Opinion poll: Huawei Mate X vs Galaxy Fold – Most respondents prefer the Mate X

This year’s edition of the Mobile World Congress was mostly dominated by 5G and foldable smartphones. Talking of foldable phones, the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold were the only models showcased at the event but the media attention generated was enough to ensure we keep taking about foldable phones for the rest of the year and beyond. Since Huawei announced the Mate X, debates have been ongoing as to which of the two models is the best foldable phone around.

Opinion poll: Huawei Mate X vs Galaxy Fold – Most respondents prefer the Mate X

No doubt opinions will be sharply divergent on this question but a recent poll conducted by Android Authority has given us an idea of the model most fans prefer. The Mate X is crowned as the most preferred foldable model. The poll had over 60,000 respondents and was conducted across the blog’s website as well as its social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). In the end, about 39 percent of the respondents preferred the Mate X while 28 percent prefer the Fold. Surprisingly, about 30 percent of the respondents say they won’t be getting any of the models.

YouTube poll result

Yours sincerely agrees with the majority view in this poll as the Mate X represents what we consider as a foldable phone, at least while the concept was still brewing. A good number of those who responded think so too with some preferring the Mate X because of its lay-flat design and the larger display screen when in the folded state. The Matex X packs a 6.6-inch display which unfolds into an 8-inch tablet. On the other hand, the Galaxy Fold has a 4.6-inch outer screen and a separate inner screen which is 7.6 inches when unfolded.

Most of the respondents who prefer the Galaxy Fold cite the plastic screen which can easily get scratched for their decision to prefer the Fold over the Mate X. The design of the Fold ensures the folding screen is protected while the smaller screen is in use. However, the Mate X uses the foldable screen for its phone and tablet mode and this, some think can get damaged or scratched easily.

Twitter poll result

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Opinions will continue to be divided but we believe that just like 5G, the foldable phone design and hardware will continue to evolve over time until it gets to a point where durability won’t be one of our worries.


Android Authority Website poll result

Facebook poll result


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