BESCOM, BDA, BBMP blame game over death of an eight-year-old

BESCOM, BDA, BBMP blame game over death of an eight-year-old

BENGALURU: on Monday afternoon at the residence of labour contractor Nagaraj in Grape Garden, Kammanahalli, Nagaraj was at loss of words, his wife Gowramma was being consoled by neighbours and relatives, as the body of Uday Kumar the boy was electrocuted in a BBMP park on Sunday evening was ready to be taken on its final journey.
A live wire has been lying unattended in a park where children play for months. It took the death of an eight-year-old boy to rouse Bescom, BDA and BBMP, but only to blame each other. Officials in each of the departments involved in the park works must be held accountable for their criminal negligence. Only stringent action across the board will prove an effective deterrent. “Nagaraj wasn’t at home when the incident took place. He collects payments from customers and distributes it to his labourers every weekend. On Sunday, he was distributing payments near Hennur Main Road when the tragedy struck. When he reached the hospital, he broke down on learning about his son’s death,” said Velayudhan, a neighbour.
“Gowramma was working with a garment factory and quit the job two years ago to look after sons. Every evening, she’d accompany them to the park. Saying it’d be too crowded on Sundays, she stayed home and let her sons go by themselves. We told her Uday is seriously injured and hospitalised. None of us had the heart to reveal the truth to her. Gowramma learnt about the death only when the ambulance carrying the body reached the house on Monday,” said Vimala Subbanna.
“Is it not the BBMP’s fault? How can they leave live electrical wires unattended in a place where children play? Who is responsible for the death of my son? Will law punish the real culprits,” asked Nagaraj.


Terror breeding ground brought down

Terror breeding ground brought down

Picture of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) facility destroyed by Indian Ar Force strikes in Balakot, Pakistan on Tuesday. (ANI)

Balakot’s Jaba Top first emerged as a preferred training ground for militants in the time of President Zia-ul-Haq. It was an ideal place for a camp for non-state actors — remote, located near a small town, yet far enough from it, on a wooded hilltop, and on Pakistani territory in the Khyber-Pakht. India crossed into Pakistan’s territory in 1971 (and then again, its aircraft on Tuesday), and so the Pakistanis may have thought it was a good place to host a training camp for militants whom the rest of the world called terrorists.

The camp’s name reflects the history of Balakot. It is named Markaj Syed Ahmed Shaheed (Centre Syed Ahmad Martyr). Syed Ahmad Barelvi was originally from Rae Bareli (explaining his name) in what is now known as Uttar Pradesh and is considered to be an Islamic martyr by Deobandis and those who belong to the Ahle Hadis sect. He died fighting in Balakot against the Sikh regime in 1831 along with Shah Ismail Dehlvi (who was from Delhi). Both are now mentioned in many jihadi videos as role models for militants for waging jihad against non-believers

It was in 2001 when reports first emerged of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) , founded by Masood Azhar, moving its HQ from Afghanistan (Azhar has always been close to al-Qaeda and the Taliban, which welcomed him after India released him in exchange for passengers of a hijacked Indian Airlines aircraft in 1999). Indian intelligence officials believe that Jaish chief Masood Azhar wrote Fath-ul-Jawwad, his long essay on the Quranic basis for waging militant jihad, in Balakot.

Interestingly, in his essay he mentioned both Syed Ahmed Barelvi and Shah Ismail Dehlvi.

Since then, it has been well-known in intelligence circles that JeM has a significant presence in the area, a mere 40km by road from Muzaffarbad, the capital of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, but which is clearly on Pakistani territory.

Photographs released by Indian intelligence agencies after the attack show considerable infrastructure, including what the agencies claim is an ammunitions dump, a meeting hall with JeM messages displayed prominently, steps with flags of countries JeM considers enemies (Israel and the United States, for instance) painted on the ground (so that recruits can step on them), and a board advertising the presence of a religious training facility run by Yusuf Azhar (with his mobile phone number), under the auspices of the larger organisation run by Masood Azhar, whose mobile number is also mentioned. Yusuf Azhar, Masood Azhar’s brother-in-law, was involved in the 1999 hijacking of IC-814 from Kathmandu to Kandahar and the person in charge of the camp. Masood Azhar’s son, Abdullah, was also trained at the facility. The officials say that JeM’s Border Action Teams were trained at Balakot, and that Abdul Rashed Ghaz, an explosives expert considered to be the mastermind behind the February 14 Pulwama suicide attack, was once a trainer at the camp.

The intelligence officials add that the camp is spread over six acres of forest land and can accommodate around 600 people at a time. It has a firing range, swimming pool and gymnasium, they said. According to them, the JeM is believed to have moved close to 300 terrorists to the camp after the Pulwama attack for safekeeping and training.

The intelligence officials said around 325 people were killed in the attack, all six barracks in the camp destroyed, and the ammunition depot blown up. Indian officials said they believed Yusuf Azhar was at the camp at the time of the predawn air strikes on Tuesday, but could not confirm if he was killed in operation.

Assam liquor death case: Two key accused arrested; human rights panel issues notice to state

Assam liquor death case: Two key accused arrested; human rights panel issues notice to state

A man undergoing treatment after consuming spurious liquor in Golaghat on February 23. | AFP

The Assam Police on Sunday arrested two main accused in the liquor death case which has claimed the lives of at least 155 people in Golaghat and Jorhat districts, The Telegraph reported on Tuesday.

Jorhat Superintendent of Police Vaibhav Nimbalkar identified the accused as Jitu Sonowal and Sunil Baruah who were arrested from Baksa district. Both accused are from Borholla in Jorhat where around 60 people died after consuming the liquor.

The police have charged the two with murder and arrested six others for their alleged role in the case. Nimbalkar said 2,41,000 litres of illicit liquor was disposed of in Jorhat district from February 1 to 24.

Meanwhile, the National Human Rights Commission has issued notices to the state chief secretary and demanded a report on the matter within four weeks, PTI reported. The rights panel said the document must include action taken against officers responsible and relief and rehabilitation measures provided to the victims and their dependents along with the status of the medical treatment being provided to those undergoing treatment.

The panel has also asked the Union Home Secretary to issue a directive to the Directors General of Police of all states and Union Territories asking them to crackdown on such illegal liquor supply and penalise the culprits.

Assam Assembly Speaker Hitendra Nath Goswami said he will lead an all-party delegation to the areas affected and meet the survivors and families of the deceased, The Telegraph reported.

Several groups, including the Borholla College students and Mahila Congress, have staged protests in several parts of the state demanding a ban on the local liquor and a compensation package of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh for the kin of the deceased.

Strict action to be taken against those who post hatred messages: Karnataka CM

The cyber crime, intelligence and the law and order police will be keeping an eye on those who post hatred messages.

Strict action to be taken against those who post hatred messages: Karnataka CM

CM H.D. Kumaraswamy, Home Minister M.B. Patil, Chief Secretary Vijay Bhaskar, Principal Secretary Rajneesh Goel and DG & IGP Neelmani N. Raju during the Senior Police Officers’ Annual Conference at Police Headquarters, Nrupatunga Road in Bengaluru on Monday.

Bengaluru: Chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy on Monday said they are preparing legal guidelines against those posting hatred messages on social media platforms. Addressing the media at the police headquarters after the Senior Police Officers’ Annual Conference, he said that police have been asked to initiate strict action against mischief mongers involved in posting hatred messages on the social media.

The cyber crime, intelligence and the law and order police will be keeping an eye on those who post hatred messages and create nuisance on the social media and strict action will be taken against them, he said.

He further said that his government is committed to implement Auradkar’s report, which recommends 30 percent hike in the basic salary of state police personnel. He also advised the police to keep the police station people-friendly and to take strict action against drug peddlers.

He said that the law and order is under control and the incidents of communal clashes in coastal Karnataka has been brought down effectively and no major incidents have been reported. The state police is ready for the upcoming general elections with the law and order situation in the state under control, he said.

Malkangiri: Woman gives birth on sling

After she delivered the baby on the way, both the woman and the newborn were carried for 7 km before they reached the ambulance.

Malkangiri: Woman gives birth on sling

The woman being shifted to an ambulance on a sling in Malkangiri district on Tuesday.

Malkangiri: A pregnant woman on Tuesday delivered a baby while being carried in a sling to an ambulance that failed to reach Chapulpada village under Khairaput block in Malkangiri district in the absence of proper roads.

According to sources, the woman, wife of one Dhabulu Majhi, experienced labour pains on Tuesday morning following which her family members called an Asha worker, who made arrangements to shift the woman to hospital with the help of villagers.

Subsequently, the villagers carried her on a sling.

After she delivered the baby on the way, both the woman and the newborn were carried for 7 km before they reached the ambulance.

Sources added that the mother and child were taken to Khairaput hospital in the ambulance. Their condition is stated to be stable.

Akash Ambani-Shloka Mehta sangeet: See Jacqueline Fernandez, Vidya Balan’s stunning lehengas

Akash Ambani-Shloka Mehta sangeet: See Jacqueline Fernandez, Vidya Balan’s stunning lehengas

Akash Ambani-Shloka Mehta pre-wedding celebration: Check out photos of actors Jacqueline Fernandez and Vidya Balan’s glamorous looks from the sangeet ceremony. (Instagram)

If you somehow missed the news that Nita and Mukesh Ambani are hosting Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta’s pre-wedding functions in a grand three-day celebration in Switzerland, then we’re here to help you emerge from the rock under which you’ve been living. Bollywood stars, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor,Karan Johar, Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor are attending the lavish Ambani festivities in the elegant and exclusive Swiss luxury resort town of St Moritz. There were a number of other stylish celebrity guests present at the Akash Ambani-Shloka Mehta sangeet. Not least of which were actors Vidya Balan and Jacqueline Fernandez, who both knocked it out of the park with their stunning designer lehengas.

On Tuesday, Vidya Balan revealed her festive look from Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta’s sangeet ceremony in new Instagram photos, and it’s truly exquisite. For the special occasion, Vidya opted for a light wine-coloured lehenga from designer label, SVA By Sonam & Paras Modi, paired with a matching low-cut blouse and accessorised with a statement maangtika by jewellery label, Joolry By Karishma Mehra. Vidya kept her make-up simple with fresh skin and a soft pink lip, letting her striking outfit be the focal point of her look, while also drawing attention to her enormous maangtika. The full eyelashes, shimmery eye shadow and sharply defined cheekbones made Vidya look ultraglam.

Know These Bad Habits That Keep You From Running

Know These Bad Habits That Keep You From Running

You all know that exercise is beneficial for health, brain and weight loss. It’s very hard to fit in exercise into your schedule at times, with the endless amount of work and unfinished tasks that you have.If you try to still fit it into your daily routine, there might arise a set of other hurdles or obstacles that can be unavoidable. There are certain habits that can put your running off the track.The best you can do to run without any hindrance is to avoid this set of bad habits in order to have an uninterrupted exercise schedule.Here are some habits that keep you from running.

1.You Don’t Eat Until Morning: If you want to get into a workout routine, then skipping meals is a big no-no. Researches have found that overweight people who ate breakfast were more likely to exercise and burn calories than people who fasted.

2.You Tweet The Night Away: The time spent on surfing through social media, sharing and uploading pictures and reading some depressing articles will actually rob off the time you can utilise for wearing your sneakers and going for a jog.

3.You Don’t Live To Work, But Work To Live: If you work too late and carry your mental stress out the door, you’re likely to end up not exercising and put on weight. This is one of the things that runners should avoid.

4.You Don’t Have A Bedtime Routine: If you’re held up doing something late until the night, you won’t feel restored and refreshed the next morning. Poor sleep wreaks havoc on the mind and body, and it reduces your motivation to exercise.

5.You Think Cleaning Is Exercise: Cleaning does not meet the standard for physical activity and hence this cannot be considered as a replacement for exercise. Cleaning can never to equivalent to running as a form of exercise.

6.You Don’t Take Breaks: Sitting is the new smoking and is definitely a bad habit that keeps you from running. The longer you sit, the less you are likely to do do any physical activity. This is one of the bad habits to avoid before running.

7.You’re A Social Butterfly: It’s okay to have a vibrant social life. But partying out almost every day and eating out reduces your chance to have a physical workout. Further, you’ll consume too much junk food during such get-togethers, which can ultimately keep you off from running.

8.You Don’t Understand The Value Of Exercise: Exercising is not only going to make you physically fit and healthy, but it also increases your ability to withstand pain. Exercising every day for just 30 minutes or so is going to make you tolerant of pain on a long-term basis.

These are the bad habits that keep you from running.

15 Funny And Creative Food Art Design Ideas

Today we’re going to share some food art design ideas which are so creative and funny. So let’s start

1. When you want to make a dead body look alive…

15 Funny And Creative Food Art Design Ideas

Third party image reference

2. Black beauty…

Third party image reference

3. When monsters get chicken pox…

Third party image reference

4. Are you eating the food or is the food eating you?

Third party image reference

5. When you open your lunch box to see a mouse on top of your bread eating your cheese…

Third party image reference

6. Just teddy dippin’

Third party image reference

7. Just when the grape thought the world was over, it became a caterpillar.

Never loose hope…

Third party image reference

8. Octo dog…

Third party image reference

9. Just two cute bunnies peepin’ out…

Third party image reference

10. Is Christmas tree too expensive? I’ll show you an economical and edible one…

Third party image reference

11. Never study at night, cause night owls get squint eyes 😉

Third party image reference

12. “Don’t eat the candy”, said Hansel and Gretel

Third party image reference

13. Even the buns are a couple and here I am…

Third party image reference

14. Cheese balls checkers…

Third party image reference

15. Never eat junk food cause you never know what might happen…

Third party image reference

‘Are you just pretentious?’: Melania Trump is ridiculed for a strange fashion choice

Melania Trump was at the White House today, carrying out her duties.

She revealed she met Kailash Satyarthi, 65, today at the presidential building.

Melania met the Indian children’s rights activist along with Rachel Roy, 45, an American fashion designer.

She wrote on her Twitter account: “Beautiful to hear what @k_satyarthi and @rachelroy are doing to save children and give them a voice.

“Wishing you continued success!”

Melania looked chic for the event, wearing a grey suit with a long skirt.

She added a black top and black belt with a gold buckle.

However, her oversized blazer was worn slung around her shoulders, without her arms through the sleeves.

She was ridiculed by a number of Twitter users for wearing it that way.

One Twitter user wrote: “Either wear the jacket or don’t. God.”

To this another replied: “I know right ! It makes me Squamish is it going to stay on the shoulders is it going to fall who knows LOL.”

Another wrote: “Is there some special assistance needed here to help the 1st Lady learn how a jacket is utilized?”

‘Are you just pretentious?’: Melania Trump is ridiculed for a strange fashion choice

Melania Trump latest news: Donald wife ridiculed on Twitter for strange fashion choice (Image: FLOTUS)

Melania Trump latest news: Melania met the Indian children’s rights activist Kailash Satyarthi (Image: FLOTUS)

“Do your sleeves not fit? Too short or too long? Or are you just really pretentious?” one said.

However, many Twitter users were impressed with Melania’s work.

One wrote: “You’re the classiest first lady we’ve ever had!! keep up the amazing work .. you’re perfect don’t ever change #MAGA.”

“Another reason why I love the First Lady,” another said.

has often the subject of speculation.

Melania Trump latest news: She was ridiculed by a number of Twitter users for her outfit (Image: FLOTUS)

The president spoke about his admiration for his wive at the Governors Ball in Washington yesterday.

Donald Trump said of his wife: “I want to thank our First Lady for having done, this is such a beautiful job. So Melania, I just want to thank you very much!”

At a previous event a stunning black ensemble.

For her make-up, the First Lady opted for smokey eyes, and a slick of rose lipstick.

The dress bore resemblance to the one the First Lady wore to a ladies luncheon for International Women’s Day back in 2017.

Akash Ambani pre-wedding bash: Ranbir-Alia, Malaika-Arjun off to Switzerland

Akash Ambani pre-wedding bash: Ranbir-Alia, Malaika-Arjun off to Switzerland

Alleged couples Ranbir Kapoor–Alia Bhatt, Malaika Arora-Arjun Kapoor were recently spotted at the airport leaving for Switzerland to attend Akash Ambani’s pre-wedding bash.

Apparently Akash will have a three-day pre-wedding celebration with friends and family at St. Moritz in Switzerland where the who’s who of Bollywood will also be seen in attendance.

Talking about the airport look, while Ranbir kept it casual with a grey t-shirt and blue denim, Alia kept it simple in a grey knitted sweater with blue denim. While Malaika’s red knee length boots grabbed everyone’s attention, Arjun Kapoor looked dapper in yellow sweat shirt and blue denim.