Know These Disadvantages Of Dating A Man With A Moustache

Know These Disadvantages Of Dating A Man With A Moustache

They say love is blind, but in a relationship, sometimes, physical aspects do matter. The physique generally plays an important role by activating the feel good hormones about your partner, when you have a look at them.If you’re wondering what we are talking about here, then read on to know about the disadvantages of dating a man with a moustache.Yeah, no doubt men look manly and really great when they flaunt their beard and moustache, as it makes them feel more confident and manly than having a boyish look.Flaunting a beard and moustache is a proud affair for most men, wherein there are times when a woman gets annoyed and irritated at times with her man having a shabby look.But, over the time, the notion of flaunting a beard or moustache has dispelled with a lot of men going for the clean-shaven look or a stubble.Here are some disadvantages of dating a man with a moustache.

1.The Itch!! Ouch!: When he has a moustache, you tend to feel an itching sensation every time you kiss him. This is all so different when he is all clean shaven and makes you really want to keep going. The thick, bushy facial hair can give you a lot of trouble every time he tries to kiss you too.

2.Makes The Guy Look Older: Studies reveal that men who sport a moustache tend to look older to those who are clean shaven. After all, he might look like an elder brother when you hangout with your friends. And yes, we know women would never like that!

3.Looks Outdated: It would turn embarrassing to the girl when her friends would start pointing out on her guy’s moustache and ask her to tell him to shave. Though he loves to flaunt his moustache, it may look outdated. Instead, why not shave off the moustache.

4.Can Drastically Change The Guy’s Look: You loved his clean-shaven look, but one fine day, he flaunts his neat moustache and asks how he looks. It would not be welcomed always, as you’re used to seeing your man clean-shaven. You gotto do what a girl’s gotto do in such a case!

5.Things Stick On Them! Eww!: It is so irritating to see food getting stuck in his moustache while you guys are out eating, right? It is not a pleasant scene at all, guys! It comes as an hygiene issue as well. Well, come on guys, just listen to your lady’s advice and shave the mush off, already!!

These are the disadvantages of dating a man with moustache.


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