Wonderful benifits of consuming banana everyday

Wonderful benifits of consuming banana everyday

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Ease in Digestion

According to Ayurveda, banana has a sweet and sour taste. The sweet taste is said to bring about a sense of heaviness but the sour taste is known to stimulate digestive juices, which will support digestion and helps for increasing metabolism.


Banana is a top fruit when it comes to nutrition. It is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, folate, niacin, riboflavin, and B6. These all contribute to the proper functioning of the body and keeping you healthy.

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High Fibre Content

Banana is loaded with fibre , both soluble and insoluble. The soluble fiber has the tendency to slow down digestion and keep you feeling full for a longer time. Which is why bananas are often included in a breakfast meal so that you can start about your day without having to worry about the next meal.

Healthy for Heart

High fibre foods are said to be good for the heart. According to a study done by University of Leeds in UK, increasing the consumption of fibre rich foods such as bananas can lower the risk of both cardiovascular disease (CVD) and coronary heart diseases(CHD).

Blood Pressure

It is a known fact that salt is the culprit when it comes to high blood pressure. Bananas have low salt content and high potassium content, and these properties contribute to making it an ideal for those undergoing this condition.

But make sure you consult your nutritionist or doctor before you add it to your diet. Avoid consuming banana with empty stomach which will increase acidic level in your stomach. Which will cause stomach pain after consuming for long periods with empty stomach

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