Adah Sharma Wrapped Up The Newspaper And Came In A Bold Look

Adah Sharma Wrapped Up The Newspaper And Came In A Bold Look

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Bollywood actress Adah Sharma continues to be in the limelight for a bold look more than her film. Recently, at the Femina Beauty Awards held in Mumbai, everyone’s eyes stuck on the hot look of Adah. During this time their unique look remained the subject of discussion.

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Indeed, Adah wore a newspaper cover during this time, in which she looked very handsome. She kept the Deep Nac Dress with full Confidence. To complete her look, she did a brighter eye make-up, which was quite fond of her look. She had her hair open.

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Adah’s this beautiful dress is designed by Faiz Jariwala. She has styled by Juhi Ali for this look. Adah Sharma look on social media is becoming very viral. Some people like this look quite well, while many people do not like their dress perfectly.

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Adah’s these pictures are being commented on by the people. A user commented and wrote – Well I do not read the newspaper, but if I find such a paper, I will read it completely.


Now eat restaurant style veg biryani at home, with these easy steps

Vegetable biryani recipe in pressure cooker. Vegetable Biryani is one of the most famous traditional recipes made with some easily available ingredients. Check out my new veg biryani recipe here:

Veg biryani is a comfort food as well as satisfying when paired with flavoured raita, pickle and roasted papad. Vegetable biryani is perfectly light food loaded with lots of veggies and little spice. It harly take 30 minutes to prepare the dish. It can become a perfect meal for your family.


  • 400 gm soaked basmati rice
  • 2 large sliced onion
  • 1/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg
  • 2 teaspoon garlic paste
  • 100 gm chopped potato
  • 100 gm chopped bean green
  • salt as required
  • 1/2 cup beaten curd
  • 4 green cardamom
  • 2 sprigs mint leaves
  • 1/4 teaspoon kewra
  • 8 cup water
  • 7 tablespoon ghee
  • 1 teaspoon black cumin seeds
  • 2 cinnamon
  • 2 teaspoon ginger paste
  • 100 gm peas and100 gm chopped cauliflower
  • 100 gm sliced carrot
  • 2 pinches powdered black pepper
  • 4 black cardamom
  • 2 bay leaf
  • 1/4 teaspoon rose water
  • 2 tablespoon unsalted butter

Method to prepare:

  1. Soak rice for atlest 10 minutes and drain it with cold water.
  2. Chop all the veggies and keep them aside as well.


  •  Heat oil and add cumin seeds.
  •  Saute and add the onions, garlic-ginger paste. Saute till brown.
  •  Add vegetables, stir fry over low heat till half done.
  •  Add coriander powder, garam masala, haldi, salt, chilli powder and green chillies.
  •  Cook, covered for about 5 minutes and mix in the lemon juice and half the coriander.
  •  The water should be absorbed by now. Remove half the vegetables and layer with half the rice.
  •  Cover with the rest of the vegetable mixture and the rice again.
  •  Leave over low heat, covered for 10 minutes or so and serve garnished with the coriander.

Your dish veg biryani is ready serve it.

Now eat restaurant style veg biryani at home, with these easy steps

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14 Easy And Relatively Inexpensive Meals You Can Cook At Home

Peruvian Shrimp

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3.Quick Cauliflower Soup

This soup only requires three ingredients and only takes about 15 minutes. Finnish off with salt and pepper, then go ahead and serve with your own favorite toppings. Here’s the recipe.

4.Roasted Veggie, Chickpea, and Pesto Quinoa Salad

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Veggie Breakfast Scramble

6.Mango Salsa Chicken

Healthy and flavorful with just a few ingredients, this mango salsa is a breeze and is friendly on your wallet. Get the recipe here.

7.Veggie Hummus Wraps

This recipe uses grilled zucchini, but you can really use any veggies you have on hand. And if you don’t have time to fire up the grill, sautéing on the stove works just as well. Here’s the recipe.

The Ultimate Taco Bowl

Green Curry

10.Creamy Tomato Shells

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Mediterranean Chicken Panini

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14.Chile Lime Salad

Yes, you heard us. Chili. Lime. Salad. This fruity, spicy, Mexican-inspired salad only requires 15 minutes and five ingredients (plus a couple of spices) to put together. Here’s the recipe for ya.

Meal Planning For the Week? Check Off Meatless Monday With These Tasty Low-Carb Recipes

Meal Planning For the Week? Check Off Meatless Monday With These Tasty Low-Carb Recipes

Whether you are a seasoned vegetarian or just stepping into the lifestyle — or someone who likes to cut meat only on occasion — having a plethora of recipes on hand can keep meals from getting repetitive. And as much as you’d probably love to live on pasta, pasta, and more pasta, we all know that limiting processed carbs is essential to staying healthy, as well as losing weight. The recipes here rely on good carbs like vegetables and whole grains (after all, going low-carb doesn’t mean eliminating them entirely), paired with healthy fats and plant-based proteins for a deeply satisfying meal every time. From meat-free tacos to creamy soups, you’re guaranteed to find whatever it is you’re craving.

You’d Never Guess That These Mouthwatering Desserts Are Low-Carb (So Start Baking!)

You'd Never Guess That These Mouthwatering Desserts Are Low-Carb (So Start Baking!)

It’s easy to feel like you have to ditch dessert completely when you’re following a low-carb diet, especially if it’s a stricter plan like keto, which encourages dieters to avoid sugar. But there are tons of recipes that swap in low-carb, Paleo, or keto-friendly ingredients to serve up the same delicious flavors as other cookies, cakes, and candies, without derailing your weight-loss goals.

Whether you’re craving chocolate, fruit, or spice, there’s a low-carb dessert in this list that’s right for you. And even better, these healthier alternatives don’t require more work than traditional recipes. Read on for our delicious picks!

10 Famous street Foods From India

Street foods are ready to eat food or drink generally sold in streets, public areas like a market,in fair by a hawker, vendor with a portable stall. Indian streets are well famous for its cheap and tasty food items, Every Indian city has its own specialty of all time favorite snack.

10 Famous street Foods From India

Chole bhature is a Punjabi dish but very popular in major urban cities of India.Delhi is well famous for best chole bhature, commonly eaten for break fast or snacks other famous road side food from Delhi are rajma chawal, prathe and most famous mouth watering snacks item chaat.

Indore is most popular for its culinary rang and well known for wide range of namkeens, samosa, chaats, lapsi and the best one bafla.

Litti Choka is looks like dal batti of Rajasthan but its completely different in taste as well as in recipe. The traditional dish of Bihar is made with sattu, grinded gram nut or chana served with chokha made out of potato, brinjal and tomato and a bowl of melted pure desi ghee. Litti Chokha is the best breakfast.

The most popular snack dishes aloo tikki typically served at road-side tracks from stalls in Lucknow and all over India. aloo tikki is one of the most mouth watering delicacies within the street food of Uttar Pradesh.

The Indian version of burger and most popular road side food straight from the heart of Maharashtra. Vada Pao is the most loved and ultimate staple food item, consists of a fried potato dumplings called vada served in a bun, pav with condiments such as red or green chutneys and fried green chillies.

The royal state of India, Rajasthan is well famous for its awesome cuisines and delectable street foods. Its famous Bikaneri kachori and popular mirchi bada are the most favorite amongst the locals, and found in almost every street shop or stall. The desert state also known for its most popular dal-baati-churma, pakores and mawa, famous desert from alwar.

The most popular street food originate from the Kutch region of Gujarat and travel across street of Mumbai, Pune and other cities of India. Dabeli is a very popular and fantastic spicy snacks item made by boiled potatoes with a special dabeli spices and putting the mixture between the pav.

Kolkatta, Egg Rolls are one of the most popular of all street foods in Kolkata. A fried egg wrapped inside a paratha served with chutney or sour dipping sauce in many roadside stalls.

The specialty of Banglore is akki roti, A spicy bread made from rice flour and server with coconut chatney. The delicious street food is one of the most popular and common tiffin snack quick to make and tastes so good. The specialty of food street in banglore is dosa, there is a huge variety on dosa served here, other food items are sambar,rasam and curd rise.

Chennai, The most favorite south Indian dish, common as breakfast item and served with combination of chutney and sambar.

Black rice and sweetcorn salad ( SERVES 4 )

Photo by Tam West

This is loosly based on an Anna Hansen (London’s The Modern Pantry) recipe that’s big on flavour and texture – a real crowd-pleaser. This recipe forms part of the February 23 meal planner created in partnership with New World.

To put a new twist to an old favourite and bring different colours and flavours to a dish, put aside the white rice and explore other varieties. Look for Pams Superfoods Wild Rice at your local New World, or you could try mixing in some Pams Superfoods Red or White Quinoa with your favourite type of rice.


100 gWalnuts
1 TbspIcing sugar
1 tspCumin seeds
1 cupBlack rice
1Cinnamon stick
1Turmeric root, thumb-sized piece
1Red onion, thinly sliced
2 TbspOlive oil
2Corn cobs, kernels only
¼ cupRed wine vinegar
2 tspSmoked paprika
1 cupChopped coriander
1Avocado, diced
1 bunchWatercress, leaves picked
100 gGoat’s feta


  1. Mix the walnuts with icing sugar, cumin seeds and a tablespoon of water and bake at 180C for 20 minutes or until golden.
  2. Boil the rice with the cinnamon and turmeric in plenty of water for 35 minutes or until rice is tender. Drain, remove the cinnamon and turmeric and leave to cool.
  3. Fry the red onion in oil until brown. Remove the corn kernels from the cob by running a sharp knife down the length of the cob. Add the kernels to the frying pan and fry for a few minutes. Turn off the heat and add the vinegar, smoked paprika and cooked rice. Mix well to combine. Season with salt, pepper and extra vinegar, if required
  4. Place in a serving dish and gently fold in the coriander, avocado and watercress. Crumble over the walnuts and feta.

We’re victims of ‘vegan prejudice’: Women who follow a plant-based diet claim they’ve been snubbed by waiters, forced to eat meat and presented olives as a meal

British vegans claim they have been mocked, derided and snubbed by waiters because of their lifestyle choices.

MailOnline spoke to three women about their experiences of adopting a plant-based lifestyle and all three said they had encountered problems when dining out – from milk in their coffee to salad containing eggs.

It comes after a study found that well over half of vegans (61 per cent) have faced difficulties and been ‘snubbed’ by waiters when eating out at restaurants because of their choice of diet.

A further 41 per cent claimed that waiters have accidentally served them food excluded from their diet, with a third (35 per cent) said they struggle to find the right foods when eating out.

We're victims of 'vegan prejudice': Women who follow a plant-based diet claim they've been snubbed by waiters, forced to eat meat and presented olives as a meal

MailOnline spoke to women including Stef Bottinelli, pictured, about their experiences of adopting a plant-based lifestyle and all three said they had faced difficulties when eating out

Leah Jennings, pictured, says she was laughed at by a waitress and offered a plate of spinach after requesting a vegan dish in a restaurant. It comes after a study found that well over half of vegans (61 per cent) have faced difficulties and been ‘snubbed’ by waiters when eating out

It comes as increasing numbers of Brits turn to veganism for reasons ranging from animal cruelty to protecting the environment – making Britain the vegan capital of the world.

The research was conducted by Spoon Guru, an app that helps users find the right food using AI technology and nutritionist expertise to deliver meal suggestions and tailored recipes.

The findings suggest that despite veganism being a growing movement, vegans across the UK are still struggling to find the right foods, particularly when eating out.

Markus Stripf, Co-founder & CEO of Spoon Guru, said: ‘Whether due to an allergy or intolerance or simply just a lifestyle choice, there is an increase in the number of Brits adopting some form of exclusion diet.

‘People with dietary needs are no longer the minority, so there’s no better time than the present to continue conversations and education about how to make food discovery more inclusive.’

‘I was offered a plate of plain spinach for dinner’

Leah Jennings, 36, is a teacher from east London

Leah Jennings, pictured, says there is ‘a lot of education and improvement to be made’ when it comes to the vegan dining scene in the UK – and she finds her diet ‘incredibly challenging’

‘Three months ago, I went out to a big chain restaurant with four other friends, and when requesting a vegan option, they informed me that they had run out.

‘I have asked if they could put something simple together, the waiter giggled and replied “I can bring you some plain spinach if you like?” The tone of voice and the whole situation has made really uncomfortable.

‘I now call up ahead of time when going out to avoid situations like this. On another occasion when ordering a vegan salad from the menu – I was brought the wrong food – a salad with anchovies and egg on it.

‘When I pointed out that this isn’t my order, in response I got: “No, this is vegetarian, just what you asked for!” I then embarked on a long conversation explaining the difference.

‘While the UK food scene has gotten better, there is a lot of education and improvement to be made. While I really want to be a vegan for ethical reasons, I find it incredibly challenging due to lack of understanding from the general public.’

‘I was forced to eat olives for dinner’

Stef Bottinelli, 44, editor of Digital Ethica magazine, London

Stef Bottinelli pictured tucking into some aubergine and cauliflower. The magazine editor says she was once forced to dine on a plate of olives because there were no vegan options

‘Ever since starting my journey as a vegan at times it’s been challenging when eating out or while out in big groups, for example, a while back I went with friends to a vegetarian restaurant that had a couple of vegan options.

‘Unfortunately what I ordered what unpalatable and when I raised it to staff I was made to feel like I should be grateful there was something vegan on the menu at all. I felt this from a couple of friends too, who seemed to think that I was just making a fuss.

‘On another occasion, I went out for a dinner with my partner just outside London before Christmas. We called the pub in advance and we were told they had a good selection of vegan food, but once there, all we saw on the menu was veggie curry, which in fact wasn’t vegan, so I ordered some olives instead, and that was my dinner.

‘Travelling can also be difficult. In big cities finding vegan food or vegan-friendly restaurants is not a problem at all, to the contrary, but if traveling to smaller or remote areas a degree of organisation goes a long way.

‘Last autumn, I went to France on a boat trip and I packed a few vegan basics such as tofu and vegan sausages before leaving London as I knew it’d be tricky to find these products there.

‘I did the same when I went to Dorset for a weekend as there were no supermarkets near where I was staying. I did find some vegan options in the restaurants I visited but I certainly I ate quite a lot of pasta, risotto and the ubiquitous nut roast!’

‘I’ve gone back to eating meat’

Shalini Soni, 46, is a book keeper and mother-of-onefrom Essex

Shalini Soni, pictured, says she has been left no option but to go back to eating animal products including meat due to the lack of vegan options available in the capital

‘London is supposed to be a culinary hot spot of the world, however, not for vegans. I immigrated from India years ago and I love living here, but after coming from such a diverse food background, I struggled to find vegan food that actually had flavour.

‘Sadly because of the lack of choice and convenience, I have gone back to eating vegetarian and even started eating meat!

‘Dining out has been the biggest hurdle. I’m shocked how many waiters and waitresses don’t know what vegan is. I’ve been served eggs, cheese and even milk with my coffee. Even when I state this upfront.

‘The most concerning aspect for me is that I chose to be vegan as a lifestyle choice, however for those with special dietary requirements with allergies etc, it concerns me the levels of errors that happen in the hospitality sector.’

How common is veganism in Britain?

Britain was recently declared the vegan capital of the world, taking Germany’s title after UK supermarkets launched the most plant-based products last year.

Analysis shows while more consumers are completely ditching meat, dairy and eggs from their diet, one in three of the total population have been cutting back on food consumption.

Edward Bergen, of retail analysts Mintel, said with about one in six new food products containing no animal ingredients – double the 8 per cent in 2015 – it was now easier than ever to try a plant-based diet.

Recent analysis from market research company Mintel shows more consumers are completely ditching meat and opting for a vegan diet (file photo)

He added: ‘For a number of years Germany led the world for launches of vegan products. However, 2018 saw the UK take the helm.’

The UK has seen a huge promotion of vegan choices in restaurants and… the expansion of supermarket own-label options, with dedicated vegan ranges in mainstream stores.

‘Additional space is also being freed up to promote vegan food and drink.’

The trend for a diet free of any animal products, particularly led by young people on ethical grounds, saw high street baker Greggs launch a vegan version of its popular sausage roll last month.

And McDonald’s is now offering its first vegetarian Happy Meal, complete with Pokemon toys to win over children.

Simple and Easy Chilli Paneer

Simple and Easy Chilli Paneer



Paneer, corn flour, water, salt, Soya sauce, green capsicum, spinach finely chopped, onion chopped, coriander leaves, garlic, carrots, tomato sauce,oil, green chillies, cumin and mustard seeds, cabbage.


1. First cut all the vegetables as per your style.

2. Make pieces of paneer similar to the size of a eraser.

3. Now make a batter of corn flour by adding salt,water, and a pinch of chilli powder.

4. Now take a pan and add oil and fry paneer pieces after dipping it into the batter, so that a layer should be made on paneer.

5. Now keep aside the fried paneer pieces.

6. Take another pan add oil mustard and cumin seeds, onion, garlic,and all the chopped vegetables and cook well.

7. Now add mixture of two table spoon of corn flour with some water and pour this mixture to pan .

8. Add Soya and tomato sauce and stir it well , it will become thick .

9. Now add the fried paneer pieces to it and cook for 1 to 2 min.

10. Add salt to taste.

Chilli Paneer is ready enjoy….

Note: Always keep it Spicy then there will be fun..

Urad Dal Dahi Vada Easy Recipe Guide

Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla is a popular chat in north India, Women in north India prepare it at home on festivals and parties. Dahi Bhalla is the main dish on Holi festival, Dahi vada can be made of urad dal or moong dal. Even a few women prefer to mix both dals in equal proportions and then make Dahi vada.

Urad Dal Dahi Vada Easy Recipe Guide

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I have tried both dals to make dahi vadas and both tasted amazing.

Time Taken : 10 minutes , Servings : 3 – 4

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Preparation for Urad Dal Dahi Vada Recipe

For Vada

  • Urad Dal : 1 cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Red Chilli powder : 1/2 tsp
  • oil to fry

For Dahi with Vada

  • Curd : 1.5 Cup
  • Salt to taste
  • Sugar to taste
  • Roasted Cumin powder : 1 tsp
  • Red Chilli powder : 1/2 tsp

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How to Make Urad Dal Dahi Vada

Wash and soak the urad dal in water overnight and Drain the dal and grind it to a fluffy paste. If required, add water. after that add salt and red Chilli powder and mix well & Heat pil in a deep heavy bottomed pan.

Take a spoon and pour the batter of urad dal i the deep pan one by one just like done while making pakodas, Deep fry these urad dal vadas till they turn to light golden color. Do not let the vadas overfry.

Drain the vadas from oil and soak in warm water for 2-3 minutes after that mix the curd ingredients and refrigerate it foe 2 hrs, Squeeze the moong dal vadas and arrange in a plate, Pour the chilled curd on them and add pudina and tamrind chutney and Serve it chilled.