Patna Diary: AK 47 Vs AK 56 is the new talk of the town

Patna Diary: AK 47 Vs AK 56 is the new talk of the town

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Chin up eves, cops are watching

Patna Police have floated a plan to install CCTV cameras at all public places to put a check on crimes against women. The plan christened, ‘Safe City Surveillance’ (SCS) was earmarked D110.67 crore by the state Cabinet on Tuesday, principal secretary Sanjay Kumar said.

“The Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (BELTRON) will ensure the installation of cameras at public places in coordination with the local police administration”, Kumar said. After Patna, the plan is to extend it to all 40 district towns with the CCTV’s linked to a police monitoring and control room. Some 40,000 CCTV’s are required.

Prashant Kishor lets one slip!

Prashant Kishor, vice president of the Nitish Kumar-led Janata Dal (United), is a known figure around India. Kishore was in Muzaffarpur the other day, and he made a faux pas.

He is quoted to have told youngsters attending the camp, that he has made PM’s and CM’s and those joining him, could dream of the same. The comment went viral, with an embarrassed JD(U) saying, “No one was above Nitish Kumar”. Needless to say, the Opposition is making hay while the sun shines.

AK 47 Vs AK 56

All talk in town seems to turn to Pulwama and the IAF’s aerial strikes in Balakot in Pakistan, but the recent NIA chargesheet against five persons has coaxed the public to learn more about AK-47 rifles and how they are different from AK-56.

The discussion opened up after the last October clampdown on gun smugglers who were caught stole with stolen rifles of the Indian Ordnance Factory in Jabalpur to sell to terror groups, organized gangs and Maoists.

While the iconic AK-47 is of Russian make, the AK 56’s are the Afghani or Talibani version, made popular by workmen of Afghanistan who came out with a copy.

But try coaxing people to believe it. They believe a 56 would be superior to a 47, just because the number is the higher one.

Honour killing shock

Crime is not new to Bihar. But a recent killing is the focus of every conversation in the city. City resident Tara, 22, became a widow a week into her marriage when her father gunned down her husband at her in-laws home. Tara had fled with Rupesh Kumar, 30 to get married in a temple at Vaishali on February 25.

Vaishali SP, MS Dhillon said: “Mukul Kumar alias Baba , 55, father of Tara, committed the murder before Rupesh’s entire family. The girl, unable to bear it, rushed into an adjacent room and hanged herself.” The killing and Tara’s suicide shocked the state’s media outlets.


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