Photos Of Shadows That Tell A Different Story

Have you ever got frightened by your own shadow? Well! it happens to me all the time. Sometimes we make such a scary shadow on a wall unintentionally that we got frightened. In this article I am going to show you guys some photos of shadows that tell a totally different story. Have a look…

This is a dog but in shadow it looks as if it is the shadow of a cat.

Photos Of Shadows That Tell A Different Story

Looking at this image, the shadow of this fence has made an amazing peano.

This kid has turned his imagination of an alien space ship into reality on this wall.

The shape made by the shadow of these cups is just a coincidence.

This is just awesome. The shadow of this tree looks like an amazing piece of art by a human artist. But it is totally natural.

The man on this board got the mustaches just like the Charlie Chaplin mustaches.

She is not pregnant.

The shadow of this ship has made a perfect city with tall buildings.

These are the legs of a man not of any girl.

Can you see a super hero in this image? Well! it is just the shadow of a switch.

Oh my God! What is it in the man’s hand?

What do you think about the shadow of this ring? Can you tell me what it is? Then write your answer in comments section below.

No this stair case is not round shaped. It is just the shadow of stairs that has made it round.

Can you find a bird in this image?

That cat on wall is watching you.

Dinosaur is back.


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