Lt General DS Hooda, hero of 2016 surgical strikes, says PM Modi must be congratulated for Tuesday’s air strike

Lt Gen (retd) DS Hooda, who spearheaded India’s last surgical strikes in 2016, has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the Tuesday’s decisive action against Pakistan.

Lt General DS Hooda, hero of 2016 surgical strikes, says PM Modi must be congratulated for Tuesday’s air strike

General Hooda assured Indians to not worry about their safety in the event of a possible Pakistan attack. He told ABP News, “Indians need not worry. Indian army is fully capable of replying to Pakistan in the event that it attacks India.”

When asked if he would like to congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi, General Hooda said, “Absolutely, Everyone deserves compliments, congratulations. They way they planned and executed this operations, everyone deserves congratulations.”

General Hooda’s comments assume significance in light of recent reports that he was appointed by the Congress lead a task force on national security. General Hooda had met Gandhi prompting the Congress to tweet, “Rahul Gandhi met with Lt Gen DS Hooda (retd) to institute a task force on National Security which will prepare a vision paper for the country. Gen Hooda will lead the task force & work with a select group of experts.”

Congress President @RahulGandhi met with Lt Gen DS Hooda (retd) to institute a task force on National Security which will prepare a vision paper for the country. Gen Hooda will lead the task force & work with a select group of experts.

— Congress (@INCIndia) February 21, 2019

The Indian Air Force jets on Tuesday had carried out unprecedented air strikes on terror camps across the Line of Control in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. According to reports, as many as 12 Mirage 2000 jets took part in the operation that dropped 1000 Kg bombs on terror camps across the LOC at around 3 am on Tuesday, completely destroying it.

Pakistan has denied the Indian claims adding that its Air Force was able to thwart the Indian operations. Congress President Rahul Gandhi too had tweeted congratulating the Indian Air Force.


After IAF strike at Jaish camp, Australia delivers a sharp message to Pakistan

After IAF strike at Jaish camp, Australia delivers a sharp message to Pakistan

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne.(AP file photo)

Australia joined the European Union and China to call for restraint from India and Pakistan after Indian warplanes bombed a terrorist camp deep across the Line of Control but also asked Pakistan to enforce the ban on terror groups such as the Jaish and Lashkare-Toiba.

In a statement hours after Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale announced the strike on a terror camp, Australia asked Pakistan to take “urgent and meaningful action against terrorist groups in its territory” including the Jaish-e-Mohammed which claimed responsibility for the attack on a CRPF convoy and the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

“Pakistan must do everything possible to implement its own proscription of Jaish-e-Mohammed. It can no longer allow extremist groups the legal and physical space to operate from its territory,” Australian foreign minister Marise Payne said in a statement.

Australia also urged both sides to exercise restraint, avoid any action which would endanger peace and security in the region and engage in dialogue to ensure that these issues are resolved peacefully.

“These steps would make a substantial contribution to easing tensions and resolving the underlying causes of conflict,” the minister said.

Indian Air Force jets had targeted a terror camp where Pakistan-backed Jaish terrorists were preparing suicide attacks on its cities, India’s Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale said earlier in the day. He said a “very very large number” of terrorists from the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) group were killed in the strike.

Indian sources have told HT that the bombing was estimated to have eliminated 200-300 terror operatives.

Pakistani officials have confirmed Indian planes breached its airspace and dropped a payload over Balakot in the country’s northwest. But they have claimed that there was no damage or casualties.

Netizens Have The Best Responses To Pakistan Boycotting Indian Content After The IAF’s Terror Camp Blitz

Netizens Have The Best Responses To Pakistan Boycotting Indian Content After The IAF's Terror Camp Blitz

(Source: Twitter)

The Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhry Fawad Hussain said on Tuesday that the Cinema Exhibitors Association has decided to boycott Indian content in the country following India’s attack on LoC, thus eliminating the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror bases in Pakistan.

In a tweet, the minister said that no Bollywood movie will be released in Pakistan and the official handle of the government of Pakistan too hit out a similar tweet.

Take a look!

Cinema Exhibitors Association has boycotted #Indian content, no Indian Movie will be released in Pakistan. Also, have instructed PEMRA to act against Made in India Advertisements: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain— Govt of Pakistan (@pid_gov) February 26, 2019

However, netizens have the best response to Pakistan boycotting Indian content after the IAF’s terror camp blitz. Have a look:

Haha…Ab torrent se download krke mt dekhna— Abhishek 🇮🇳 (@AbhishekTiwary_) February 26, 2019

Boycott us in your dream as well because we haunt you people all the time .— ashesh kumar🇮🇳 (@ashesh065) February 26, 2019

if you need TAMATAR let me know your address will send you— YASH (@yogeshsaarkar) February 26, 2019

Before you people banned the indian movies in Pakistan .

Indian decided not to release any Indian movies in Pakistan so don’t make fool of yourself— Taher Sayarwala (@taher_king) February 26, 2019

Haha, so now your eyes are open. As we already ban your singers, actors ans much more in india and also cancel our upcoming movies to realise in pakistan. We do not need porkistan content 😂😂 #DoNotTeachYourFatherHowToMakeBabies 👆👆👆— Rampal Saran (@iAmRampalSaran) February 26, 2019

How’s the Josh?

Good sir

How’s the jaish?

Dead sir— sai krishna bandi (@krishnagoten18) February 26, 2019

Earlier this morning, Twelve days after the dastardly Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist attack in Pulwama in which 40 CRPF Jawans were martyred, the Indian Air Force, in a pre-dawn operation, struck and destroyed terrorist camps across the Line of Control (LoC).

This Meerut Groom Stopped Baaraat To Salute The Funeral Procession Of Martyr. Twitterati Loved It

This Meerut Groom Stopped Baaraat To Salute The Funeral Procession Of Martyr. Twitterati Loved It

India just avenged the Pulwama incidents by destroying the major terrorist camps in Pakistan with the help of IAF in the wee hours of Tuesday. The attack ended up killing 200-300 terrorists which has sent a wave of joy among the people.

However, this is not it. It’s not just government which respects the blood of the soldiers, Indian population has also proved that they respect their soldiers more than anything.

Just recently we told you how a beggar woman donated her life savings to the families of martyrs and then a UP school principal sold her bangles and donated money to the families of martyrs.

Now there’s something which will make you proud yet again. A Meerut groom stopped his baaraat, dismounted the horse to salute the funeral procession of the soldier, Sepoy Ajay Kumar. A picture is going viral on the social media which shows the man saluting the procession and is getting great reactions from public. Have a look-

You can also check the pic below:

Here’s how people reacted to the pic-

Isn’t it amazing?

France extends support to India over IAF’s Air Strike in Pakistan

France extends support to India over IAF’s Air Strike in Pakistan

France on Tuesday extended support to India over the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) surgical strikes on terror launchpads of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in Pakistan. Acting spokesperson of France’s Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs said, “France recognises India’s legitimacy to ensure its security against cross-border terrorism and asks Pakistan to put an end to the operations of terrorist groups established on its territory.”

The spokesperson also said that France which stands by India in the fight against terrorism in all its forms, is fully engaged in mobilising the international community to sanction terrorists responsible for the Pulwama attack and freezing their financing networks. Meanwhile, the European country also called on India and Pakistan to exercise restraint to avert any risk of military escalation and preserve strategic stability in the region. The acting spokesperson also stated that the resumption of dialogue between Islamabad-New Delhi necessary to initiate a peaceful settlement of differences.

Plastic contamination in deepest ocean trenches

Cases of plastic ingestion have been reported among the deepest ocean animals.

Plastic contamination in deepest ocean trenches

Microplastic particles are either dumped directly into the seas via sewers and rivers or form when larger chunks of plastic break down over time. (Photo: AFP)

Philippines: Animals living in the deepest ocean trenches have been found with plastic fragments in their gut. A new research showed how manmade pollution reaches into the bowels of the planet. More than 300 million tonnes of plastics are produced annually, and there are at least five trillion plastic pieces floating in our oceans.

Because deep-sea exploration is expensive and time-consuming, most studies on plastic pollution up until now had been close to the surface, showing a widespread level of plastic contamination in fish, turtles, whales and sea birds. Now a British team of researchers say they have discovered cases of plastic ingestion among tiny shrimp in six of the world’s deepest ocean trenches.

In the Mariana Trench east of the Philippines, the deepest depression on Earth, 100 percent of the animals studied had plastic fibres in their digestive tracts. “Half of me was expecting to find something but that is huge,” said Alan Jamieson, from Newcastle University’s School of Natural and Environmental Sciences. Jamieson and his team normally spend their time looking for new species in the depths of the ocean.

But they realised that during the course of expeditions dating back a decade they had accumulated dozens of specimens of a species of tiny shrimp that lives between 6000-11,000 metres (19,500-36,000 feet) beneath the surface. “We are sitting on the deepest dataset in the world, so if we find (plastics) in these, we are done,” Jamieson told AFP.

The team was astonished by just how widespread the plastic contamination at extreme depths proved to be. For instance, the Peru-Chile Trench in the southeast Pacific is around 15,000 kilometres (9,300 miles) from the Japan Trench. Yet plastic was found in both. “It’s off Japan, off New Zealand, off Peru, and each trench is phenomenally deep,” Jamieson said.

He further added, “The salient point is that they are consistently found in animals all around the Pacific at extraordinary depths so let’s not waste time. It’s everywhere.” Because plastic contamination is now so widespread, even at extreme depths, the team cautioned that it was nearly impossible to know what effect plastic ingestion was having on bottom dwelling species.

“These particles could just pass straight through the animal, but in the animals we looked at they must be blocking them. The equivalent would be for you to swallow a 2 metre polypropylene rope and expect that not to have an adverse affect on your health,” said Jamieson.

Matt Hardy Loses A Lot Of Weight (Photo), WrestleMania 36 Location & Date Is Revealed

Matt Hardy Loses A Lot Of Weight (Photo), WrestleMania 36 Location & Date Is Revealed

On this day in 1990, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Prime Time Wrestling’.

It featured pre-taped matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF WrestleMania VI’ PPV.

The card can be found right here:

– Roddy Piper vs. Pez Whatley

– WWF Update

– Akeem vs. Terry Zeller

– Smash vs. Haku

– WWF Event Center

– Dusty Rhodes vs. Conquistador #2

– Mr. Perfect vs. Omar Atlas

– The Red Rooster vs. Al Perez

– Brother Love Show: Jake Roberts Is His Guest

– WrestleMania 6 Report

– The Honky Tonk Man vs. Jim Duggan

– WWF Event Center

– Rick Rude vs. Ronnie Garvin

Made in India monitoring device helped IAF keep tap on Pakistan jets’ movement during airstrike in Balakot

Made in India monitoring device helped IAF keep tap on Pakistan jets' movement during airstrike in Balakot

The DRDO plans to fit a larger version of the system on a longer-ranged aircraft like the Airbus A330.


  • The Netras ‘shepherded’ the airstrikes on the terror camps in Pakistan
  • The 12 Mirage 2000 flew with their radars turned off to avoid alerting the enemy
  • The five flight controllers on the EJ-145 Embraer directed the Mirage 2000s to their target

The Indian Air Force (IAF) in the early hours of Tuesday (February 26) crossed the Line of Control (LoC) and carried out airstrikes at multiple terror camps, including that of the Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM) in Balakot, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. During the airstrike, an indigenously built force multiplier capability played a key role by tracking the possible retaliation by the Pakistan Air Force jets.

Mounted on an Embraer jet, two of the IAF’s Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) aircraft Netra guided a dozen Mirage 2000s on the strike mission across the LoC. They were deployed to monitor the movement of the Pakistan Air Force aircraft during the airstrike.

The details on what exactly happened during the 20-minute strike are yet to emerge but officials familiar with the AEW&C’s operation said that the Netras shepherded’ the airstrikes on the terror camps in Pakistan.

The 12 Mirage 2000 flew with their radars turned off to avoid alerting the enemy of their presence. They were guided to and from their target by the Netra’s eye’, which is a 1.4 ton AESA radar mounted on the aircraft’s dorsal spine which can pick up airborne targets upto 200 km away.

The five flight controllers on the EJ-145 Embraer directed the Mirage 2000s to their target, right up to the point of the weapon release, and guided them back.

The Netra is the best surveillance system in its class, S Christopher, former DRDO Chairman who was project director on the AEW&C project since its inception in 2004, said.

Its closest competitor is the Swedish Erieye mounted on a Saab 2000 executive jet, four units of which are in the Pakistan Air Force.

For starters, the Netra has an in-flight refuelling which can double its airborne endurance to nine hours. It can electronically scan airborne targets for 240 degrees and also have the ability to scan without lifting the radar beam.

The Netra is developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) Bengaluru-based Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS). The first phase, which began in the 1980s, was abandoned after a brief study.

The second, an Airborne Surveillance Platform (ASP), was closed when the Avro aircraft, it was mounted on, crashed in January 1999, killing the project team.

After a five-year lull, the project was restarted in the mid-2000s. The first Netra AEW&C was handed over by the DRDO to the IAF during Aero India 2017 in Bengaluru.

Porsche confirms new electric SUV

Porsche’s green machines are multiplying. It’s electrifying.

The German maker best known for high-powered sports cars has confirmed that the next-generation Macan SUV will be powered solely by electricity.

The mid-size SUV is due to enter production earlier next decade and will be the first in Porsche’s current line-up to ditch the internal combustion engine. Porsche has already removed all diesel options from its range following the Volkswagen Group’s emissions cheating scandal.

Porsche confirms new electric SUV

The updated Macan will be the last version to feature an internal combustion engine.Source:Supplied

It will arrive after the electric Taycan sports car and Taycan Sports Turismo sports wagon.

Porsche’s chairman Oliver Blume says the brand is fully committed to electric cars and that the technology blends perfectly with its ethos.

“Electromobility and Porsche go together perfectly; not just because they share a high-efficiency approach, but especially because of their sporty character,” says Blume

Porsche plans to have half its new vehicles with some form of electrification — either hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fully-electric — by 2025.

Porsche sees itself as a leader in electric cars and is investing more than 6 billion euros ($9.5 billion) by 2022.

The updated Porsche Macan is due to arrive in local showrooms shortly.Source:Supplied

“Our aim is to take a pioneering role in technology, and for this reason we will continue to consistently align the company with the mobility of the future,” says Blume.

Porsche hasn’t revealed many details of the next-generation Macan yet but it has confirmed that the machine will feature the same 800-volt battery pack as the Taycan. This battery is above the industry standard 400-volt pack used by some competitors.

The Porsche Taycan is due to go on sale in Australia next year.Source:Supplied

The big bonus of the 800-volt battery is that it can be charged extremely fast by EV standards. When connected to a 350kW direct current (DC) charger the 800-volt battery in the Taycan can be filled to 80 per cent in just 15 minutes.

Porsche is expected to match the battery pack with a pair of electric motors, one on each axle — providing all wheel drive.

Porsche will also ditch the MLB platform that underpins the current Macan — and a range of other vehicles from its owner, the Volkswagen group — in favour of the new Premium Platform Electric (PPE) which has been developed in conjunction with Audi. The PPE is also used for the coming Audi e-tron Sportback.

The updated version of the current Macan — which will be the last petrol-powered version — is due to land in Australia in the next month.

This 18,000mAh battery has a phone in it

This 18,000mAh battery has a phone in it

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop.

I told you MWC 2019 would be a show where things got weird, but even I didn’t anticipate a company being wild enough to build a phone with an 18,000mAh battery. But here I am, in awe of the mighty girth of the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop. France’s Avenir Telecom licenses the Energizer brand, and it makes the most of it with devices that push the boundaries of specs and sanity.

This dark blue unit measures in at 18mm of thickness, according to Avenir’s spec sheet, but stacking it side by side with a more conventional smartphone, I’d say a more accurate articulation of its thickness would be about 3.5 iPhones. This phone is immense. Or is it technically a battery with a phone in it?

An epic battery of such proportions had better last a long time, and Avenir promises a week’s worth of use, or two full days, 48 hours, of continuous video playback. That sounds conservative since we got a week from a phone with a battery measuring about half as large.

The 6.2-inch LCD display of the Power Max P18K Pop surprised me: it’s really not terrible, has minimal bezels and no notches or cutouts, and would be something I’d be happy to use. Where’s the selfie camera, you ask? There’s a pop-up module with two selfie cams, though I was only occasionally able to activate it. Other people trying the phone had been pushing that camera down, apparently, and so its mechanism was malfunctioning by the time I got to it.

Three more cameras around the back, a MediaTek processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and Android 9 round out this device’s spec sheet. Oh, and it has fast charging, because it’d better have fast charging with a battery of its proportions. I’m told a full charge would take eight hours.

If you’re starting to feel temptation for a phone whose size can rival that of your gaming console’s power brick, let me assure you, this isn’t the one you’re after. Performance is glitchy and stuttery, and having one of these in your pocket or next to your face is not a particularly enjoyable experience.

The Energizer Power Max P18K Pop launches in the summer, at which point it will be the phone with the biggest battery in the world.