Love home remedies? Here’s how you can get silky, smooth hair at home!

Rough, dry, brittle and coarse hair, are some common hair problems that we all have to deal with on a daily basis. Living in a city, humid climate, pollution and sun damage are some of the reasons why hair becomes frizzy and rough.

If you have searched high and low for shampoos and conditioners that promise smoothness, or a serum that makes your hair silky, soft, but still remain disappointed, maybe it’s time you turned to your kitchen. Home remedies are simple, quick and completely safe. We have curated some effective home remedies to get silky, smooth hair in a jiffy…

For simple home remedies to achieve silky smooth hair, watch the following video:

Love home remedies? Here’s how you can get silky, smooth hair at home!

Hot oil treatment

Hot oil massages help seal the outer hair layer, or cuticle, with moisture, thus repairing the damage. It also helps hydrate and condition hair making it soft and silky. Massage your hair with hot oil at least twice a week and see the difference for yourself!

Coconut oil mask

Coconut oil has a soothing and moisturising effect when applied to the hair. Prepare a simple coconut oil mask by boiling curry leaves with coconut oil for 2–3 minutes. Apply this mixture to your scalp when cooled and massage it in using your fingertips.

Reduce heat styling

Using heat on your hair everyday strips away the moisture from your hair making it dry and lifeless. Avoid using these tools on a regular basis if you want your hair to look healthy and gorgeous.


12 Best Examples of Heart-Warming Humanity

The world isn’t always a friendly, happy place, but there are some nice people out there who spread kindness just because — and end up becoming internet-famous as a result.

Here are some stories of people who went viral with their random acts of kindness to warm your heart this winter.

Take a look at these pictures…

12 Best Examples of Heart-Warming Humanity

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1. Sunny Leone adopted a baby girl who was rejected 11 times for her skin color.

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2. Cameron Lyle had to choose between donating 2 liters of his bone marrow to a stranger who was battling leukemia or go to championships for which he had been working on for 8 years. He ended his career to save a stranger’s life.

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3. An immigrant saves the life of a baby dangling from the balcony.

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4. An afghan elder giving refreshments to a soldier protecting them.

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5. Scott Neeson sold his mansion, luxury car and a yacht to care for the less fortunate kids in Combodia.

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6. A group of strangers saving an aged mother to safety during floods.

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7. A cop handcuffs himself to a women who was about to end her life. The lady realized that if she jumped the cop would lose his life as well and changed her mind to live.

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8. Anja Ringgren Lovén with a baby who was called “witch boy” in his society. A year later that kid was going to school.

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9. Anja Ringgren Lovén rescuing the lives of Nigeria’s “witch children.”

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10. Jacqueline Nyetipei Kiplimo, an elite Kenyan runner helping a specially abled chinese athlete.

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11. John Unger in the water with his dog Schoep to relieve the dog’s arthritic pain.

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12. A tram driver stops his tram and helps an aged lady to cross the street in Prague.

Kindness is the most underrated trait that goes unappreciated by many. Be kind.

5 Brutal truths people don’t want to hear

1 We are not born equal, in a modern world everyone has opportunity to achieve success apart from being where your born ,what is your religion, race, and gender does not matter much in present world, but being born in developed countries can give you advantage to enjoy best quality education and medical services, but being born in undeveloped countries as a female you might become illiterate or even sold in human trafficking.

5 Brutal truths people don't want to hear

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2 If emotions control you, you already lost, this means humans do not be controlled by emotions, emotions should be controlled by you, bury all the things that are dragging you behind, it may be your past or anything bury it, to achieve the things you want.

3 Your appearance makes difference, everyone in the world judge you by what you wear, how you talk and how you carry yourself, so be confident and try to look best frankly to say people do judge book by its cover.

4 The person is not defined by what they own, you may rich but you are not defined by your money you will be defined by how you got money and success.

5 If you are not living that means you are dying, living and being alive is different, living means enjoying every moment what you are doing, alive means taking breath and heart is beating, try to be alive the quote that define perfectly to know you are alive is ask this question to yourself, if this is your last day, are you happy with the way you are living now ? if answer is i am happy then you are alive, if it is no then you are just dying emotionally daily by not doing the things that makes you happy.

Follow these tips to avoid getting dark skin in summer

In today’s world, every boy or girl wants to look blond and beautiful and winter is about vanish and summer is almost here. Due to the bright sunlight in the summer, our skin begins to get darker. Use many chemical products from the market to maintain you beauty can harm your skin.

Follow these tips to avoid getting dark skin in summer

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Washing face- When you wake up in the morning use just cold water to wash your face. Don’t use any kind of soap or face wash in the early morning to wash your face.

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Use Glasses- When go out in the sun you must use sun glasses. If you expose your skin or face a lot to the sun you will end up with dark circles.

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Sun cream- When you go out in the summer always apply a good amount of sun cream to you skin. And while any sun cream be sure to check SPF.

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Source- Dailyfacts website

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5 Rules to win in your life part 2

1 Be intentional, whatever you do in life do it because you want it to do, being good at what you want, do the things that makes you happy and satisfied is the best thing in your life, so that you have not regrets after you achieve your goal.

5 Rules to win in your life part 2

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2 Do not fear of future, many people forget about today and this very moment in order to achieve happiness in future, and regret in the future after achieving the goal that missed a lot in order for one thing, do things that makes you happy and earn money are the best things you can concentrate on.

3 Do not regret the past, having the bad past is really worse, but never repeat the same mistake that you did in past, that is the only best way to apologize for your mistake.

4 If you want become better, try doing things that you fear of most, you get only better if you have less fears and more confidence in you, if you want to ask your crush out for date, go and ask if you do not ask them out, there is zero percentage that you will with them if you ask you will have at least 50 percent of chance, try to overcome your weaknesses that you know about yourself it may be anything example public speaking, heights, or even talking to someone.

5 Choose quality over quantity, always choose quality over quantity it may be either food or friends always choose quality, real and true friends will help you out not matter what happens, the best food always provides more nutrition to you then junk food.

Vishwamitra Saves Shunashepa

After the standoff regarding his help for Trishanku, Vishwamitra told his other students and rishis that on account of Trishanku, there is a great obstacle on the southern side and so we will go to another side for our tapasya. Hence, the party moved to the banks of the Pushmara in the west. The rishis went there and continued their intense austerities, eating roots and tubers for their food.

Vishwamitra Saves Shunashepa

At the same time, a king of Ayodhya named Ambarisha came there to offer a sacrifice. Indra—who always gets agitated when someone is performing intense sacrifices as he fears they may usurp his place—stole the sacrificial animal. The main priest of the sacrifice put the onus on the king for the loss of the cow and said that owing to his negligence this will cause great sin to the king who failed to protect the sacrifice. He asked the king to get back the animal or a beastly being to be a substitute for the sacrifice.

The king took with him 1,00,000 cows and launched a search for a beast-like human to offer for the sacrifice in place of the stolen horse. The king searched through many towns, cities, principalities, villages and hermitages. He finally came across Richika seated in Mount Bhrigutunga along with his family. Ambarisha asked Richika if he would give one of his sons in return for 1,00,000 cows. “I have searched everywhere for a horse to sacrifice but in vain,” he said.

The father said he could not part with his eldest son and the mother said she could not give away her youngest son. The middle son Shunashepa volunteered and addressed the king, “Father says he cannot part with the eldest and mother says she cannot part with the youngest. I alone am left and so I seem to be worthy of being given away.” The king took him away in return for crores of silver and gold coins, heaps of precious stones and 1,00,000 cows. Ambarisha was very pleased that he finally had a worthy person for the sacrifice instead of the stolen horse.

The king went to the Pushmara with Shunashepa. While the king was resting, the boy escaped and went to Vishwamitra seeking help from him on how to escape from this predicament. He asked Vishwamitra to find a means where Ambarisha would accomplish his sacrifice without him being killed on behalf of the missing animal. He sought Vishwamitra’s protection and gave him the stature of a father. Vishwamitra asked one of his own sons to take Shunashepa’s place.

Beach Wave Hair style: No Saltwater Needed

Beach Wave Hair style: No Saltwater Needed

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No beach ensemble is complete without sun and sand-worthy hairstyle. But keeping your tresses tamed and creating summer waves that stand up to the heat and moisture is no small feat, especially if you want the look to last all day long. There are, however, some stress-free tips that can help you keep your hair looking great in the summer sun.

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Get the Right Cut

To get the beach wave hairstyle you may want to consider starting with the right cut, and getting rid of any split ends to give your hair more lift and body. This will make it easier to get the look you want and cut down on your styling time each morning. Get a cut that concentrates the layers around your jawline and frames your face, while leaving the hair in the back at an even length.

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Use a Salt Spray

Giving your hair a generous dose of sea spray, such as John Masters Organics Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray, can help to create a crunchy texture that serves as a base for beachy locks. You can also create your own salt spray by combining 1 teaspoon of sea salt, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, and 1 cup of water in a spray bottle. Spritz your hair and squeeze it with your hands to make your locks look carefree and poolside-ready.

Bring on the Curls

Put your hair up in tight curlers and leave them in overnight. When you wake up in the morning take out the curlers and rustle your hair to create that wave effect. This is a great tip for those with thin, fine, or straight hair who want to boost their volume without adding an abundance of product. You can also use a small curling iron to achieve a more subtle wave.

Cut Down on Shampoo Sessions

Having clean hair is always a good thing, but washing it too often can strip your scalp of the natural oils that keep it healthy, which triggers your scalp to produce more oils. This means that your scalp will actually feel greasy and oily faster, creating a vicious cycle of unnecessary shampoo sessions. Rather than washing your hair daily, try to rinse it right when you get out of the pool or ocean or use a dry shampoo in between washings. You can also apply a touch of witch hazel to a cotton ball and dab along your scalp line to cut down on the oil and keep your hair looking fresh and clean.

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Ditch the Brush and Blow-Dryer

It may be tempting to break out the brush and blow-dryer when styling your hair, but resist the urge and opt for a comb and air drying instead. Using a blow-dryer can damage hair follicles and steal moisture away from your scalp (which is the last thing you need during the hot summer months), while a brush through wet hair can break and tear strands. A comb, on the other hand, gently loosens tangles and air drying gives your locks a much-needed break from the heat.

Prep Your Waves the Night Before

If you are usually pressed for time in the morning, why not prepare your beach wave hairstyle the night before? Simply prep your beach waves ahead of time then put it up into a bun. Then you can spend just a few minutes the next morning touching up the look with a small curling iron or spritzing with sea spray. The trick is not using a brush, even on dry hair, but running your fingers through your hair to maintain that voluminous texture.

Hydrate Your Hair

Keeping your hair moisturized will reduce split ends and keep it looking healthy and frizz-free. Opt for an organic conditioner or create your own by combining an apple cider and vinegar rinse. This rinse is ideal for blondes, as it helps to get rid of the green tint that chlorinated pools can leave behind. After you’ve conditioned your hair to apply a small amount of coconut oil once a week to smooth it out and give it a glossy shine.

Get the beach wave style you’ve always wanted without all the fuss, and lavish your locks after a day in the sun by using these tips and tricks. Also, bear in mind that direct sunlight can not only dry out your hair but fade your colors. So, when you aren’t showing off your beachy waves, make sure to cover up with a scarf or sun hat to reduce UV damage.

3 Key Growth Opportunities for Apple (That Don’t Include the iPhone)

Apple(NASDAQ:AAPL) has been pretty clear that it’s looking ahead toward a time where its iPhone isn’t the company’s dominant revenue driver. Apple’s management had already hinted at this shift when it said late last year that it would no longer report iPhone unit sales figures in its quarterly results.

That shift came after iPhone unit sales started to slow down, but the iPhone still accounted for 62% of the company’s total revenue in the most recent quarter. So how does the company expect to compensate for the slowing segment? Based on comments from Apple’s management and some recent steps to build new products, a clearer picture is starting to emerge for Apple’s life-after-iPhone strategy.

3 Key Growth Opportunities for Apple (That Don't Include the iPhone)

Image source: Apple.

Wearable tech

It’s understandable if investors are a bit skeptical about wearable tech to help boost Apple’s long-term sales. Wearable tech devices — like the Apple Watch — have been out for several years and aren’t the runaway success that smartphones have been.

But dismissing this segment’s potential would be a huge mistake. Recent data from Markets and Markets shows that wearable tech adoption is speeding up and that this year, one in five internet users in the U.S. will own a wearable device.

Apple’s wearables, home, and accessories segment brought in $7.3 billion in revenue in the company’s first quarter of 2019, a 33% jump from the year-ago quarter, and is Apple’s fastest-growing segment right now. Sales from the company’s wearables — Apple Watch and AirPods — increased by nearly 50%.

To fully understand the size of Apple’s wearables business, consider that Luca Maestri, Apple CFO, said on the recent earnings call that, “Based on revenue over the past four quarters, our wearables business is approaching the size of a Fortune 200 company.”

If all of that isn’t enough to make investors optimistic about Apple’s wearable-tech future, remember that Apple is also rumored to be working on augmented reality (AR) glasses that, when launched, could add an estimated $13 billion to Apple’s top line. But even if Apple doesn’t release AR glasses, the company is already growing its wearables sales rapidly, and Apple investors should expect more focus on this segment.

Image source: Apple.

Artificial intelligence

Nearly every tech company is investing time and resources into artificial intelligence (AI) these days, and Apple is no different. Last year, Apple hired John Giannandrea, who had previously worked on AI at Google, to lead the artificial intelligence team for Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. Giannandrea was promoted to the executive team at the end of 2018, showing that Apple is taking AI more seriously than in the past.

Apple is reportedly focusing on integrating AI into more of its services, and Giannandrea is seen as an essential part of that because he performed similar work during his tenure at Google. These changes may not seem highly significant, but investors should remember that AI is a critical element for improving the company’s future apps and new services.

Case in point is Apple’s rumored autonomous vehicle project. The company is working on an autonomous vehicle platform and is racking up autonomous miles right now — all with the help of artificial intelligence. Recent data from California’s DMV showed that Apple’s autonomous vans drove 79,745 miles on their own last year, up from only 838 miles in 2017. The company has also increased its AV fleet to 62 vehicles in 2018, up from eight the year before.

For Apple to benefit from the coming $7 trillion (by 2050) passenger economy, it’ll need to have top-notch AI technology. AI won’t replace the iPhone in any directly comparable way, but this segment is a key area that will help Apple develop new technologies that will help offset iPhone revenue.

Image source: Apple.


The most important element of Apple’s post-iPhone strategy is the company’s services business. Apple’s current services include things like Apple Music, iCloud storage, and its App Store, and in the company’s most recent quarter, services revenue jumped 19%, to $10.9 billion.

One reason Apple is looking to its services segment to drive new sales and profits is because the segment is very profitable. The gross profit margin for Apple’s services business in the most recent quarter was 63%. And not only is the company’s services business lucrative, it’s adding users rapidly.

Maestri said on the company’s first-quarter conference call that, “Many services categories set new all-time revenue records all-time high during the quarter with the number of paid accounts growing by strong double-digits over last year. And we now have over 360 million paid subscriptions across our services.”

That 360 million figure is up from 240 million in the year-ago quarter. And its not just users that Apple is increasing — services revenue has jumped from $8 billion in calendar year 2010 to over $41 billion in 2018.

Apple might soon add more services to this already growing segment and is rumored to be working on a new TV streaming service that could launch as early as next month. The company is currently creating its own original content and will likely include subscriptions to other content, as well, in a similar way as Amazon creates its own original content for its service and also offers subscriptions to premium channels.

With services revenue growing quickly and delivering high profit margins, it’s clear why the company is looking to this segment as its next big moneymaker.

Final thoughts

Apple is, of course, still generating the vast majority of its total revenue from iPhone sales and investors can expect the company to continue to try to boost smartphone sales. But with iPhone sales slowing — and the broader smartphone market stagnating — it’s time to look ahead to Apple’s new opportunities. And if the above segments are any indicator, Apple still has a bright future.

Old Empire’s Royal Enfield Interceptor Custom Looks Like A Piece Of Art

It also features a keyless ignition system, a twist action clutch and more!

Old Empire's Royal Enfield Interceptor Custom Looks Like A Piece Of Art

“There is a poetic nature to minimalism that is about striking a balance between full and empty.” – Jennie C. Jones

The Interceptor 650 is a bike that changed our perception of Royal Enfield as a brand. What was once known for its single-cylinder “thump” and vibrations, is now known for one of the smoothest 650cc parallel-twin engines developed by an Indian bikemaker. As for its overall design, the bike was designed with minimalism in mind with a touch of modern elements. As good as it looks, the folks at Old Empire Customs from UK were given the task of taking it up a notch. The brief given by Royal Enfield was pretty straightforward, “Design a custom Interceptor 650 without going too crazy and keep the engine as the focus area.”

With that in mind, the complete bike was taken down while retaining only those elements that were absolutely necessary. Minimalism took top priority. To begin with, the halogen headlamp was replaced with an aluminium shroud to keep the front end sweet and simple. The front and rear fenders went out the window too! Atop sit custom handlebars with 90-degree bends which represent an ant’s antennas. Additionally, the handlebar grips feature an internal throttle and clutch system which give the bars an uncluttered look. Essentially, the clutch works with twist action, just like a typical throttle system.

Keeping in line with the theme, the brake and clutch cables are routed through the handlebars. Speaking of the handlebars, its yoke or stem has been machined to incorporate a start button. Interestingly, the keyless ignition system is incorporated into a pair of riding gloves. Pan to the midsection, and you’d notice the fuel tank remains pretty much untouched, except for a flush fit T800 race fuel filler cap.

The folks at Old Empire were able to achieve a single straight character line running from the tank to the rear end by using a longer seat. The seat is made from rich leather and waterproof suede put together with a near cross-stitch pattern. Not only this, the handlebar grips and footpegs are also wrapped in Empire leather. The side panels give way to simple sheets of rolled and wheeled aluminium with a mesh air intake on one side and the brake proportioning valve on the other. To finish off the bodywork, Flying Tiger Paintworks sprayed the bike with a unique paint colour that changes its shade from black to metallic ruby red in the sunlight.

All this work to draw attention to the star of the show, the 648cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine. Though the bike sounds good with stock exhausts, it lacked a custom touch. Hence, a set of stainless steel, big bore pipes were designed with hidden internal baffles. And, last but not the least, the bike’s spoked wheels were painted in black and wrapped in stickier Metzeler tyres for some extra grip. Unfortunately, this custom Interceptor 650 is a one-off and was solely built to showcase the customisation possibilities of the bike.

All for soldiers; BEL makes water appear out of thin air

The more the moisture content in the atmosphere, the more quickly the machine converts it into water.

All for soldiers; BEL makes water appear out of thin air

The machine even has a mineralisation unit, which measures the amount of minerals a human body needs and adds the required quantity to the water.

Bengaluru: As water is hard to come by for soldiers protecting the country’s borders in hilly terrain, Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) has come up with a technology for extracting it from the atmosphere and plans to soon deliver it to the army.

Called the ‘Atmospheric water generator,’ BEL’s technology, displayed at Aero India, 2019, uses the moisture content in the air to produce water. Explains a BEL scientist associated with the project, “The machine uses heat exchange for condensing the moisture present in the air. The more the moisture content in the atmosphere, the more quickly the machine converts it into water. What’s more, it is hundred per cent pure and fit for human consumption.”

The machine even has a mineralisation unit, which measures the amount of minerals a human body needs and adds the required quantity to the water. While it will be soon delivered to the armed forces, BEL hopes to produce it for commercial use too.

“The machine we designed for the armed forces can produce 1,000 litres of water a day and costs around Rs 9 lakh, with a litre of water costing Rs 1.70. Once we start producing it commercially, we expect to reduce the cost,” adds the scientist.

The machine can even be mounted on mobile vehicles and customised to produce any quantity of water needed, he says.