5 Rare Pictures Of Bollywood Celebs Wedding

Hi friends, here are some rare pictures of Bollywood celebrities wedding. You all might be knowing that whatever happens in the life of the celebrities are discussed all around. Everyone are excited to see their wedding pictures especially. So here are some unseen wedding pictures of the Bollywood stars. Have a look at them.

5. Ajay Devgan and Kajol:

5 Rare Pictures Of Bollywood Celebs Wedding

Google Images

During the shooting for the movies they fell for each other and got married in 1999, in a Marathi style as shown in the picture.

4. Honey Singh:

Google Images

Bollywood singer and actor, Honey Singh married his old friend Shalini Talwar Singh.

3. Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput:

Google Images

Shahid married to his biggest fan Mira Rajput on July 7, in 2015.

2. Rishi Kapoor:

Google Images

Rishi Kapoor married Neetu Singh in 1980. They made many movies together and during the shootings they fell for each other.

1. R. Madhavan:

Google Images

R. Madhavan’s married his old friend Sarita Birje in 1999.How are they looking in these pictures? What do you say about this article friends?Tell me in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.


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