Revealed! The Right Way To Consume Nuts And Seeds For Weight Loss

Do you soak nuts before consuming them? Here’s why you must!

Revealed! The Right Way To Consume Nuts And Seeds For Weight Loss

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How is it that you consume nuts? Do you eat them raw, or roast them in ghee or olive oil? If you want to lose weight, then neither of the two are going to help you effectively. Fitness expert Simran Khosla says that soaking nuts overnight can help in absorbing nutrients from them. In of her posts on Instagram, Simran writes that nuts and seeds can be amazing for doing nutrient-dense snacking or even as an addition to a meal. But, just like grains and legumes, they can contain substances that may interfere with the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food.

When it comes to nuts, a common occurrence is to just to pick them up and munch on them. Lack of time or mere laziness is the reason why many forget or ignore soaking nuts before eating them.

Simran goes on to inform that just like grains, raw nuts and seeds contain moderate levels of enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. Phytic acid is biologically necessary for the plant. It helps in safeguarding the nut or seed until they are in proper growing conditions and ready for germination.

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It is healthy to soak nuts for a few hours before consuming them

Enzyme inhibitors, on the other hand, prevent the seed from sprouting prematurely. However, they can be harmful for the human body as they may bind nutrients from food, thus leading to nutritional deficiencies and digestion problems.

Phytic acid converts into phytate on being bound by a mineral. This is what stops the body from absorbing nutrients in the digestive system.

Thus, even though nuts and seeds are popular for their numerous health benefits including an improved heart health, brain health and even weight loss, it is necessary to consume them in the right way in order to absorb all nutrients from them.

Phytic acid is present in all plant foods (in relatively smaller quantity), but grains, legumes, nuts and seeds contain high levels of phytic acid, informs Simran.

Almonds, cashews, walnuts and pistachios can all be soaked in warm water and salt solution for anywhere between 8 to 24 hours before consumption. What’s more is that it can have magical effects on your digestive system!


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