has got supplies for Val all he does is to knock the underground door twice and say the word “предметы снабжения” which means”supplies”..he says the word twice and knocks on the door back again twice.This served as a passcode between Dimitrich and Val.Everything was going well……Dimitrich provided supplies whenever Val needed and he stayed with Val and Arthur during weekends.

One day around half past nine in the night Dimitrich knocked the door twice and in a different voice said the word supplies and knocked the door only once….This rose suspicion……Arthur suggested that they should go hiding somewhere….but Val suggested that it would be none other than Dimitrich and opened the door. Within the next millisecond a gun was pointed to Val’s forehead and this shook Val to his core. Arthur was dumbstruck and didn’t knew what to do.All he saw was that Dimitrich was lying on the ground motionless with several bullets to his chest.This scared the shit out of him.There were two generals before Val and they dragged them both to a van….blindfolded them…..hit them hard in the back of their head and the in the next moment both were lying unconscious on the ground……..


Arthur slowly opened his eyes and he found both himself and Val inside a truck with three other,a women with her two kids….They tried to jump out of the back door but it was locked. They had no other way but to stay calm. The ride was pretty arduous.They traveled for hadn’t seen daylight in several days and were inside the same truck for quite long right now. Only four slices of bread were given to them every day and they had to live with that.They did nothing and they sat all day along looking at each other.They slept to pass time and were desperate to see daylight.Arthur went to sleep as usual after having his bread slices.A few hours later Val woke him up and the five in the truck were so relieved that the door of the truck had finally had opened.He was happy for a second but it was short lived. Two men in uniforms pulled out the women by her hair and dragged the kids out of the truck. Arthur cussed out at the German for being so rude. The German became furious and hit Arthur in the his face with his pistol and back again Arthur fell unconscious. Arthur felt a sudden chill and opened his eyes. Few hours later Val awakened him.Arthur was taken aback by what he had saw.


Three men were being lashed with wired oxtails out in the hot sun for trying to escape the place.He wondered why they were trying to escape and he had no idea were he was. It was also called the hell on earth which was the last place both Val and Arthur wanted to be in.It was the “THE CONCENTRATION CAMP”.Life in these camps were worse than they had expected.Both were taken in line to a room were they were stripped of their clothes and their heads were shaved. This was done to strip the slaves of their dignity.They were provided with uniforms to wear and each were sent to a corresponding place depending upon their physical strength.Not even children were spared.Detainees who were unfit for work,including the young children,the elderly,pregnant women…..were ordered to take showers.However the bathhouses to which they marched were disguised gas chambers.They were gassed to death.The Germans thought that this was the most simplest way to eliminate the detainees who were unfitforwork.

Both Arthur and Val were sent to work under construction sites.There were hardly any sewers or toilets.They had to work all day with little or no food at all.If they stopped working they would sent to gas chambers.As new detainees flooded into these camps everyday the old unfit ones were being eliminated.Diseases were alarming dangers and the doctors showed little to no care to the patients.This appalling life went on for both Arthur and Val couldn’t do anything about it.They were sheltered in a old building.Around 40 to 45 slept in a single room where there actually could be 15.Living conditions were far beyond worse.After an arduous day at work Arthur came back to his room,sat in a corner and regretted beyond measure for missing out such a beautiful life he had had before.For the first time in his life he missed his mom,his heart was filled with guilt and was thinking about the beautiful moments which he had spent with his parents and hated himself for being such a brat.He then dozed off to sleep in the upper bunk of the bed.It was around midnight loud screams came from the lower bunk of his bed.Before he could open his eyes to find what was going he was pulled out from his bunker by someone. When he had opened his eyes he was at the feet of a German official. There were several other intoxicated guards standing beside him.They teared all the prisoners out of their beds and were inhumanely beaten until the person falls unconscious or dies.That night after those nefarious German soldiers had left Arthur helped his co-inmates get back in their bed despite the pain he was suffering. He was shocked to find out that one of the soldiers had broken Val’s leg and he was under excruciating pain. Both dragged themselves to the doctor in the same shelter.The door was wide open before they entered,they peeked through the door where they witnessed the most inhuman act they had seen in their entire lives.There were two infants who appeared to be twins.He took them both and placed each of them in a separate beds.He then took a syringe filled with some chemical and he was about to inject it into the eyes of one infant.Unable to witness that horrendous event they both came back to their bunkers and asked to the other inmates about the doctor.One of the inmate said that he was called the “Angel of Death” as he performed a range of experiments on the detainees.

For example in an effort to study eye color he injected serum into the eyeballs of dozens of children causing them to suffer excruciating pain.He also injected chloroform into the hearts of twins to determine if both siblings would die at the same time and in the same manner.


All these facts shook them to the core and they decided to escape the camp.They had two options before them either to die of work,starvation or disease or to escape the camp.If they were caught they would die and it didn’t matter as they were going to die anyway.So one fine day they decided to escape.It was around midnight they silently crawled out of their beds and went out side the building without being noticed. They had to run nearly a mile and they bypassed several guards in their path without being noticed. They had reached the end of the camp and they only had to cross a heavily barbed fence after which they could escape.Between the fence and them were 8 guards and it was near to impossible for crossing them.The thought of going back never crossed both minds.Val’s broken leg cried out to him and he realized that had no chance of escaping the camp unless the god himself came down to earth. He realized his condition and devised a plan.He said to Arthur “When I say run….run as if your life depends on it and do not turn back and do not wait for me…I will be on your tail….don’t worry..I want you to promise this to me and I hope you won’t break your promise…..Artie”

Arthur said “Yes man, we will escape…..”

“Love you Artie,You are my man”


Time became so slow that one could witness the motion of a bullet .The clock began ticking and everything went slo-mo.When all the guards were not looking at their side Val took a giant stone and threw it on the sideways near a guard such that it doesn’t disclose their location ….The guards became alert and they started looking back and forth….When no guards were looking on the farther north Val said the golden word “RUN”.Arthur ran faster than a speeding bullet and he crawled under the barbed wire to reach the other side and went to the safe side.He turned around to find where Val was but the unthinkable happened.He was lying dead on the ground with bullets all over his body.He was confused what had happened.What Val actually did was he ran east-ways and while Arthur was running he heard Val’s voice screaming “Hey I am over here bastards!!” and he had distracted the guards while Arthur had swiftly dodged around several guards.In a nutshell Val, on purpose sacrificed himself for his friend.Realizing what had happened Arthur was moved and he stood there motionless,his heart shattered,tears rolled down his cheek and he was in agonizing pain.He was deeply bruised on an emotional level.He closed his eyes and sat down and he couldn’t digest the fact that Val was dead.

When Arthur opened his eyes he saw the most painful thing………Val’s body was thrown outside the barbed fence. He silently sneaked near the fence and picked Val’s body and buried it nearby.With tearful eyes he paid his homage to Val and was waiting for some vehicle to arrive.Fortunately an arms delivery vehicle passed by and Arthur went and jumped in it.This vehicle would pass Kirov where Arthur would get down. He went out to check if the Time Machine was ready back for an another travel when he got there the display said “1 hour 15 minutes”.Arthur waited patiently and after when the Time Machine was energized he went back in.

“Wow,I am speechless”said Mason.

Arthur just smiled back and said “That’s it”.

“Where is the time machine right now??”asked Mason

“It still remains an unsolved mystery even today”said Arthur.

Mason was a prolific book writer and he had found about Arthur through his wife.It was the year 2808 and Arthur was narrating all his adventures to Mason,how war had taught him to be more compassionate,more empathetic and most importantly more grateful with what he had.His life in those camps changed the way he lived.If it had not been for the time travel and those camps he would have grown into a different person.Arthur grew up,became a doctor and helps injured people who returns from war free of cost.He owns a house near the place which used to be the camp and in memory of his friend Val he named his kid named Valentino who was 17 years old.

Valentino was an energetic kid.He playfully went to the basement and found it locked.He was always curious about what was inside the basement so he broke the lock and inside the basement he came across a glossy cylinder like machine with many buttons and with several warning signs. He disregarded these signs pressed each and every button in the machine so he went in the cylinder everything turned blank the next moment Valentino was lying on the ground.He heard a women’s voice who said”Lincoln where are you?”.When Valentino looked around and found pictures of a kid named Abraham Lincoln and something caught his eyes.It was the year“1827”

Solar storm set to hit Earth TOMORROW after HOLE opens up in the Sun

A coronal hole – an opening in the sun’s upper atmosphere – has opened on the surface of the sun which is in the shape of a canyon – a long and narrow slit. The hole is unleashing a barrage of cosmic rays and unfortunately for Earth, we are in their way. There is a chance that the solar storm could hit today, but it is more likely to be tomorrow when it could cause northern lights, or aurora borealis.

As the magnetosphere gets bombarded by solar winds, stunning blue lights can appear over the upper reaches of the Northern hemisphere and the lower parts of the southern hemisphere.

Cosmic forecasting site Space Weather announced the impending solar storm, writing on the website: “A stream of solar wind is about to hit Earth’s magnetic field. Estimated time of arrival: Feb. 20th or 21st.

“The gaseous material is flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Arctic sky watchers can expect minor geomagnetic storms and auroras mixed with bright moonlight when the fast-moving stream arrives.

While this solar storm is not dangerous, the consequences could be far more serious than the appearance of the Northern or Southern Lights.

Solar storm set to hit Earth TOMORROW after HOLE opens up in the Sun

Solar storm set to hit Earth TOMORROW after HOLE opens up in the Sun (Image: GETTY)

For the most part, the Earth’s magnetic field protects humans from the barrage of radiation, but solar storms can affect satellite-based technology.

Solar winds can heat the Earth’s outer atmosphere, causing it to expand.

This can affect satellites in orbit, potentially leading to a lack of GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV such as Sky.

Additionally, a surge of particles can lead to high currents in the magnetosphere, which can lead to higher than normal electricity in power lines, resulting in electrical transformers and power stations blow outs and a loss of power.

The solar storm could cause northern lights (Image: GETTY)

The higher amounts of radiation also leave people vulnerable to cancer.

The Met Office has warned that we will face a monumental solar storm in the future, which could knock out Britain’s technology and cost the UK almost £16billion in damages.

The country could be blunged into a blackout because it is not prepared enough for powerful solar storms, the Met Office told ministers.

Solar storms can effect satellites (Image: GETTY)

The weather forecaster believes the UK does not have sufficient infrastructure to prepare ourselves for such an event.

A researcher from the Met Office said: “We find that for a one-in-100-year event, with no space weather forecasting capability, the gross domestic product loss to the United Kingdom could be as high as £15.9bn.

“With existing satellites nearing the end of their life, forecasting capability will decrease in coming years, so if no further investment takes place, critical infrastructure will become more vulnerable to space weather.”

Samsung announces folding phone with 5G – at nearly USD 2,000

The Galaxy Fold will go on sale on April 26 and take advantage of new and faster 5G mobile networks.

Samsung announces folding phone with 5G - at nearly USD 2,000

Samsung remains the world’s largest smartphone maker with nearly a fifth of global unit sales.

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday unveiled a nearly USD 2,000 folding smartphone in a bid to top the technology of Apple Inc and Chinese rivals and reignite consumer interest amid slumping sales.

The Galaxy Fold will go on sale on April 26 and take advantage of new and faster 5G mobile networks. The device looks similar to a conventional smartphone but then opens like a book to reveal a display the size of a small tablet at 7.3 inches (18.5 cm).

The device “answers sceptics who said that everything that could be done has been done,” DJ Koh, chief executive of Samsung Electronics, said at an event in San Francisco. “We are here to prove them wrong.”

Samsung remains the world’s largest smartphone maker with nearly a fifth of global unit sales but underperformed a slumping market last year. Chinese rival Huawei Technologies Co Ltd – whose Mate series of phones also command premium prices – gained market share. Other Chinese makers like Xiaomi Corp have also been increasing prices, leaving Samsung to defend its turf against upstart rivals in addition to its longtime foe Apple.

With the foldable phone, Samsung is going on the offence on two fronts in the smartphone race: It is offering an eye-catching new feature with the big, bending screen and the first 5G connection in a premium phone, feature analysts do not expect Apple to match until 2020.

Samsung is also making improvements to its flagship Galaxy S devices and plans to offer a 4G version of its folding phone.

It also challenges the notion of what a phone can cost, debuting at nearly twice the price of current top-of-the-line models from Apple and Samsung itself.

Patrick Moorhead, a founder of Moor Insights & Strategy, said the new folding device could help Samsung stay at the top and lure consumers to upgrade devices that have looked largely the same over the past five years.

“Samsung and Apple go back and forth” to lead the premium smartphone market, Moorhead said. “I think this is Samsung’s chance to take back the innovation crown.”

And even though the USD 1,980 starting price is steep, some dedicated Samsung fans said they would pay it. Navneet Kumar Singh, a Samsung enthusiast from India who travelled to San Francisco to watch the launch, is ready to place his order.

“The prices of the flagship models have been a little aggressive in India,” he said, “But in the end, if you invest the money you’re getting a different experience.”

Samsung also introduced several accessories to compete against Apple, including a pair of wireless headphones called Galaxy Buds. The headphones include wireless charging, a feature that Apple has promised to put into is competing AirPods but has not yet released.

Samsung also said that its new Galaxy phones will be able to wirelessly charge its headphones and new smartwatches by setting the accessories on the back of the phone.

Along with the folding phone, Samsung also added new cameras and a 5G version to its Galaxy series of phones.

Verizon Communications Inc will be the first carrier to offer service for Samsung’s 5G phones. The networks are expected to be 10 times faster than current ones, improving viewing of live news and sports events.

With the 5G versions of its flagships, the Korean electronics maker looks to have beaten Chinese rivals in the 5G race, although the device will operate only on the small number of networks launching later this year. Apple is not expected to release a 5G smartphone until late 2020.

The new networks are not available in many places yet but will roll out this year and next. Consumers who want to hold on to their phones for several years before upgrading may be tempted to buy a 5G phone now so that it will be able to take advantage of those networks later, said Bob O’Donnell of TECHnalysis Research. That could sway some Apple buyers over to Samsung and other Android makers with 5G devices.

“People are going to be thinking about, am going to be able to use this a year from now? Two years from now? Three years?” he said.

Rival smartphone makers are expected to announce 5G models at next week’s Mobile World Congress, the industry’s top annual event, in Spain. Samsung said its 5G handset would be available in the early summer.

The Galaxy 10 series needs to appeal to consumers who are reluctant to upgrade for only incremental technological improvements in performance.

All of the Galaxy series of rigid phones except the 5G will be available from March 8, with the S10+ priced from USD 1,000, the S10 priced from USD 900 and the smaller S10e from USD 750.

The mainline S10 compares with USD 999 for Apple’s iPhone XS and USD 858 for Huawei’s premium Mate 20 Pro.

Kapil Sharma says he was ‘consumed’ by the bottle, decided to quit drinking when he saw his mother break down

Kapil Sharma says he was ‘consumed’ by the bottle, decided to quit drinking when he saw his mother break down

Kapil Sharma joined Sanjay Dutt at the Drug Free India event.

Television star Kapil Sharma has opened up about his struggle with alcoholism and what helped him ditch the habit. Kapil was at the Drug Free India event in Chandigarh on February 18 where he spoke about his own experiences.

“Kapil spoke about how he was consumed by the bottle. He recalled seeing his mother break down. That’s when he decided to kick the habit,” a source told DNA. Kapil was out of work for almost a year when his show, The Kapil Sharma Show, was cancelled in September 2017 after he reportedly failed to show up for shoots.

Thank u Chandigarh for the overwhelming support for #DrugFreeIndia don’t stop until its finished 💪 @ArtofLiving@SriSri@Its_Badshah@duttsanjay@MahaveerJainMum#Nakarunganakarnedunga 🤝😇 pic.twitter.com/NS4j6vKx86— KAPIL (@KapilSharmaK9) February 20, 2019

It was later reported that he was in rehab (an ashram) for a while, recovering from ill health. Media reports suggested that Kapil was struggling with alcoholism. Kapil was even reported to have physically assaulted his co-star from the show, Sunil Grover on a flight in a drunken state. Their clash made Sunil walk out of the show and other actors followed him too. The show’s TRPs took a nosedive in Sunil’s absence.

Also present at the event was actor Sanjay Dutt, whose ordeals with drug addiction were chronicled in his recent biopic, Sanju. “I appeal to everybody to join this important movement and save the future of our youth,” he said at the event.

Kapil also shared pictures from the event. “Thank u Chandigarh for the overwhelming support for #DrugFreeIndia don’t stop until its finished,” he captioned the pictures. Kapil is currently seen on Sony with a new season of his show The Kapil Sharma Show. It began airing late last year.

Andre Russell’s Wife Is The Hottest Model In The Cricket World

Today I have brought an interesting article about Andre Russell’s wife is the hottest model in the cricket world. Let me reveal her name & how her photos to all of you here.

Andre Russell’s Wife Is The Hottest Model In The Cricket World

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Let me tell you that Andre Russell is a West Indies cricketer & was born on 29th April in the year of 1988 in Jamaica. He is an all rounder who bats right-handed in the lower middle order & bowls right-arm fast medium.

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I hope many of you don’t know about the hot & beautiful wife of Andre Russell who made him a complete man. Russell had got engaged with Lora in the year of 2014.

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Let me tell you that she is none other than a model from the Dominican Republic & her name is Jassym Lora.

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Do you know Jassym hails from Jamaica & is a supermodel. Her superb hot photos can light your screens on fire along with your imaginations..!

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Now after looking at his wife, you will get jealous of him because his wife is damn pretty & hot. What do you say about Lora? Is she having a perfect shape & size figure?

Maruti’s car is now available up to Rs. 60,000 discount for limited period

If you are thinking of taking a new car, then Maruti Suzuki’s specially selected mid-class favorite cars, Alto 800, Alto K10 and Maruti Celerio announced a very big discount offer. If you buy these cars, you can get a total benefit of 60 thousand rupee.

Maruti's car is now available up to Rs. 60,000 discount for limited period

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Lets see the information of the offer-

Alto 800 – Benefit up to Rs 50,000

Alto K10 – Benefit up to Rs 60,000

Maruti Celerio – Benefit up to Rs 60,000

These offers are only on the limited stock of 2018 built cars only. The last date for the end of the offer is 28 February 2019.

These are various benefit of offer

1) Buy Maruti’s car on exchange offer, you will get a one-time discount of 30,000 rupees.

2) If you pay in cash then you will get of Rs.25,000 discount. This offer is only on the exchange of old car less than 7 years old.

3) Government employees working in the selected government sector will get a discount of Rs 3,000 separately. The same company is giving some other benefits, which can get a benefit up to Rs 60,000.