A Lip-Lock scene breaks Rashmika’s marriage!

Sandalwood beauty Rashmika Mandanna has been one of the most sought-after actresses of Tollywood with her debut hit Chalo as well as her second movie Geetha Govindam in Telugu Grossing more than 110 crores with 65 crores shares.

A Lip-Lock scene breaks Rashmika's marriage!

With such a lucky and blockbuster heroine tag producers and directors are queueing up to get Rashmika Mandanna to sign their movies. On the other hand, she’s busy shooting for her fourth Telugu movie dear comrade with her Geetha Govindam costar Vijay Deverakonda.

While Geetha Govindam had intense liplock scenes and intimate shots which were deleted during release, and that is a selling point, now the makers of Dear Comrade Directed by debutant Bharath Khamma are planning to have several liplock scenes in the movie as well and reportedly Rashmika has given her nod as well. Some sources reveal that, Rashmika’s engagement break-up is due to this reason.


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