10 best dress shirts to wear to work

10 best dress shirts to wear to work

There’s presentable and there’s making a little more effort than that. At work, the former does the job, sure. But you are not winning the “best dressed man in office” title with that. That is why giving your trusted blues and whites a break is never a bad idea. The easiest way to throw a few style swerves – without being called into the HR office – is to switch your dress shirt routine. For a less-strict office, there are printed shirt in muted colours. Wear them under a suit or wear them alone with pleated pants. The best part? They will even come in handy during summer’s non-stop wedding ceremonies. For an office with a more formal dress code, we would lean towards shirts in pastel colours and smaller print. To get you started, these 10 GQ-approved shirts should do the job:

1. Raymond

Proof that solid coloured shirts do not have to mean boring.

2. Canali

This shirt will make your go-to navy suit pop.

3. Nautica

A blue pastel shirt will look great with tan chinos, navy trousers and any neutral coloured wool trousers.

4. Selected Homme

The fine print and the toned down hue makes it perfect for Casual Fridays.

5. Celio

Best reserved for the kind of workplace where anything goes.

6. Ermenegildo Zegna

Whether your job involves sitting behind a desk all day or going out and meeting clients, the bold stripes will always prove to be a winner.


A great alternative to a crisp white shirt.

8. Hackett

Stripes are the most popular print at any workplace. Inject some personality into your look with one that plays with colour.

9. Jacob Lee

A sharply tailored black shirt is often overlooked. We are here to remind you that it looks great, does not look inappropriate and goes with almost everything.

10. United Colors of Benetton

With summer right around the corner, this one will look great even on the weekends.


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