6 Historic Pictures That Caused Public Outcry

Today I have brought an interesting article about some historic pics that caused public outcry. Let me show those pictures to all of you here.

6. Elizabeth Eckford:

6 Historic Pictures That Caused Public Outcry

Google Images

Let me tell you that this picture was taken in the year of 1957 when the Supreme Court of the USA decided it was illegal to separate children according to their race in schools.

5. Kathrine Switzer:

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This picture is of first woman to run the Boston Marathon, Kathrine Switzer is one of the influencing personalities & she showed courage & participated in the marathon even when women weren’t allowed in 1967.

4. Right to vote:

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In 1906, Britsh women weren’t allowed to vote & so these women protested against it.

3. Hedy Lamarr:

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American film actress, Hedy Lamarr defied the stereotype of beautiful women not being smart enough for science.

2. Maria Teresa de Filippis:

Google Images

Let me tell you that she was an Italian racing driver & also was the first woman to race in Formula One.

1. Capetown:

Google Images

In this photo you can see girls in Capetown wore these miniskirt back in the year of 1965 while roaming around the neighborhood. This was not at all supported but thanks to them..! What do you say about this post guys?


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