The most beautiful moments of international cricket

That moment when India won its first World Cup in 1983.

The most beautiful moments of international cricket

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Sachin Tendulkar after his historic 100th century.

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Yuvraj Singh’s splendid sixes in an over in the 2007 T20 World Cup

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MS Dhoni’s six in the 2011 World Cup final.

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When Sachin’s dream of winning the World Cup came true.

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Sachin Tendulkar left for the last time at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

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Bermuda’s Dwayne Leverock’s spectacular diving catch at slip to dismiss Robin Uthappa.

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Australia’s Steve Smith dedicated his century to the departed Phil Hughes, who died after injuring a ball.

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Malcolm Marshall batted with a fractured hand.

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Jonty Rhodes dives to run out Inzamam-ul-Haq in the 1992 World Cup.

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Dennis Lilly deployed nine slips against New Zealand in the 1976-77 series.

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South Africa needed just one run to win, but a tie was enough for Australia to reach the final. But Alan Donald was run out.

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Javed Miandad of Pakistan raised his bat on Dennis Lille during a debate.

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Sir Donald Bradman failed to reach an average of 100 runs in his last innings.

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Bradman needed only 4 runs to reach an average of 100 in his final match but got out for a duck and retired with an average of 99.94.

After winning England’s two runs, comforting Brett Lee, Freddie Flintoff showed the spirit of the game.

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‘You are truly the enemies of Islam’: Indian Army ex officer’s open letter to Jaish-e-Mohammad

‘You are truly the enemies of Islam’: Indian Army ex officer’s open letter to Jaish-e-Mohammad

How dare you bunch of cowards think of calling yourselves believers of Islam?

My name is Major Mohommed Ali Shah (veteran). My family has had a tradition of soldiering for 200 years. My father retired as the deputy chief of Army Staff and was vice chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University thereafter. Because of his and his brilliant team’s back-breaking efforts, Aligarh Muslim University was ranked as India’s best university by the Times Higher Education Ranking, London, the most reliable ranking of universities in the world.

However, because of your ill actions, even such a fine university has to bear the brunt of having the word “Muslim” in its name. My father’s honest autobiography, The Sarkari Mussalman, which speaks very highly of the fine, secular organisation that is the Indian Army, was misunderstood because it had the word “Mussalman” in the title.

My ancestors were veterans of both the world wars. My family chose not to go to Pakistan during Partition but stay in India, for various reasons. We are the children of this soil. We are a family of proud Indians and have performed the pilgrimage of Haj.

So there cannot be a person more qualified to tell you cowards that nowhere in Islam does it say go kill anyone. You people are truly the enemies of Islam, giving it a bad name to the extent that the community is getting typecast. Today, every Hindi movie has a criminal or a gangster bearing a Muslim name.

I saw my father fight insurgency in Punjab in the early 1990s, in Manipur, Nagaland, and Jammu and Kashmir. I have risked my life on several occasions while serving in the Army in Jammu and Kashmir and the North East, in both Muslim and non-Muslim areas of insurgency. However, only one community is being branded as a terrorist community because of ignorant fools like you.

Peace-loving religion

My religion (I am not saying yours because you are not Muslims; you are terrorists and terror has no religion) is actually a very peace-loving religion and talks of unity in diversity. The term “jihad”, which actually means struggle and not terrorism, has been misunderstood and misinterpreted by non-Muslims to the extent that even the national media has started misrepresenting Islam, for which terror outfits like yours are responsible. Today, all good work the Muslim community is doing is being discredited because of the wrongdoings of a few misled, uneducated, disloyal enemies of humanity like you.

The brainless “fidayeen” you have been breeding are going to rot in hell and not to any heaven as you mislead and brainwash young, unemployed, ignorant youth who have absolutely no idea what the holy Quran says. Islam is a peace-loving, scientific, logical and simple religion. There has to be an end to this madness. You people have spoilt the name of such a beautiful religion that once even I, a right-thinking citizen of my motherland India, had to suffer personally. Fortunately, my parents had given me the best gift a parent can give to their child, the gift of education. I could stand tall and fight, and teach the perpetrators a lesson they would never forget in their life. Taking up arms and killing people is not the answer to anything.

Education is the only key to progress. I am a proud Muslim and a very proud Indian, and I am qualified enough, not only because I was educated at the best school and the best college or an Indian Institute of Management but because I understand the religion much better than you do. I appeal for peace in order to be a true Muslim. You might have recruited people with little intellect who might be PhDs. However, there is a huge difference between being literate and being educated. Members of terrorist outfits like you are uneducated and should make an effort to analyse yourself, and face and understand the reality that you are not only doing great disservice to a peace-loving religion but to humanity itself. Shame on you!

My reason for writing this open letter is that I hope it reaches you somehow and, maybe, makes a difference somewhere. I truly believe the society will not change unless and until we change ourselves. I hope it reaches you and you do serious introspection, and the change begins. Violence in any form is not the answer to anything.

As Martin Luther King once said, “Darkness cannot fight darkness, only light can do that, hate can not fight hate, only love can do that.” Muslim terror outfits must realise they inflict casualties, directly and indirectly, on Muslims themselves. Any sensible person can see it is not some cause you are fighting for, it is a racket you are running. You are manufacturers of hate. The “fidayeen” whose video I saw will certainly not be going to heaven to enjoy the hospitality of hoors as he claimed. He will rot in hell. To quote a line from the film Khuda ke Liye (which made a lot of sense to me as a Muslim) that was delivered by a great actor playing the character of a maulvi, “Deen mein daari hai, daari mein deen nahi.” There is no need to wear one’s religion or patriotism on one’s sleeve. People are intelligent enough to see what is inside a person’s mind.

Root cause

Having spent considerable time combating insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir and the North East, and having risked my life multiple times in the process, I strongly believe the root cause of the militancy in Kashmir is not religion or “jihad”, as is widely believed. The real cause is that unemployed youth are extremely vulnerable and easily susceptible to brainwashing by vested interests from across the border. Educating and empowering them, making them self-sustaining will help weed out this problem once and for all. The use of arms or a show of strength can defeat them only temporarily – you kill one and 10 more will be ready to take his place. Our only hope is to win them over.

The next big question that arises is about prejudices against the Muslim community. Yes, prejudices exist, not only towards Muslims or any other community in particular, but for those who are less educated. Why would anyone employ someone who is not educated enough, or capable or suitable for the job? We have to admit that Muslims in India are not educated enough and that is the cause of all our woes. The only way forward is to educate our children.

If our children don’t get good education, they won’t have good jobs, then they won’t be able to educate their children, and so on. We will never be able to rise above the poverty line and will always be discriminated against. Education does not mean merely sending them to school. Making sure they have the right mindset is also extremely important. As Allama Mohammad Iqbal, who did great service to the Muslim community, said,

“Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle, 
Khuda bande se khud pooche bata teri raza kya hai.”

If one is educated, one can stand tall.

Finally, if we forget all our differences, if India is united, if we stand together, we have the ability to be a superpower – and we surely will be. Jai Hind!

Major Mohommed Ali Shah completed his short service commission in the Army in 2008, participating in counterinsurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir and the North East. He is currently a defence analyst. He has also worked on and acted in several films, including Haider, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Agent Vinod.

11 Fake Photos the Entire Internet Believed Were Real

Internet users upload millions of photos every day. Different photos make people feel certain ways but pictures that evoke strong emotions often go viral. Everyone likes and shares these pictures but not everyone takes the time to read the comments. If they did, they’d learn that some of the photos are actually fake.

At Bright Side, we agree that it’s not always easy to recognize a fake photo, especially when a photo is real but the story behind it is fake. Here are 11 popular photos we shouldn’t have believed right off the bat.

1. Here’s what happened to a rainforest over 10 years.

11 Fake Photos the Entire Internet Believed Were Real

This photo collage became a hit thanks to the popular #10YearChallenge. On Reddit, this picture is accompanied by text that says that every year, 46,000 to 58,000 square miles of forest are lost to deforestation. The photo looks real especially because of the logo in the right corner. But in fact, this is not a collage of 2 pictures taken 10 years apart, it is one picture from a photo stock. It shows Malasia where the rainforest was removed to increase the territory for growing palm trees.

2. A guy mixing rice

Did you also think a photographer managed to capture this awesome rice-flipping moment? Well, the rice is actually fake. In fact, everything is fake. It’s simply a sculpture that you can buy in a shop in Tokyo where fake foods are sold.

3. Graffiti you can only see in the water

This photo became a hit on many websites. But the truth is, it was edited. Yes, this graffiti really exists and the building is located in Mariampol, Lithuania. And the author of the picture is a street artist named Ray Bartkus who drew the picture upside-down on purpose — for it to be reflected in the water. But the best time to see the picture is when there is no wind and the surface is perfectly smooth. Otherwise, the picture looks like this:

See how the reflection in the first photograph was edited?

4. A lynx and a deer were found in an office under a table. They were hiding from fires in California.

“A fawn and a bobcat cub found under a desk in an office building after the California forest fire rolled through” is what the caption for the viral photo said on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media sites. Yes, the photo is real but it’s posted every time a forest fire breaks out somewhere in the US. And the caption is different every time. The picture was taken in May 2009 in a building that is owned by a non-commercial team of animal rescuers. During a fire in Santa Barbara, California, these cute animals were found not far from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ranch. And because there were no cages, the fawn and the lynx had to be put in an office. The lynx just ran toward the deer and lied down next to it.

By the way, one of the rescuers took the animals home because he was worried they would not survive in the wild. Later, he even shared a video with the grown-up lynx — he turned out to be very cute!

5. The New Year in Paris

This popular picture shows hundreds of fireworks that were supposedly launched in Paris on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, the photo is fake and we found several pieces of evidence. First of all, on New Year’s Eve, the fireworks are launched from the Eiffel Tower. Secondly, all the fireworks in the photo are at the same distance from the camera. And finally, the Internet users who live in Paris claim that this is a fake picture. Just take a look at the picture of the real fireworks show above the Eiffel Tower on July 14.

6. A dog sleeping on the grave of its owner every night for 7 years

Almost 60,000 likes and more than 55,000 shares were made by users when they saw the post about a dog that sleeps on a tombstone. The caption says that the dog named Captain has been visiting his owner’s grave for the last 7 years and sleeping there until morning. This photo is absolutely real and so is the story. The problem is, they’re not connected. For example, the same story was linked to a different dog sleeping on a grave as well.

It has been 7 years now. The cemetery does not close the gates until he arrrives each night promptly at 6 pm. He sleeps there all night guarding the grave until the ground keeper opens the gate in the morning. This is a true picture of Capitan here.— Back To Nature (@backt0nature) May 2, 2018

The story was told in the Spanish newspaper, La Voz in September 2012. And here is a video about the animal. You’ll probably notice that the dog there is completely different.

7. “A typical day in Russia”

You can see this photo with a similar title (for example, “Polar Express”) on the Internet. It is said that the photo shows a real white bear getting off the tram somewhere in Russia. You’d be surprised but the photo is absolutely real — it was taken in a town in the Czech Republic and it wasn’t edited. But the bear is not real — it’s a costume that 2 Greenpeace activists were wearing. This “bear” was a part of the campaign, Save the Arctic. It “walked” in European cities to attract attention to the problems in the Arctic.

8. A goose frozen to a pipe warmed a puppy with its wing.

At the end of January, hundreds of thousands of people on social media liked and shared the photo of a shivering goose that froze to a pipe and was warming a puppy with its wings. Allegedly, they were found in Montana. Even though the photo seems to be real, it was taken a very long time ago and most likely, it wasn’t in the US. And on top of all that, the story itself is most likely a lie. These pictures have been shared on Chinese websites since 2017. The earliest post we were able to find was made in March 2017 on NetEase — it’s is a Chinese news platform. The text under these photos says that the puppy was sitting at the side of the road, freezing. Ducks were passing by and the puppy ran toward one of them and it covered it with its wing. NetEase actually allows users to post their own content. So that means that they give their own description to the photos and there is no way to find out if the photo is real or not.

9. A mountain shaped like a turtle’s head

In January 2019, Amazing Nature on Facebook posted a photo that shows a mountain that looks like a turtle. The post went viral but this mountain doesn’t actually exist — the photo was made by combining several pictures. For example, here are 2 of them.

10. A megalodon’s tooth in a whale vertebrae

The photo above shows fossils that look like a megalodon’s tooth and a whale’s bone but they were found in different places at different times. But one talented seller just combined them into one sculpture. This is what the owner of the artifact said about it. And if this were a real megalodon’s tooth stuck in a whale’s vertebrae, it would cost millions of dollars and would most likely be in an archaeological museum.

By the way, this photo was first found online in 2012 and you could even buy the “artifact” for just $125.

11. A cruise ship dumping waste into the sea

The caption to this photo that was published on Facebook not long ago says that this cruise ship is dumping waste right into the sea. This post went viral and users started leaving bad comments and even the national director on the environment of Uruguay had to provide an explanation. In his Twitter account, he wrote that this photo shows the cruise ship starting its turbines in order to drop an anchor. And the brown spots are the sand and the sludge from the bottom.

Would you believe any of these photos if you just saw them online? What photos have you been fooled by before?

Yamaha MT-09 Now Comes In White

  • White paint option will be offered alongside blue and black colour option. 
  • Gets a new price tag of Rs 10.55 lakh (ex-showroom).
  • Remains mechanically unchanged.
Yamaha MT-09 Now Comes In White

Yamaha has updated its top of the line streetfighter in India, the MT-09. However, the only ‘new’ thing here is the price tag and a white paint job. Priced at Rs 10.55 lakh (ex-showroom), the 2019 MT-09 is now Rs 16,000 more expensive than the older model. Other than the mild cosmetic update, the bike remains unchanged both in terms of features and mechanicals.

This isn’t a deal breaker considering the Yamaha MT-09 is one of the most feature-packed streetfighters in its segment. It gets top-shelf electronics such as a slipper clutch, ride-by-wire throttle, three rider modes, quick shifter, LED headlamps, multi-level traction control and a fully digital instrument cluster.

Powering the motorcycle is the same 847cc, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that produces 115PS of power and 87.5Nm of torque. It’s closest competition, the Kawasaki Z900 for instance, produces 125PS of power and 98.6Nm of torque from its 948cc, inline-four engine. Underpinnings too remain unchanged with USD forks at the front and a swingarm monoshock unit at the rear. Braking hardware consists of 298mm twin discs at the front and a 245mm disc at the rear.

The 2019 Yamaha MT-09 goes up against the Triumph Street Triple RS (Rs 11.13 lakh) and the Kawasaki Z900 (Rs 7.68 lakh) (both, ex-showroom India).

The Secret Behind Khushi Kapoor’s Tattoo Is Revealed

Today I have brought an interesting article about the secret behind Khushi Kapoor’s tattoo is revealed. Let me share this interesting article with all of you here.

Khushi’s photo:

The Secret Behind Khushi Kapoor's Tattoo Is Revealed

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Let me tell you that Khushi Kapoor’s photo from the Ambani’s wedding function went viral on the internet & one thing that caught everybody’s eye from her photo was the tattoo on her body.

The strange tattoo:

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This tattoo has a very emotional meaning behind it & the reason is related to her whole family. The tattoo shows how emotionally attached she is to her family members.

The meaning of it:

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This tattoo has roman numbers, the numbers are ‘V’ which means 5 November which is her birthday & then ‘VI’ which is the birth date of her sister Jhanvi Kapoor, i.e. on 6th March & then ‘XIII’ which was the birth date of her mother Sridevi, i.e. on 13th August & then the last number is ‘XI’ which is the birth date of her father Boney Kapoor, i.e. on the 11th of November.

The popular sisters:

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Let me tell you that Khushi Kapoor & Janhvi Kapoor are one of the most loved kids & popular kids of Bollywood. Now what do you say about this article friends?

Rocky Star treats every show as his first

Rocky Star treats every show as his first

Designer Rocky StarLondon, Feb 21 (IANS) Designer Rocky Star, who showcased his collection at London Fashion Week earlier this month, says he believes in treating each show with the same enthusiasm as his first.It was his sixth time at the fashion gala.”Every showcase at London Fashion week has been special. I truly believe in treating each show with the same enthusiasm as the first,” Rocky, who has styled celebrities including Paris Hilton, Beyonce Knowles and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, told IANS. He added: “So even though it’s the sixth season of showcasing in London, I have the same energy and drive. To see your vision come to life in the most beautiful way on the ramp season after season, is what makes me work harder and push boundaries.” By being a regular at the prestigious fashion event, he feels that he has not only carved a niche for the brand but also for Indian fashion at London. “It is a place I am very glad to be at with the ability to forefront India on a global platform. A lot of myself has gone behind creating and putting together this collection in ways that can appeal to a global audience,” he said.–IANSsug/nn/vc

Japan on earthquake and tsunami alert after HUGE deep-sea fish found alive by fishermen

Japan on earthquake and tsunami alert after HUGE deep-sea fish found alive by fishermen

Two oarfish measuring between three to four metres long were caught in a fishnet (Image: GETTY)

Two oarfish measuring between three to four metres long were caught in a fishnet after reports of them washing up dead. The creatures, which can grow as long as much as 11 metres, are believed to be an indicator of doom in Japanese mythology. Japanese mythology says the fish, which live more than a mile underwater, come to the surface when a natural disaster is nearing.

The Satomi Higa of the Yomitan’s fisheries cooperative association told CNN: “The two oarfish were swimming vigorously in the nets.

“They looked mysterious and beautiful.”

Before this sighting, a number of dead oarfish have washed up in Japan and Peru this year.

Since then, fears have increased of an incoming natural disaster in Japan.

Japanese mythology says the fish come to the surface when a natural disaster is nearing (Image: GETTY)

The fish are traditionally known as “Ryugu no tsukai” in Japanese, or the “Messenger from the Sea God’s Palace”.

Legend has associated the huge fish as an omen.

The myth gathered believers after the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and subsequent tsunami, which killed more than 20,000 people.

The quake had a magnitude of nine and was one of the biggest recorded in a century.

A dozen oarfish had washed up onto Japan’s coastline in 2010 before the disaster.

But scientists dispute such claims.

Uozu Aquarium keeper Kazusa Saiba told CNN last month that global warming or subtle changes in the Earth’s crust could “cause the current to stir and push creatures at the bottom to the surface.

“There is no scientific evidence at all for the theory that oarfish appear around big quakes. But we cannot 100 percent deny the possibility.”

This beautiful actress spotted while running on the road, see photos

This beautiful actress spotted while running on the road, see photos

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Kim Sharma was born 21 January 1980. She is a Very Beautiful and Popular Indian film actress and model. Kim Sharma works in Bollywood film industry in Hindi Movies.

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She made her acting debut in film Darr in 1993. Till now she had worked in around eighteen movies. Besides movies, she is a very good model.

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She was also the brand ambassador for Olay and in 2000, she got an opportunity to work in Aditya Chopra’s movie. The name of the movie was Mohabbatein and she worked with Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.

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She got married to Ali Punjani in 2010 and the couple later filed for a divorce in 2016. She is presently dating Arjun Khanna and she had been dating him since January 2017.

Shatrughan Sinha on banning Pakistani artists post Pulwama attack, “Why do we need singers from any other country?”

Shatrughan Sinha on banning Pakistani artists post Pulwama attack, “Why do we need singers from any other country?

Pulwama Attack has left everyone shaken to the core everyone is expressing their grief either by posting on social media or by candlelight march in their respective city or state. Even actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha expressed his grief and warned people by saying “there is no need to lose consciousness in haste, I know what happened in Pulwama and I know that you all are boiling from inside. It is a shameful act of cowardice, and we must deal with it in the sternest way possible”

Speaking on Pakistani artists banned in India, actor-turned-politician said, “This is not an opportune time to even think about cultural exchanges and what should be done about them. Having said that, I’d like to point out that this is the land of Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle. Why do we need singers from any other country?”

Atif and Rahat

Sinha also warned everyone on ongoing tension over Pulwama terror attack and said our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised us the most befitting response possible to this insane act of violence. He said that he knows that everyone is hurt but before taking any step we should think deeply about our next move before acting”

When asked Shatrughan his views on Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu’s comment he refused it and warned every minister to think before they speak as the whole country is in rage and they are in no mood to hear jokes.

Navjot Singh Sidhu

Pulwama terror attack which happened on 14th February, in which over 40 security personnel were martyred. Following which Raj Thackeray led MNS demanded a complete ban on the Pakistani artist. Earlier, in 2016 Pakistan artists were banned in awake of Uri attack.

She Is The hottest model in the World, see photos

She Is The hottest model in the World, see photos

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Aditi Budhathoki was born 28 June 1992 in Damak, Jhapa, Nepal.She is 25 Years Old. She is an Actress and Model. Aditi Budhathoki opposite to Anmol KC in her upcoming movie ‘Kri’.

Third party image reference

Third party image reference

Aditi Budathoki has already appeared in Indian ads and Punjabi music video. She also played Hindi music videos.

Third party image reference

Third party image reference

Aditi Budhathoki was born in Damak Jhapa (Easter Nepal) and spent her childhood in birthplace. From his childhood, she was a cool and calm child.

Third party image reference

Third party image reference

But still, she has the same attitude She completed her primary school education from there After secondary schooling, she moved to the Kathmandu for her high studies.