Israeli Tank Hits Hamas Position in Response to Shelling From Gaza Strip – IDF

Israeli Tank Hits Hamas Position in Response to Shelling From Gaza Strip - IDF

TEL AVIV (Sputnik) – An Israeli tank struck on Thursday a post belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip in response to shelling against Israel from the territory of the enclave, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) press service said.

“Moments ago, shots were fired from Gaza at an IDF position. In response, an IDF tank struck a Hamas military post in the northern Gaza Strip,” the IDF press service said.

No reports on casualties as a result of the strike have been provided so far.Tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians near the Gaza border have been mounting since last March, which marked the beginning of the Great March of Return. Moreover, in fall, the situation on the Gaza border worsened due to continued shelling and launches of arson balloons from Gaza into the Israeli territory. Over 220 Palestinians, including children and media workers, have been killed by Israeli troops since then.

Following the escalation of the conflict and fierce exchange of fire between the sides in November, they managed to reach the ceasefire with Egypt’s mediation efforts. However, the ceasefire prompted the resignation of Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who refused to support the government’s decision, criticizing it as a “capitulation to terrorism.” The minister, instead, has called for a more decisive blow against the Hamas movement. Apart from that, Lieberman announced his resignation and the withdrawal of his right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party from the ruling coalition headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the sharp disagreement on a Gaza ceasefire deal.

The Israeli authorities regularly blaming Hamas for the prompting aggression in the Gaza Strip.


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