Changing for the better

Changing for the better

Three women from Bollywood speak about the changing face of women on screen

Alankrita Shrivastava — Director: “I think the parts for women on screen are getting a little bit better. I think many female actors are refusing to be just trophies in a male-hero lead film. I find that very heartening. When Alia Bhatt does a Raazi, Deepika Padukone does a Piku or Chhapak, then you know something is shifting. It’s great to see female-lead films be it in terms of female cast, female directors and female producers. These are exciting times for women in cinema and storytelling, perhaps the best we’ve ever seen in India.

I hope in the years to come, across formats, more and more space is created for women to tell their stories, the way they want. In terms of cinema, definitely better representation of women behind the camera, is  needed. Having more female directors, cinematographers, writers, producers…. will result in the quality of films changing. We will start seeing a new narrative, newer points of view.

Also the environment for women will become safer and more secure. More women on a set, will enable a far healthier work environment. I also hope that the #metoo movement continues in spirit in terms of making people think twice before assaulting or exploiting somebody. And that women who call out offenders are safe, secure and continue to get work. The sexual offenders should be ostracized, not the ones who have suffered the assault.”

Paakhi A Tyrewala — Director : “This women’s day let’s stand for what feminism truly stands for, ‘Equality for all’ not just for women, but for who are suppressed, ignored or bullied. We stand together till we bring the change. We keep trying till each one of us is accepted for all who are.”

Tulsi Kumar — Singer: “A lot has changed in the industry for the better in the last few years. Women have broken norms, the mindset towards working married women has become welcoming and best of all, there are women-centric films and scripts being made regularly. In the industry, there are more women oriented songs being made. It is happening at its pace and I am sure the pace will pick up in the time to come. This is the change we have been waiting for.

Apart from this, the notion that a mother can’t be an actor has also taken a 360° turn. I was married in 2015 and my career has only gone upward since! In 2017, I became a mother but has not stopped me. I have been travelling, recording and having so many gigs!”


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