Subaru Viziv Adrenaline Concept looks like a Crosstrek from the future

Subaru Viziv Adrenaline Concept looks like a Crosstrek from the future

The Viziv Adrenaline previews Subaru’s new “Bolder” design language. Subaru

The next chapter in long line of Viziv concept cars is this: the Adrenaline (not to be confused with Ford’s treatment). But rather than previewing a totally new model — even if it does look like a dead ringer for a next-generation — Subaru says the Adrenaline instead shows the company’s new design language, dubbed “Bolder.”

“Through the new ‘Bolder’ design philosophy, Subaru aims to broaden the brand’s outlook, define the characteristics of Subaru vehicles more prominently and create more enjoyment for all passengers,” the company said in a statement at the Geneva Motor Show.

It’s definitely a Subaru alright — definitely not what we’d call pretty, but purposeful and kind of rugged-cute. The gray cladding on the front fender seems to follow the headlight design in a weird way, but we dig the rounded-off rump. Subaru says the Adrenaline’s roof design actually uses parts that reinforce the body structure, and that overall, the styling is meant to “express the toughness and agility” of this concept car.

Because this is a design-focused concept, Subaru doesn’t have any information about what kind of powertrain might be under the hood, and it’s not apparent that the car has an interior, either. Still, look for design elements from this concept to show up on future Subarus.

To our eyes, this thing looks a lot better when viewed from the rear three-quarter. Subaru


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