PSA: The 5G Galaxy S10 does not have a microSD slot


PSA: The 5G Galaxy S10 does not have a microSD slot

You can get the Galaxy S10+ with up to 1 terabyte of storage. That’s laptop-class storage “without the laptop,” as Samsung boasted on stage during the Galaxy Unpacked event today. Samsung also unveiled the 5G variant of the Galaxy S10 today.

This device does have some significant differences compared to the Galaxy S10+ including the fact that it does not have a microSD card slot. You can’t externally expand storage on the 5G variant of Samsung’s latest flagship.

The 5G Galaxy S10 has the largest display of the bunch, a 6.7-inch Infinity-O panel with an in-display fingerprint sensor. It even has a quad camera system at the back with a 3D Depth Camera being the additional lens. The other three are the same as the Galaxy S10+.

There’s only going to be one configuration available for the Galaxy S10 with 5G. It will have 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. You’ll have to make do with that much storage even though you can get four times as much on the Galaxy S10+. The 5G variant is limited to 256GB of internal storage. To top it off, it also has support for a single SIM card. You could always opt for cloud storage services for additional storage but microSD cards are firmly out of the question.


Assam Rifles Recruitment 2019 [116 Posts]

Assam Rifles Recruitment 2019 [116 Posts]:

Online applications are invited from eligible candidate(male and female) for filling up of 116 vacancies allotted in the following sports disciplines for the post of Rifleman/Riflewoman.

Assam Rifles Recruitment 2019 [116 Posts]

Third party image reference: Assam Rifle

Important: Last date – 17/03/2019

The number of vacancies against various sports disciplines are as below-

1. Football- 16

2. Archery- 14

3. Rowing- 12

4. Athletics- 13

5. Taekwondo- 6

6. Karate- 17

7. Judo- 12

8. Boxing- 15

9. Rifle Shooting- 08

10. Equestrian- 03

Educational Qualification: 10th Passed

Age limit: 18 to 23 years

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Depression: Can depression be reversed? Scientists investigate new treatment

Depression is one of the most dangerous health problems in 21st-century society, and according to research, the problem is only growing. The number of people developing the disease is increasing year upon year, and as a result, scientists are dedicated to finding new effective treatments. Currently, the reigning methods are a combination of therapy and anti-depressants, to stabilise the mood and help ‘take the edge off’ symptoms. However, science may have just happened upon another new method to reverse the symptoms of depression, by activating certain brain cells.

Can depression be reversed?

According to researchers from US-based Augusta University, there are certain genes which can be activated to reverse depression.

A team of scientists led by molecular behavioural neuroscientist Dr Xin-Yun Lu studied the prefrontal cortex, a complex region of the brain responsible for planning and social behaviours.

The prefrontal cortex is also a particular site of the brain which shows the development of depression.

Depression: Can depression be reversed? Scientists investigate new treatment

Depression: Can depression be reversed? Scientists investigate new treatment (Image: GETTY)

In this region of the brain, scientists observed the SIRT1 gene seems to have a major impact on the symptoms of depression.

According to Dr Lu and her team, deactivating this gene in excitatory neurons (which increase likelihood neurotransmitters will fire, vital in regulating mood) caused depression symptoms in mice.

Drugs which activated this gene were associated with a reversal of these symptoms.

Gene manipulation is not the cause of depression but the new discovery opens up a new avenue of research for anti-depressant medication.

SIRT1 genes may be responsible for activating certain neurotransmitters (Image: GETTY)

Already, Doctor Lu has noted the actions taken by the team have had promising results for reversing depression symptoms.

Doctor Lu says these actions cause “an antidepressant-like effect.”

Drugs which activate this SIRT1 gene and enable higher activity could one day be a valid recourse for people suffering from the disorder.

The firing of these excitatory neurotransmitters is notably decreased in those suffering from depression.

Depression symptoms can be deadly in many cases (Image: GETTY)

Essentially, in depressed people, the transmitters are not performing as they normally should be.

Doctor Lu says: “It’s like they are disconnected.”

The researcher said those who suffer from manic behaviour and seizures are suffering from the opposite problem, as they have neurotransmitters which are firing too much.

While the results of the study seem promising, the research has only found a correlation in mice and is not applicable to humans yet.

Cobrapost Sting Operation, Actors CAUGHT On Camera: Sunny Leone, Vivek Oberoi, Ameesha Patel, Hiten Tejwani, Minissha Lamba– Watch Videos

Cobrapost Sting Operation, Actors CAUGHT On Camera: Sunny Leone, Vivek Oberoi, Ameesha Patel, Hiten Tejwani, Minissha Lamba– Watch Videos

Cobrapost’s sting operation on more than 30 celebs has sent shockwaves across the industry. Names like Sunny Leone, Jackie Shroff, Sonu Sood, Ameesha Patel, Rakhi Sawant, Mahima Chaudhry, Shreyas Talpade, Puneet Issar, Tisca Chopra, Rohit Roy, Minissha Lamba, Vivek Oberoi, Krushna Abhishek – playback singers like Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Kailash Kher, Mika Singh and Baba Sehgal; comedians- Raju Srivastava, Sunil Pal and Rajpal Yadav; and the choreographer Ganesh Acharya are those who have emerged guilty in the sting operation, wherein they readily agreed to promote political parties on their personal social media platforms.

Now, the official Twitter handle of Cobrapost has posted all the sting videos of celebs agreeing to Tweet for the parties.

In Krushna Abhishek’s video, he can be heard saying, “With us, the plus point is that we do a lot of live shows. So this we will do it for digital where our people will see it, but in the live show there’s an audience of 10,000 people, so we will see how I involve the topic, shoot it there and then tweet it. Like by chance there’s Jacqueline with me, if I talk to her about our topic, she won’t be involved much, but if I tweet having her with me that will be a plus point.”

While Tisca said, “Teen thoda kum hain. We charge five normally. That is my normal rate #BikaooBollywood”

#OperationKaraoke: On approaching the Author & Actor Tisca Chopra, we enquire if she would like to Promote the AAP. Agreeing, she asks, “Kab tak karna ye ?”— Cobrapost (@cobrapost) 19 February 2019

Here are a few more videos which sees Rohit Roy, Ameesha Patel, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Vivek Oberoi, Shreyas Talpde, Rajpal Yadav, Mahima Chaudhry caught on camera during the sting:

#OperationKaraoke: Oberoi seeks required Data to make his messages look Factually Credible, something not paid for. “Aap data wagaireh bhi denge na…Data ke hissab se hum likh sakte hain … aisa lagna Nahi chahiye ki humein Bola gaya hai likhne ke liye”— Cobrapost (@cobrapost) 19 February 2019

#OperationKaraoke: For Amisha Patel, Money is the Top Priority even before she makes some general tweets “Samajho aap 28 ko aa rahe ho, transaction ho jaata hai 28 kee sham ko main kar doongi…”— Cobrapost (@cobrapost) 19 February 2019

#OperationKaraoke: Sunny Leonne has a condition of granting her husband Overseas Citizenship to support BJP: “Modi Sir ne Daniel ko overseas citizen banaya toh hum zaroor support karenge.”— Cobrapost (@cobrapost) 19 February 2019

Sunny Leone, who put out a long clarification defending herself, is also caught on tape, where she is clearly seen sitting with husband Daniel Weber and saying, “Modi Sir ne Daniel ko overseas citizen banaya toh hum zaroor support karenge. #BikaooBollywood”

Supermoon 2019: BIGGEST Moon of the year peaks on TUESDAY – Look out

The so-called Supermoon will peak in the afternoon hours of Tuesday, February 19, when viewed from the UK. The Supermoon will reach full illumination around 3.53pm GMT (UTC) when the Sun is still relatively high in the sky. However, once the Sun sets, astronomers are touting one of the most incredible lunar spectacles will grace the night skies. According to Gianluca Masi, head of the Italy-based Virtual Telescope Project, the February Supermoon will be up to seven percent brighter than any other Full Moon this year.

This happens because the Full Moon will approach its point of perigee, or its closest orbital distance to the Earth.

Mr Masi told “The next Supermoon will be the largest Full Moon of 2019.

“Supermoon is a popular term indicating a Full Moon or a New Moon happening when our satellite is close to its perigee, that is, its minimum distance from the Earth.

“The term itself is of no scientific value – astronomers prefer to call it a perigee Full Moon, but undoubtedly, Supermoon is by far a much more charming name.”

Supermoon 2019: BIGGEST Moon of the year peaks on TUESDAY - Look out

Supermoon 2019: The February Full Moon is the biggest Moon of the year (Image: GETTY)

Supermoon 2019: The Supermoon will be up to seven percent larger (Image: GETTY)

On Tuesday, Mr Masi said, the Moon will be bigger and brighter than usual but the difference might only at first be evident to seasoned astronomers.

The splendour of a Supermoon is best seen when compared to a regular Full Moon, or better yet, a Micromoon – a Full Moon at its farthest from the Earth.

But the astronomer said the event is still a charming and wonderful event to observe, regardless of your astronomical skills.

Mr Masi dubbed the Supermoon a “precious opportunity to admire our natural satellite in the night sky context”.

The night sky, he said, is an increasingly overlooked and forgotten landscape.

There are a total of three Supermoons this year, with the first peaking on January 21 and the next one on March 21.

Of these three the February Supermoon is the most spectacular one.

On average, the Moon sits roughly 238,855 miles (384,400km) from the Earth.

Supermoon 2019: Supermoons are best compared to regular Full Moons or Micromoons (Image: NASA)

Supermoon 2019: The term Supermoon is not a scientific term (Image: GETTY)

At perigee, the Moon approaches the Earth from a distance as close as 225,623 miles (363,104km).

At its farthest point, at apogee, the Moon sits roughly 252,088 miles (405,696km) from Earth.

Supermoons, like the one next week, are best seen around the time of moonrise or moonset.

Mr Masi said observing the Full Moon around the time of twilight is a particularly splendid opportunity to see the Moon in action.

Pulwama attack: Mallika Dua vehemently slammed for comparing martyrs’ demise with deaths due to depression, etc

Pulwama attack: Mallika Dua vehemently slammed for comparing martyrs' demise with deaths due to depression, etc

Comedian Mallika Dua recently made some remarks on Pulwama attack, and people mourning the death of the CRPF martyrs. However, her opinion did not go down well with majority, who found her words highly insensitive.

Mallika posted a video on social media in which she is seen ridiculing “nakli nationalists” saying that they have been shaming people, including her, who have been going “normal” with their lives.

She further compared the death of the CRPF jawans in the Pulwama terror attack with that of deaths caused by hunger, unemployment, depression, etc. She opined that no one bats an eye for those loss of lives.

“These people who are saying that ‘humare log shaheed ho gaye, aap apne life normally kaise jee rahe ho (our people have been martyred, how can you live your life normally)’… people are saying this to each other; not just to me, it’s all over social media. There is a group of people who are violently in protest of the fact that people are showing their lives the way they are,” Mallika said in the video.

“Now my point is, every day there are people who die of hunger, bhukmari (malnutrition), berozgaari (unemployment), depression… there are so many reasons why people die; not just in India, but all over the world. You keep going about your life like you do, right? Are those lives any less important? Or are we being insensitive? Do we not care because we are posting things on social media? What is this logic? Yeh kya nonsense chal rahi hai ki poora desh ro raha hai aur tum has rahi ho? (What nonsense is this of people saying the entire nation is crying, and you are laughing),” she added.

These remarks from the comedian irked majority of netizens, who slammed her left, right and center. Not just commoners, some verified Twitter handles also shamed Mallika for her comments.

SpaceX designs striking fear into NASA ahead of test flight

It has been 60 years since Russia’s Sputnik satellite kick-started the space race and much has changed since then, with private companies now ruling the rocket building business. However US space agency NASA has now aired safety concerns over SpaceX and Boeing designs, according to a new US government report.

NASA is paying SpaceX £2billion ($2.6billion) and Boeing £3.2billion ($4.2billion) to build rocket and capsule launch systems to return astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) from US soil for the first time since America’s Space Shuttle program went dark in 2011.

But NASA’s safety advisory panel has just listed four “key risk items” in its annual report.

This comes only weeks ahead of NASA’s first scheduled un-manned test flight under NASA’s multibillion-dollar Commercial Crew Program.

For the Elon Musk-owned SpaceX, the report mentioned the redesign of a SpaceX rocket canister following a 2016 explosion and its “load and go” process of fuelling the rocket with the crew already inside the capsule.

For Boeing, they include the NASA capsule’s structural vulnerability when the heat shield is deployed.

And “parachute performance” reportedly remains an issue for both SpaceX and Boeing.

SpaceX designs striking fear into NASA ahead of test flight

NASA: SpaceX and Boeing missions to the International Space Station have concerned NASA (Image: Getty)

SpaceX: Elon Musk’s company recently blasted a Tesla into orbit with a Falcon Heavy demo (Image: SpaceX)

“There are serious challenges to the current launch schedules for both SpaceX and Boeing,” the NASA report said.

And two industry insiders have revealed to Reuters how NASA’s concerns actually exceed the four items listed.

These are said to include a risk ledger that reportedly contained 30 to 35 lingering technical concerns each for SpaceX and Boeing.

Reuters have been unable to confirm what all these items are.

But the sources familiar with the matter said the companies must address “most” of those concerns before flying astronauts and, eventually, tourists to space.

The NASA risk database is updated routinely during the course of NASA’s stringent certification process, which includes data collection, tests and collaboration with SpaceX and Boeing, the sources confirmed.

The Boeing and SpaceX systems have faced multiple delays in recent years, a common problem given the complexity of building multibillion-dollar spacecraft capable of over-powering earth’s gravity.

Joshua Finch, a spokesman at NASA deferred all technical questions on Boeing and SpaceX systems to the companies, citing confidentiality, but said: “Flying safely always takes precedence over schedule.”

And Josh Barrett, a Boeing spokesman, said the company “closed out” the capsule’s structural vulnerability risk when it completed its structural test program in January.

While Boeing is working through a number of other issues, they “are not driving any major architectural system changes.”

SpaceX: how the company’s rocket canister is refuelled has concerned NASA (Image: Getty)

SpaceX: Private companies have slashed the cost of launching rockets (Image: Getty)

“Our numbers show we are exceeding NASA’s safety requirements,” said Mr Barrett.

James Gleeson, a SpaceX spokesman, said the company, has developed “one of the safest, most-advanced human spaceflight systems ever built”, with NASA.

“There is nothing more important to SpaceX than safely flying crew,” said Gleeson, calling it “core to our company’s long-term goal of enabling access for people who dream of flying to space.”

Both Boeing and SpaceX have earned enviable reputations in the business of building rockets.

SpaceX has slashed the cost of rocket launches with its revolutionary reusable rocket technology.

And Boeing can trace its involvement in the spacecraft industry back to the first US human space missions of the 1960s.

But the US government is anxious to overcome these safety concerns.

The US is paying Russia about £60million ($80million) per ticket for a ride to the ISS, the £75billion *$100billion) orbital research laboratory flying about 250 miles (402 km) over Earth.

There are no seats available for American crew on the Russia spacecraft after 2019, primarily due production schedules.

NASA said last week it was considering paying for two more seats to the space station in the autumn and next spring to ensure ongoing access for American astronauts.

SpaceX: Elon Musk’s company recently unveiled its Starship Hopper prototype (Image: SpaceX)

The NASA plan for extra seats came a week after its safety panel said Congress should come up with a “mitigation plan” in case delays threaten U.S. access to the space station.

This echoes earlier concerns from the US Government Accountability Office.

NASA is set to conduct a flight readiness review on Friday for SpaceX’s mission without a crew on March 2.

NASA will decide whether to approve the test flight without a crew, while SpaceX addresses the issues raised for a human mission.

Three people familiar with the NASA project believe the US space agency has identified some design discrepancies between earlier SpaceX capsules designed to haul cargo to the ISS, and a newer version designed to carry humans.

Some of the risks – such as those identified in the designs of the enormous parachutes that deploy when the capsule plummets back to Earth at supersonic speeds – are uncommon given how close SpaceX is to test flights, two of the people said.

Woman strangled to death in Kamareddy

Woman strangled to death in Kamareddy

A woman was found dead under suspicious circumstances in Kamareddy on Monday morning.
Vanka Aruna (40), a resident of Baswapur village was working at Punjab National Bank. She was found dead by her parents today morning.
The victim’s parents informed the police who suspected that she might be strangled to death by unknown persons. An investigation is underway.

Sale stampede in Telangana: 400 women rush into mall that offered saris for Rs 10

Sale stampede in Telangana: 400 women rush into mall that offered saris for Rs 10

When a shopping mall in Telangana announced that it would be selling sarees for Rs 10 each, the owners seemed to have least anticipated any chaos. On the day of the sale, over 400 women descended on the store trying to get their hands on the sarees. The chaos led to a stampede-like situation that injured four women and the mall manager getting booked by the police for negligence.

Any day a saree for Rs 10 is a pretty sweet deal that sure would bring in a lot of customers to your store, or so thought the management of CMR Shopping Mall in Siddipet. However, when the store opened on Saturday for the sale, the management and store staff were ill-prepared to receive the crowd of over 400 women who came to take advantage of the deal.

Visuals taken from inside show a mob breaking open the main shutter to enter the shopping mall.

Police said the stampede started as the store entrance was too narrow to accommodate such a large gathering of people.

Speaking to TNM, S Anjaneyulu, Siddipet I town inspector, said, “The stampede started after a woman fell from a narrow ramp that leads to the main store entrance. Three other women fell over her, this created panic and a stampede like situation. The shopping mall staff did not anticipate the crowd, they were ill-prepared. We have booked a case of negligence against the shopping mall manager.”

In visuals taken in the aftermath of the stampede, some women could be seen lying injured on the floor. In another video, some could be seen applying first aid for minor injuries.

While several media outlets reported that 15 women were injured, police said that only four were injured in the stampede. “These were minor injuries, the women went back home after they received first aid,” police said.

In other videos, women customers can be seen arguing with the mall staff, while the police present there tried to calm the crowd down.

Telangana- Stampede at CMR showroom in Siddipet. The store had a special offer- a saree for rupees 10 only.! Crowd just barged in as the gates opened. Reportedly more than 15 people were injured and a woman also a gold chain, which was snatched from her neck.

Sunil Gavaskar to Imran Khan: Let Pakistan take the first few friendly steps

Sunil Gavaskar to Imran Khan: Let Pakistan take the first few friendly steps

Sunil Gavaskar appealed to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to take the first steps against terrorism (AP Photo)

Sunil Gavaskar reached out to Imran Khan through India Today and asked the Pakistan Prime Minister to take the first few friendly steps after the Pulwama terror attack killed 40 CRPF soldiers on February 14. Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed responsibility for the ghastly attack.

Gavaskar said he wants Imran Khan as the Pakistan PM to take the first friendly steps and ensure perpetrators of terror are handed over to the United Nations. Harbhajan Singh, another India cricket legend, said he wanted India to boycott Pakistan in the World Cup but Gavaskar chose to reach out to his old friend Imran Khan.

“I don’t want to react to what these young players have suggested but if I may speak directly – Imran, when you took over, you said it was going to be a new Pakistan,” Gavaskar told India Today.

“You said India should take one step and Pakistan will take two steps. I want to say that Pakistan should be the one to take the first step. You ensure that those in Pakistan creating problems – maybe to the United Nations.

“You take those two friendly steps and then see the many steps India will take. I am no politician. You are my friend, Wasim is my friend, Shoaib Akhtar is my friend. You take that first step. Let old Pakistan stay. You take that first step, and then see the number of friendly steps India will take.

“The first friendly steps.. if Imran takes those steps, you will see the steps India will take. I am sure the people of India will appreciate. Imran has spent a lot of time in India – as a cricketer, as a friendly visitor to the India and he knows the Indian people more than any other (Pakistani) prime minister.

I am not asking for words, I am asking for action to be taken,” Gavaskar said.

Sunil Gavaskar said he was not sure Imran Khan would even hear what he said but added he was prepared to wait.

“That is to be seen – I have said what I have directly to Imran and am not even sure if he is even going to see this. But I have said what I had to through your forum, so now let’s just wait and see,” Gavaskar said.

Sources have confirmed to India Today that CoA chief Vinod Rai has asked BCCI CEO Rahul Johri to write a letter to ICC asking the world governing body to keep Pakistan out of the World Cup.

Last week, Harbhajan Singh had told India Today that India should not play their World Cup match against Pakistan. On Wednesday, Harbjajan Singh and Mohammad Azharuddin said the World Cup wasn’t bigger than the country and India should indeed boycott Pakistan in the tournament.

“The simple thing is.. what’s more important? Does the country come first or does India come first? Keep sports aside,” Harbhajan told Aaj Tak. “First, let us sort out the other issues.

“World Cup is very small when it comes to the country. 40 people who have lost their lives. Who is going to pay for that? We have to stand united with the country. Even if we don’t play the 2019 World Cup, it won’t matter,” he said.