This 44 years old actress, mother of 4 children, and still no break in beauty

Friends, welcome to our entertainment news channel. Today we are going to see the most beautiful actress in Indian cinema, because if her beauty the millions of people love her. If we talk about the 90’s, then many beautiful actresses dominated. There was a name in which Raveena Tandon, she has acted in a number of superb films like Ladla, Aatish, Dilwale, Mohra, Athletic player, Jiddi, Dulha Raja.

This 44 years old actress, mother of 4 children, and still no break in beauty

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At the age of 44, she looks very beautiful

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Raveena Tandon looks beautiful and glamorous even after so many years. Recently some of Raveena’s latest photos are getting viral. In which this beautiful actress is seen in the indigenous dress. Today, 44 year old Raveena Tandon is still as lucky as the first one, which is very big for any actress after being so old. However, seeing Raveena Tandon, we can not even imagine that she is also the mother of 4 children.

Raveena Tandon is the mother of 4 children

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Let’s tell you that Raveena Tandon had tied up with Anil Thadani in 2004 for marriage. Raveena and Anil have two children named Rasha and Ranbir. But you may not know that Raveena Tandon had already become a single mother before marriage. In the year 1995, Raveena adopted two children. Whose name is pooja aur chhaaya. Raveena raised a single mother, who is capable of giving praise.


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